Poll: Battlefront 2. You getting it?

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Jun 17, 2009
Samtemdo8 said:
Arnoxthe1 said:
Samtemdo8 said:
I got over this years ago after how much a fool I was in hating on Dragon Age 2 (I still don't like the game, but I got over it)
Oh we're quite past the point of their games merely being bad.
But I still don't make a big fuss out of it. The last time I made a fuss was when I was going through Nerd Rage at how they butchered Dragon Age with the second game. Than I realize nerd raging is petty and pathetic.
Except now it's not a matter of nerd rager, it's a matter of consumer advocacy.


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Jun 5, 2013
Dalisclock said:
Silentpony said:
Fuck me, but that does sound interesting. But the campaign would need to be twice as long(without knowing how long hours wise, I know its too short) so the switch to Rebels means something, without the cliff hanger, at $40 is a worthwhile game.
Tell one really good single player story really well. Pull a Bioshock, but in Star Wars!
You can tell a decent story in 5 hours. COD games do it all the time(they aren't great stories but most of them are coherent and at least kinda interesting). Unfortunatly, it sounds like half the problem was that EA/Disney set up a great premise and then chickened out of actually following through with it(and what was done is apparently really poorly written), and the other is that half the campaign is following OTHER(more famous) characters around, so Iden's story is even more cheated for development.

Even the Defection, which is already a pretty crappy and clich?d "twist", could have been interesting if they'd put some decent effort into it, but apparently they just went with Iden suddenly realizing how evil the empire really is(despite, you know, working as an Imperial Special Operative for years) and then not taking any time to show the uncomfortable transition to joining the rebellion.
Eh I think the best COD can do with a 5 hour campaign is simply not be terrible. Even Titanfall 2's way too short campaign was at best not terrible.

You might be able to tell a good story in 5 hours, but you can't have a good single player game and tell a good story in 5 hours.


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Dec 25, 2010
Ezekiel said:
Feels like he's just preaching to the choir and saying the obvious, though. The same topics over and over again in slightly different variations. What rational person WOULD like these practices?
They may not think about them or perhaps they think it may not be a big deal. But as he says, he'll stop talking about it when they (the industry) stop doing it.


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Jun 24, 2013
I was put off enough to not want to buy the first game at the time and by most accounts the second one isn't really improving matters in either a gameplay or business side of things so I think I'll pass.


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Oct 25, 2009
I really enjoyed Battlefront 2015 (though I got it heavily reduced on a sale), and the beta for Battlefront 2 was a lot of fun, though limited (Betaaaaaaaa).

Frankly, I was so impressed that I decided to pre-order. Of course, I was concerned by the beta's use of star cards, and the lootboxes could certainly be seen as Pay2Win if they were unchanged, but I had faith that DICE and EA would hear our complaints, and make the necessary changes for launch.

And, well, of course that never fucking happened.

Thankfully though, EA screwed themselves over with the Origin Access 10-hour trial, and the special edition 3-day early access to the game, because once again, early players blew the lid off of this particular powder keg, and I was so quick to the pre-order cancel page that The Flash should be considered the second fastest man alive.

As it stands, I will not be touching that game with a 10-foot barge pole, at least without significant changes to the way that the lootboxes are handled.

I want that game so bad, but I cannot support a game like this.


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Feb 12, 2009
ChupathingyX said:
Nah, I already bought and played it over 10 years ago.
Hah, great answer. Same here

Back on topic: I really don't know right now. The inclusion of an actual campaign got me excited some, but I've been hearing nothing but bugs and problems regarding it....including supposedly not having an actually ending [yet]. I'm not super big on multiplayer so part of that doesn't appeal to me, but on the occasional chance I would maybe play a round having none of the hero characters or anything else unlocked would feel detrimental. So kinda fencing, leaning towards no.

Does anyone know if it has an equivalent to conquest mode? None the reviews I've seen mention it and can't find any article either about it.


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Jul 16, 2008
Vendor-Lazarus said:
Negative on that.
You could basically say that I stopped buying games 2005/6, when steam started.
I'm not down with "renting" games or just loosing control of the game I've bought.
All the rest of the shady practices that have followed only reinforced this view.
Games in general have also become more cinematic which I don't condone.
More cinematic and casual/console, without a corresponding added worth to it, I should say

There are a few exceptions, which are basically niche AND indie that I'd be willing to buy.
The only problem is that some of them have mechanics or camera perspectives I don't like.
I still love the idea and and principle of gaming itself, just not this iteration of it.

*Old man grumbling - over and out*
I wouldn't say it so grumpy-sounding, but my purchasing habits echo your sentiments. Something happened to gaming to make it unfun, and lootboxes are a clear manifestation of that.


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Nov 15, 2012
Silentpony said:
Eh I think the best COD can do with a 5 hour campaign is simply not be terrible. Even Titanfall 2's way too short campaign was at best not terrible.

You might be able to tell a good story in 5 hours, but you can't have a good single player game and tell a good story in 5 hours.
Id put the CoD campaigns and Titanfalls kind of in the same category as the sort of disposable action movie you'd maybe rent or watch cause it happened to be on. But probably not bother with theaters for. They aren't bad, but thats not really their drawing point either.

Whereas Star Wars you'd expect something a bit more grandiose. Particularly if you're going to take Star Wars and dispense with the lightsabers and Jedi and Sith stuff to try and tell a story of Regular Military guys with guns, you'd better have a good reason for taking away the spectacle to do that.