Relationship Deal Breakers: The Other Side


Were it so easy
Oct 2, 2008
There is a rather large topic right now about what you'd consider a deal breaker in a relationship.

One reply however got me thinking. They pointed out that while people are saying what would put them off of a person. They are ignoring their own traits that might put other people off of them.

So let's hear it, what do you think might put people off of you? Obviously bearing in mind that different people want different things in a relationship.

I'd say that a general point that people seem to find strange about me is that I do not drink very much. I am not against alcohol on any principle, but getting drunk is not something I particularly enjoy, and while I am happy to have a few drinks, I don't want to end up unable to walk very often.

I am not a party animal. Linked to the above, it's not that I am anti-social, but I'd rather hand around with a small group of people maybe having a few drinks, and a laugh, talking about stuff than going to a huge party full of strangers and getting off my head. I just don't enjoy being around random inebriated people.


Sailor Jupiter Woman
Jun 10, 2011
Well, I'm really quite introverted. Not one for large crowds or parties.

Also I'm a nerd.
Many people find that unattractive, but there we go.
I'm not really that feminine, would rather spend money on games than on make-up.
And I swear a lot.

Oh, yeah, and I get ill really easily, so that's something boyfriend has to put up with.

There's probably more stuff but for the sake of my self esteem I'll stop there! ;)


and the Amazing Technicolour Dream Goat 🐐
Mar 31, 2010
Let's see now:

-I have quite a narrow range of interests: science, politics, history, video games, creative writing, travel... if you don't share any of these with me then you'll probably find me as a boring as a pet rock as I know fuck all about music, celebrities, most television shows...

-I'm masculine but not macho, physically I'm pretty slender. If you're looking for a tough guy, I'm not your man

-I have zero fashion sense

-Like the OP I strongly dislike large social gathering and find them overwhelming, I'm not a good match for party animals

-That said, I do enjoy the occasional drink and sometimes smoke, so anyone uptight about those things might not go well with me

-I'm a fairly relaxed Atheist who doesn't really care what other people believe, that said anyone who's seriously into their religion would probably bar me on that one

-If you dislike children... yeah, you're probably not a good match for me.

Joseph Harrison

New member
Apr 5, 2010
I would list my negative attributes but I think the list might drag on for quite a bit and I'm in too good of a mood to make myself depressed.

Needless to say something must be keeping people away.


Jan 4, 2010
United States
Oooo this'll be fun...

- I'm a Catholic, but not a very good one. Could be bad for people religious and atheist
- I don't drink alcohol nor do I use any kind of recreational drug. I have no real conviction against drinking and don't mind if my partner drinks however.
- No fashion sense and can't dance (but will do so regardless)
- I'm lazy and whiny (manchild)
- I don't like enormous gatherings of people for the most part
- I am a geek head-to-toe

I'm sure there are more XD


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May 5, 2011
I am emotionally withdrawn unless a relationship gets serious, which makes starting them harder. I wouldn't change this at all though. I also have very little spare time and like spending this by myself, but that's more to do with my job than my personality.

Total LOLige

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Jul 17, 2009
I'm not sure how accurate this list will be, I don't exactly have a high level of self esteem so I may judge myself harshly:

1. I'm quite shy
2. Probably couldn't keep a conversation
3. My only real interests are football and music and I don't play an instrument
4. I've got a fat nose
5. I dress quite boringly, a band t-shirt and jeans
6. I'm not that tall
7. Tiny penis

Duck Sandwich

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Dec 13, 2007
I don't like watching movies at theatres because I'd rather not be stuck in my seat for 2 hours in a dark room. I like the freedom of being able to pause the movie and get up to take a piss/eat/whatever.

I don't much like eating out at restaurants because the food I make myself is generally cheaper/healthier.

I don't care much for nightclubs. Blaring music and flashing lights make it hard to hear/see. That, and they seem to be a breeding ground for douchebags.

I get bored fairly easily when it comes to non-physical activities. Gaming is a huge hobby of mine, but I don't care for much besides Devil May Cry/Contra/Megaman/F-Zero. The last movie I saw in theatres was.... Sucker Punch? And I don't care for watching sports (playing them is another matter).

There's a lot of stuff I refrain from doing for the sake of my health. I don't do drugs, it's rare that I ever drink, or stay up past midnight (my job requires me to be used to waking up early)

The Artificially Prolonged

Random Semi-Frequent Poster
Jul 15, 2008
Nothing. I'm a prize catch... What? Oh okay I'll be honest. Let's see;

I like sports, especially football. Which some women really don't like.
I play games.
Bit of know it all
Sarcastic sense of humour.
I'm not particularly tall. Even for someone as a attractive as myself, being slightly below average height is off putting for some. Mind you if I was slightly taller I'd be completely irresistible so I guess that just balances it out.
Ever so slightly vane :p


Also I don't proof read properly. So if a potential partner is a grammar nazi I imagine them getting very irate with me.


Aug 3, 2008
Oooh, I'm in a good mood now, but I'm sure listing these will put me in a bad mood XD

I'm a pretty terrible girlfriend. If I feel like I'm not getting enough attention, I'll go get it from people who I know fancy me. (not cheating, but I'll get them to shower me with compliments until I feel better). I had a boyfriend years ago ignore me for 2 weeks once, so getting attention off other people made me feel less crap about myself.

I also think the overly attached girlfriend meme was based on me.

Don't care much for slathering myself in make-up and making my hair fancy everyday.

If you're looking for a skinny girl who cries over every calorie, you'll have to look elsewhere. (that's if you can even see past me, LOL! -that was a good one, right?)
Mar 26, 2008
- I'm incredibly vain
- I'm a bit of a homebody and don't go out so much these days
- I've got a jealous streak a mile wide (though it's getting better with age)


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May 17, 2010

General attractive issues-I see myself as average.
Often I have apathy towards social interractions
Difficulty with empathy.
I really like to irritate people.
I'm not great at cooking or fashion.


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Mar 14, 2011
Let's see...
370999 said:

General attractive issues-I see myself as average.
Often I have apathy towards social interractions
Difficulty with empathy.
I really like to irritate people.
I'm not great at cooking or fashion.
huh, that about sums it up. Except I'm an okay cook and my apathy reaches beyond social interactions and creeps into the fashion category and other, vague, parts of my life.

That, and I play too many games and read books single-mindedly once I sink my teeth in.


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Apr 1, 2012
-hard to get along with at times
-Certain views (explained in spoiler)
In the black and white, two party American political system I am an independent that likes things from both sides. Gay marriage? I'm all for it. But, I draw a line at transgenderism/transsexualism. I want to boost the economy through American jobs in the energy industry through oil/coal but, I'd also like a renewable energy source for when fossil fuels are scarce.


I've Been Having These Weird Dreams Lately...
Mar 17, 2012
United States
Let me count the ways...

-Humor that's darker than a black hole
-Cares not for fashion
-Not really a party person, but put on some WUBWUB or Gangnam Style and BAM, insta-embarrasment
-My hair has a mind of it's own. That has to be a put-off to SOME people!


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Oct 29, 2008
I'm very introverted, tend not to be the loud and interesting one in a group of people. Most people who are at uni like me enjoy going to parties/clubs etc, whereas I avoid them like the plague. I'm also pretty unattractive...

But I have a girlfriend so it's okay ;D

Colour Scientist

Troll the Respawn, Jeremy!
Jul 15, 2009
Well, according to this site, smoking is a biggie. I actually don't really smoke during the day anymore but according to some, even looking at cigarettes makes me a bad person.

I like to go out quite a bit, not necessarily a problem but one boyfriend I had didn't totally approve.

I'm pretty stubborn and by pretty stubborn, I mean ridiculously stubborn.

I can be quite snappy when I'm grumpy. I do always apologise though. Well, almost always.


A Mistake
Jun 24, 2011
Well, for starters, I'm really not all that interested in sex. That's not to say I won't ever have it or won't consider having it, but... Don't get your hopes up.

I'm also not a very "lovey dovey" kind of person. I don't like the idea of using pet names, and no, I don't want to be snuggling or kissing you every second that we're together.

I'm dorky.

I'm still a bit socially awkward (although I've grown out of it quite a lot).

I don't like drinking or going out drinker, and would rather go out to do things people consider "childish", like bowling, or laser tag.

I can't flirt worth shit. Buuut, I really don't like being flirted with, so why would I want to flirt back anyways?

My small, but close circle of friends are... Well... "Interesting". They're not bad people by any means, but... Could take some time getting used to them :S And no, I absolutely will NOT sacrifice them for our relationship. You MUST get along with them.

And lastly, my face is all gross from extreme acne problems through my teenhood that still carry on today. I'm doing stuff about it, buuuut nothing ever seems to help all that much, sorry...


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Apr 13, 2009
I don't have too much to say. At least nothing interesting to anybody else.
I mostly talk about movies, some video games (the ones people don't seem to play at all), and of the two or three bands I like (And The Electric Light Orchestra is one of them).
I don't like drinking much, but I'll do it if there is something to talk about.
I also become quite clingy to people who probably just want to talk to me. I've done this twice this year, and gotten myself hurt (not seriously, but it feels serious to me, put it that way).
I also get the feeling that people really aren't into me because I don't talk much. It sort of reflects my dating abilities as of now.
I claim to hate children, but if a kid is involved, I become interested in them (I treat them like little people, not kids).

That's all that comes to mind now.