Poll: Oblivion Was Better

Xan Krieger

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Feb 11, 2009
Oblivion is my favorite since it doesn't shut down my computer like Skyrim does so obviously I'm picking Oblivion. I used to enjoy Skyrim but now I play it for 5 minutes and my computer just shuts off. Oblivion I can play for hours without a game crash.


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May 17, 2010
Ranking the Elder Scrolls Games:

#1 - Morrowind
#2 - Arena
#3 - Skyrim
#4 - Oblivion
#5 - Daggerfall

Morrowind is the only truly great game in the series, although the game series concept and execution is remarkable and is unmatched by other developers.

D-Class 198482

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Jul 17, 2012
Skyrim's quests, for me, always consisted of 'Go up here and fight a dragon' or 'Go down here and fight some Draugr'
Oblivion's quests were always more epic and varied, and I personally thought Mehrunes Dagon was a far more intimidating enemy than Alduin, and I thought that you weren't the one directly killing Dagon was great -- you were still the hero, but you weren't glorified to be above the gods.
I preferred Oblivion, though I still got a hell of a lot of hours in Skyrim.