Review: Prince of Persia


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Aug 21, 2006
I didn't think the Prince was emo in The Two Thrones, only Warrior Within. They got the Sands of Time voice actor back for The Two Thrones. I too found the voice acting in the new one a bit jarring, but more for the contrast with the previous Prince's British accent than for contrast with an actual Persian accent.

That was one thing I did find a bit frustrating about Assassin's Creed, though; that game had voice actors with decent accents for everyone except Altaïr, which was really a shame because Altaïr has most of the dialogue.

Anyway, I agree that the new one is awesome. And staggeringly beautiful.


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Feb 22, 2008
Agreed, while the visuals are top notch I simply can't see what everyone else is so excited about! Levels...bland, combat...sparse. The Elika character & mechanic work well enough (she's likeable & not as annoying as the Prince himself) but making my way round a large yet dull level, having 3 or 4 scraps with boring enemy's only to knock heads with a slightly less boring enemy so I can make my way round the SAME large yet dull level, collecting 'pretty shiny's'!

SOMEONE tell me it gets better than this?


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Aug 29, 2008
I don't know i think yahtze is right about the new prince of persia because in my view this isn't as good as the previous i prefered the prince on his own and with his snooby accent but yhatzee is a cynic so he'll hate it mainly because it's not much like the old one's and whats with this being anime that it's kinda screwy


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Dec 31, 2008
Am i the only that that would give this an avarage rating?

First of yes the graphis are amazing not my perfered style but none the less they do look very impressive.

But and this is a very big but good graphics dont equal a good game.

The Price runs and jumps about very nicely but you have very little control over what he does. There is little to no timing needed 4 anything. Pressing A,B and Y at various intervalls is just about all you need 2do for a large parts. Even if you do miss one of theses and fall to your death the game stops this and u are back on ledge again.

I understand what they are trying todo with not letting you die but this simple removes any penenaly in not making the right decision. There should be a sence of acomplement when u nail that hard jump section and reach the next checkpoint. Its it a bit like playing poker without any money sure its fun at first but there is no heartstoping moment when you bet it all as it just doesnt really matter if you win or lose.

The combat is again a let down maily due to the same reasons. The combos are nice and the cut sences that having you mash the x button are cool at first but when u have to watch the same one 3 or 4 times on the same monster they get a bit tiresome.

The game is simple way to easy. It didnt need a Ninja Gaden 2 style defucultly level but something that offeres a bit of a chalandge would have been nice.


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Jan 3, 2009
Nice review miss. I TOTALLY agree with the Persian/American voices bit. It seriously does sound like post-college Americans from the East Coast, or something along those lines...they would've benefited with a different approach

My only disagreement here is the combat. I actually found the combat rather UNsatisfying. I kept cornering the monsters as a 'cheap kill', or letting them corner me, then switching places (but letting them HIT me ironically), and THEN kicking them off the ledge.

The bosses weren't much better. Block/parry/hit/block/parry/hit, repeat,etc.

I wish they stuck with emo-prince's battle system. I mean, wouldn't you agree that Warrior Within had the WAY superior combat engine? The one on one idea was an epic fail IMO