Question of the Day, June 12, 2010

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Aug 9, 2008
Spacefly said:
UnableToThinkOfName said:
When it's done well, it could be a good immersion builder.

But if it's just blatant in-your-face advertising with no connection to the plot or game world, it's utterly awful.
Well thats pretty much what I was gonna say... Sometimes it can add a bit of humor too. Like what I've seen from MGS: Peace Walker.
No offense but is advertising a now dead technology really advertising? Yeah it was made by Sony but if you have a PSP, I think you know who they are. I think a better example would be the IPod (Was it an IPod?) in MGS4. A little strong, but it was quite nice to have.

That being said I the way they used the Walkman was great.


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Sep 25, 2009
I think it can be ok if it blends in, i mean now that so many people pirate games they need to make money someother way but i prefer spoof ads like GTA 4 has that pokes fun at tv shows, other games and modern life in general


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Aug 10, 2009
Lizardon said:
It definately depends on the game.
Having real world billboards in street racing games like Burnout Paradise works well.
But seeing a Coke machine in Mass Effect wouldn't have the same effect.
Pretty much this.
If it funds development and helps the company make a better game (or more patches), then I'm all for it as long as it fits in.