Rumor: Bethesda Making Direct Sequel to Oblivion


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Nov 19, 2009
What i want the most;

Balanced rogue/mage/warrior "builds"... ( because imho magic shoudnt make everything else obsolete like in oblivion)

More variety in weapon and armor. Balanced so that all types (steel, dwemer, elven etc) have their strong points and weak points (so that its your tactical choice that matter, not getting dremora/ebony stuff since its ALWAYS the best gear)

No level scaling, or one that works like in Oscuro's oblivion Overhaul mod.

No more stupid leveling system that requires metagame-grinding to be effective (ex: minor-as-major builds)

Towns and townsfolks that actually do their stuff (work in workshops/mines, production of goods, trade between cities with caravans, ports that load/unload cargo from ships etc) for better immersion.

edit - and multiplayer. I want to be able to play with a few friends, like 2-4 max players in Multiplayer.


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Mar 18, 2010
By the Nine! God, I hope this is true. All of the talk about a possible Elder Scrolls MMO was worrying.

I'm betting the sequel involves the search for the lost Emperor's descendants in Akavir, since there are no more of the Spetim line in the Empire. The Blades would fit into it nicely, as they only serve the Emperor and they'd be eager to find a new leader. On top of that, Akavir is reputed to have dragons, hence the Dragon Lord rumour.

This would really excite me, since the land of Akavir has never been explored in TES, and we got a glimpse of what it might be like from the look of Cloud Ruler Temple and the Blades swords and armour in Oblivion.


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Dec 25, 2008
I'm guessing this means I should take the time to unwrap my Oblivion GOTY and finally play it.

I don't suppose I'd be so lucky they've moved the development out of the house?


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Feb 16, 2010
Uhm...k? Look, I love me my TESs as much as the next nerd, but Oblivion isn't exactly something worth aspiring to. I like to think of it as the hot blonde from high school: great looking, but oh so fucking shallow, obsessed with idiotic things, uncultured, and she'll be dead and forgotten (drunk driving accident) after ten years. Why yes, I hated high school...

A number of things would HAVE to get fixed:
-Scaling enemies
-Stop right there, psychic guards
-Main story

Nannernade said:
How many voice actors will they have this time? 4?
Why yes, that would be a 400% increase if I am not mistaken.


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Mar 23, 2010

Move support with nav-control/mocap hybrid left hand, mocap right hand.

ability to use a shield and strafe at the same time, cast spells (a la Sorcery) or attack w/right hand. It would have working archery and crouching would activate sneaking. Plus with the body tracking, you could lean around corners and...

*sigh*. It won't happen. I really gotta get on making that nav-control/mocap hybrid and selling the design back to Sony :D


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Apr 20, 2009
Zeromaeus said:
messy said:
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messy said:
Zeromaeus said:
I personally wanted to go to the Black Marsh...
Well, Skingrad had better be fixed!
Blue Lantern?

OT: Black marsh would be sorta cool. Maybe a world where all the racism is directed at the humans not the lizard men.
Oh yes please, it's time for the Argonians to kick ass and chew bubblegum :D
Also if the rest are like my elite super thief its going to be a pretty awesome/dangerous place to live.
Indeed. Any country where the citizens, and even the trees themselves, worship the god of death (Sithis), things are gonna' be dangerous. Things like the Hist would be out in the wild, along with swamp dwelling dragon creatures (Wamasii), werecrocodiles (WERECOROCDILES!) and giant bird things (Hackwings).
Not to mention the river tube/tunnel thing they use for transport (The Underground express) - if that was the quick travel system that would be awesome.


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Feb 7, 2008
I hope they use id's Tech 5 engine instead of the shitty Gambryo engine.


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Feb 7, 2009
Fumbleumble said:
A direct sequel?.. really?..

This just sucks... Oblivion is the flatest, dullest 'rpg' I've ever played.. and now we're getting 'more of the same'.

definate no buy.
Yeah. I'll buy it out of the hope it'll be like Morrowind, but if it continues the current trend, I'll be very dissapointed with this dev.

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EHKOS said:
Noooooo! What about Skyrim! Or the Black Marsh! Or....that....island that I forgot the name of...
Summerset Isle, I believe.

I'd want Black Marsh personally. Cyrodiil became a tad boring after a while. There just weren't enough varied content in it, like it was in Morrowind (Dwemer ruins, Daedra, random caves, mining caves, ancestral tombs... You get the idea).

Hopefully Black Marsh wouldn't just be... A marsh, you know. In Morrowind, when you were trecking along the way to some city, you could find something that piqued your interest. Small, insignificant at fist, maybe just a cave. Turns out there were slavers there, or some cult. You kill them and find some great equipment or something else of value.

Experiences like that makes the game come alive, and that was something Oblivion didn't acheive. Seen one Aylied ruin, seen them all.
Agreed. And Summerset Isle is far too small to base a game in... the Black Marsh would be interesting, but I think it should include two lands. Preferably Elsweyr and Valenwood, that'd be badass.

Piction Froject

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Nov 11, 2010
Ok here's my list of thing to fix and add to for the next Elder Scrolls Game.
1. Much longer Guild Quests, i could finish all the guilds in about 12 hours if I played several at a time also they didn't seem to actually make an impact on your character or the game except you got some renown from other characters.
2. More boss battles, sure there were a few and some places were like bosses themselves but I personally want to fight a god or whatever those statues were of that I did quests for.
3. Better customization of weapons. I want to actually have the ability to enchant a weapon to the extremes and then go out and just wreak havoc upon the the imperial city or just mess with the dark brotherhood.
4. Make the difficulty modify itself to suit my character's strength.
5. Change the NPC's so they act more human and don't constantly give you that death stare.
6. Make the shops change their stock to fit your character level and accomplishments, cause I had the same stuff in the same shop when I hit level 20 and only got half decent equipment from NPC's that I killed(who usually were part of my guild)
7. Add some things to the Arena, like maybe being able to choose the NPC you want to battle then bet on them, or do like a fight night thing where you could train them. Also don't allow us to kill the Grand Champion so easily just from doing some quest.
8. Vary the number of ways to enter and exit a dungeon. add some new traps to the dungeons to make them a little more interesting to navigate...I'm thinking lava pool, with a monster you have to fight while crossing. Just a thought.
9. There will need to be legendary weapons of each type of fighting style. You know one for bare hands, swords, staffs, bows and arrows, mace's, axe's, maybe gun's? also legendary armor for both heavy and light, only accessible to those who have one as a main attribute, also a legendary shield. All these need to actually be worthwhile, maybe even needed to fight a final boss?
10. Ability to gather a army(fable like) who you can use at certain points in the game, maybe even set some as a rank like a lieutenant. Cause i could do some damage with a group made of a dark brotherhood assassin, a mages guild mage, fighter, theif, I mean I mean making groups would be even better.
11. A story that will put Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion to shame.


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May 17, 2009
I do hope this is a lie.
I would love the idea of a new Elder Scrolls game, but a direct sequel seems stupid. I'd much rather have a new area of Tamriel to explore rather than sitting around in Cyrodiil again. Hell, I'd even be willing to go back to Vvardenfell (assuming a lot has changed since the god leaders are all either dead or mortal now) and the rest of Morrowind at this point.


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Jan 30, 2010
I was under the impression that it was set 200 years in the future. Maybe I'm insane. Scratch that, definately.


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Sep 20, 2010
I am absolutely and completely baffled as to why all you guys think "direct sequel" means "the exact same place".

The Empire Strikes Back was a direct sequel to Star Wars. It didn't revisit Tattooine or the original Death Star.


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Jun 20, 2010
Bethesda has fooled us before. TES5 could be a FPS in modern day Britain for all we know.
So yes, don't judge it simply by the wordings 'direct sequel.'