Relationship Deal Breakers: The Other Side

Evil Smurf

Admin of Catoholics Anonymous
Nov 11, 2011
I am attractive with some muscles but no six pack.
I am charming, humble and generous
I make it my goal to be nice to everyone.
Ladies fall for me all the time and I only found one who the feeling is mutual with.

I am so good why should I need faults?

I can lie like a sociopath however, without romorse or change in expression.

Kevlar Eater

New member
Sep 27, 2009
Ooh, I like threads like these. I:

- Take things too seriously
- Get mean and/or depressing when drunk
- Feel more emotions for machines than people
- Am painfully shy (lump that in with introverted)
- Have no friends (wouldn't that ring a few alarm bells?)
- Don't like going out
- Agnostic
- Eat my own dead skin after peeling it off with a blade
- Don't like to be touched
- Can't fix a vehicle for squat
- Am slightly overweight (5kg, but I'm doing something about that)
- Don't like looking people in the eye
- Hate parties and party animals
- Don't like and can't do small talk
- Nihilistic
- Very small pool of interests
- Extremely average-looking
- Have low self-esteem

And the listed stuff is just the better half of my personality.

Dr. Doomsduck

New member
Nov 24, 2011
ooohhh boy...

- Rude
- Loud
- Tend to drag a subject on long after everyone and his mother is sick of it
- Don't wear make up, and refuse to apologize for it
- Perfectionist to the point of obsession in work
- Don't drink aside from the occasional sip to see what it tastes like
- Spends WAY too much time on the internet
- Can't be sexy to save a life
- Occasional bouts of paranoia
- Sleeping habits of a nocturnal animal
- Needs time alone at given intervals

also, I get cranky when I'm hungry.

Yeah, I'm a real winner XD


Endless Struggle
Mar 16, 2012
a homeless squat
-I suffering from clinical depression, and if family history holds any truth for me, soon to be schizophrenic.

-Because of that, I shall never have kids. I'd rather let my "line" die.

-Introverted to the point of being called emotionally dead. (seriously, I have feelings. I just have a very hard time showing them)

-Very low annoyance threshold. Used to be pretty high, but over the years it has diminished along with my sanity.

-I am a nihilist.

-Anti-social to the bone.I try to steer clear of people that I don't know.

-I have, at most, 2 friends.

-I find myself to be a good deal more likeable on the net rather IRL. Thus why with the exception of those two friends I only talk to people online.

-I have no interest in sex. I've had it plenty of times, and it's not something I find very enjoyable.

-I no longer am interested in being in a relationship, for a good deal of reasons.

-I care too much. Very often I make the problems of people that I care about mine, and can be rather intruding.

-I have a "dark and troubled past", full of guilt and scars I am unable to let go.


New member
Aug 15, 2008
Where to begin!

I'm very short....I mean i'm 5ft 5inches and i'm a guy
No fashion sense, jeans and a t-shirt and a hoodie if i'm cold
Pretty shy around people i've just met. Once people get to know me though i'm pretty outgoing
Terrible at sport, though i'm a massive footy fan
Very nerdy. I like chatting about nerdy obsessions like warhammer and stuff like that. A 20 year old who plays with toy soldiers isn't the most attactive attribute in a guy.
I've got a dark sense of humour and sometimes overstep the mark
I really enjoy annoying people for my own amusement.
I'm opinionated, especially about music. I tend to go overboard when someone insults thrash metal as I play it myself


New member
Apr 20, 2009
hmmm,this sounds interesting, so I give it a try:

- I'm absentminded and aloof most of the time, unless I specifically play along with other people's behaviour/stereotypes
- I treat everyone like I treat my friends and vice versa. (unless I have a good reason not to)
- I am not willing to take any kinds of drugs, alcohol included, due to having spent my childhood under a daily overdose of ritalin and now value my sobriety too much.
- I'm interested in EVERYTHING but: sports, latest music trends, fashion, and other "popular" topics, making everyone bore me most of the time.
- I don't like to talk about the things I'm interested in, unless I know the other person is interested in it as well, and prefer listening to others instead and try to get along with them.
- even though I frequent this site, I really don't like talking about gaming experiences, especially when it comes down to people who only play CoD/LoL/etc. all day and want to talk about that. (talking about gamedesign/etc. is fine though)
- I am pretty harsh at times, often criticize, but make fun of my own mistakes all the time as well and try to keep the mood light.
- I do not like physical contact with other people.
- it's insanely hard to make me actually (intentionally) happy/satisfied, based on how I neither value attention nor niceties from others.