Serial Killer Round 77: Experiment 3-0159: Now with extra Science! Round over! Killer wins!

Wary Wolf

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Sep 10, 2015
@Phats Off:

Well that means that Armadox is actually Dirty Cop James funs and Dirty Cop James funs is really Armadox...

So who are we voting for?

Nah, my trickster power is well and truly used up now.

Might as well come clean so there is time between this round and the next in order to clear the air:

My goals this round:

1. Side with Caramel and keep him alive.

2. Betray those bastard tricksters what killed me.

3. Betray those bastard tricksters what didn't listen to my warnings regarding Caramel being the target of votes, resulting in his death.

Heh, as you can see, 2 and 3 didn't pan out too well. I couldn't stop your trickster machine. Not that I tried particularly hard.

Everyone should off Arms, because the tricksters what killed me have been moving towards a killer win.

But everyone should off Dirty, because he has sort of been on my/chaos' side, which was also Frappe's side, which was also Armadox's side. Also he's largely responsible for voting off Caramel.

But you should vote Arms, because as mentioned, he has been face swapped with Dirty.



Tastes like Science!
Feb 21, 2011
[HEADING=2]Test Subject 012 (Jux) is dead![/HEADING]Well.. alright then. He had no role and has now joined the many-many Tricksters.
Tricksters may now act. Everyone has until July 29 22:00EST to get their votes/abilities in.

[hr]This is a good time to point out I'm going to rule a tie in favor of the Killer. Unless you guys want the Killer to win you the final tally will need to be 2-0. This being the last round everyone might as well use their abilities if they haven't already.

Fat Hippo

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May 29, 2009
@Wolf: How were you planning to betray us? It's kind of hard to betray someone who's already dead and following the more or less same goals as you were. Frappe died because of my negligence[footnote]Maybe, I will need to see the vote tally for that cycle.[/footnote] but not because I was intentionally screwing him over.

Also, it seems if you were actually on Frappe's side, you'd be asking him what he wants? Which I guess would be a win for team evil. Or was keeping Frappe alive more of an arbitrary goal you set for yourself?

gritch said:
[HEADING=2]Test Subject 012 (Jux) is dead![/HEADING]Well.. alright then. He had no role and has now joined the many-many Tricksters.
Tricksters may now act. Everyone has until July 29 22:00EST to get their votes/abilities in.

[hr]This is a good time to point out I'm going to rule a tie in favor of the Killer. Unless you guys want the Killer to win you the final tally will need to be 2-0. This being the last round everyone might as well use their abilities if they haven't already.
Alright, it's time for the blob to decide this round. Too bad I finally got to use my power last round. This should be most interesting.


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Aug 31, 2010
You.. You all are going to be very disappointed when you find out DCJF is the killer. He's obviously the bad guy, even his name is unclean!

Wary Wolf

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Sep 10, 2015

Yeah, as stated. My attempts to betray you were pretty lame-ass. They amounted in trying to make you waste your power by working against it. Which didn't work because I activated my power after yours. Which meant that you were able to keep it.

But yeah, on the whole I've been supporting you guys to work with team evil. So in the end. Didn't matter? As I said, more just throwing it out there so you know what's what if Gritch releases a voting spreadsheet. Which should be interesting if he does.

See my post as a sort of public apology.


Everyone should move all votes onto Gritch! Let RN-Jesus decide the fate of this round!


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Aug 31, 2010
Dirty Cop James funs said:
Wary Wolf said:
Everyone should move all votes onto Gritch! Let RN-Jesus decide the fate of this round!
Actually, I'll do that.

Prepare your booty, Gritch. 'Cause I am voting for it.
I as well also voted Gritch.


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Feb 21, 2011
@Killer: @other: Y-You can't kill me! I'm the GM! This is my experiment!

Wh... Why can't I stop shaking...?


Tentacle God
Feb 28, 2012
@DCJF: Hah. I see what you did. The tricksters can't interfere if you both voted for someone who they can't, or don't expect, to target with their abilities. Thus the killer gets his win by draw. Well played.

Since I'm not sure if you knew I planned to betray you, well, I did. I hate throwing games for any reason. I couldn't care less whether the killer wins or loses, but when he wins because the remaining players just throw their arms up and say fuck it- it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. And that is about the journey, not the endpoint.


Tastes like Science!
Feb 21, 2011
[HEADING=2]Someone has been executed![/HEADING]Final deathpost incoming. Or is it?[hr]
Well that's the game. Good job folks. You can go home now. Nothing more to see here...


Fat Hippo

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May 29, 2009
Fractral said:
@DCJF: Hah. I see what you did. The tricksters can't interfere if you both voted for someone who they can't, or don't expect, to target with their abilities. Thus the killer gets his win by draw. Well played.
I really hope that's not what happened, that would be the worst.

But SOMEONE has been executed according to gritch, so I hope we get an actual ending to this, whether the Killer wins or not. I've actually had a ton of fun this round, in so small part due to my role as Trickster.

Since I'm not sure if you knew I planned to betray you, well, I did. I hate throwing games for any reason. I couldn't care less whether the killer wins or loses, but when he wins because the remaining players just throw their arms up and say fuck it- it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. And that is about the journey, not the endpoint.
So that's what happened? Damn. I've rarely been so interested in seeing what the vote tallies looked like at various stages of the game as I have been this round.


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Aug 31, 2010
Dirty Cop James funs said:

Art by Armadox.

Ayup. All three of us died in a demonic blob orgy. Yes, three. We took Gritch with us. That was my wish to the Godhand.

Moral of the story? NEVER make me use the Behelit!
I aM a GoOD hUMan.
I AM tHE bESt HumAn.
I lAiD EgGs iN eVErryOnE i MeEt.
LiKE hOW a GOoD HUmaN DuZ.
WhAT sOUnd?
hI, bloB mONstEr!
yAY I'm EAteN!


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Feb 21, 2011
[HEADING=2]Everyone has been executed! Serial Killer Round 77 is over![/HEADING]Let me clarify a few things if that death post wasn't clear enough.
1. The Killer was Armadox
2. The votes were tied so technically this was a Killer victory!
3. In the spirit of the tied votes (even after Trickster intervention) I decided to let both of the remaining players write a deathpost
4. I've decided to execute myself. Like any good captain I plan to go down with the ship.

Here's the voting results for those of you interested:

And here's a conclusion to the overall plot:
This isn't going well. You gingerly look at the hand you've had pressed against your stomach. Red. The wound's not deep but it's sure bleeding a lot.

That's no good. It'll smell it.

You hurry through the cramped hallways, one hand pressed against your stomach to stop the bleeding. The sounds of a distant moan echoes through the hallway.

Damn it! It might've gotten everyone else but you'll be damn if you let it get you! You double the pace but have to stop as you stumble slightly. You look back the way you came to see a trail of red.

Have I lost that much already?

You raise yourself to your feet. Up ahead you see the white flash of a dirty labcoat as it darts out of the hallway back into the main faculty.

You muster up the last of your strength and follow the figure. You've entered the dormitories. Another glimpse of the labcoat leads you forward through the maze. At last it enters one of the dorms. You follow.

Before you stands a man. His skin is a pale tan as if he has been outside in quite a long time. His hair is a messy mass of black and his beard isn't much better. He's thin - frail - the large labcoat hangs from his shoulders. Upon seeing you in the doorway he backs away placing the bed between you and him. He quickly looks around the room searching for a way out to no avail.

You take a step into the room. The room seems to be in better condition than most. To your right there's a single bed and across from it directly in front of you is an odd piece of medical equipment you've seen before. This is the same type of chair you were in when you were shown that video. The image still makes you shudder. The copious amount of dried blood on this chair suggests it was used for more nefarious purposes.

You weren't suppose to catch me!

The man nervously runs his fingers through his hair. His eyes dart around the room again.

Why'd I'd come here? Now I'm trapped... I just wanted to visit her again - wanted to see Pillow-chan once more.

At this he lifts up the pillow on the bed. You now notice on the opposite side of the pillow a pair of crudely drawn anime eyes. He pressed the pillow close to himself.

Pillow-chan was always there for me. She was there first. I figured she'd know what to do.

He presses the pillow to his face and inhales deeply.

Always there... Just there. Watching. Just watching...

He throws the pillow back onto the bed. He begins to shout at it, seemingly having completely forgotten about you.

You just watched! Watched as they did that to me!

You notice his eyes glance over toward the chair across the room.

You just stood there and watched! Day after day! You watched!

Quicker than you could even see, a syringe appears in the man's hand and he stabs it into the pillow. Again and again he stabs the pillow, tearing it apart. At last he stops with an exhausted pant. He looks down on the pillow.


He falls to his knees. Grabbing the remains of the pillow, he begins to sob uncontrollably into them.

Pillow-chan... I'm sorry. I'm so sorry... Pillow-chan...

After a time he raises his head and wipes some of the tears away from his face with a large white sleeve. He looks at you.

It's your fault! You made me do this to Pillow-chan!

He lunches across the room toward you, the syringe suddenly in his hand again. He finds his mark, burying the needle deeply into your shoulder but not before you manage to grab the man. With one motion you throw the frail man to the ground and press your whole weight down upon him.

NO! Bad waifu! Let me go! I made you! You can't hurt me! You're my waifu! I made you! I made you! Let me go!

Even in your physical state you have no problem subduing the frail man. You finally caught him. The sick bastard that made you go through all this. You take a deep breath and begin to think what you're going to do next.

Before you have much time to even think IT approaches. Suddenly several tentacle emerge from the doorway and wrap around the man's legs. You let go of him out of shock. The tentacles begin to drag him outside of the room.

No! Please no!

Tears are streaming down his face. He clings desperately to the floor.

Please no! Don't kill me! Help! HELP!

He looks directly at you and extends a hand for you to grab.


The tenetacle drags him just out of the doorway and into the hall. You watch as the Trickster blob begins to engulf him. You lean against wall and stare down at the pool of red beneath you.

At least it's over now. It's all over.

Your world fades to black.


Tastes like Science!
Feb 21, 2011
I've compiled all the death posts in chronological order for your ease of pursue. There's so much death it won't all fit in one post!
Cycle 1:
Aerosteam - Murdered
I'm dead, but before I go I have some very important information for you all. I have a suspect list. Here it is:
001. Fractral
002. Fat_Hippo
004. Spider RedNight
005. tf2godz
006. Demagogue
008. Dirty Cop James funs
009. Caramel Frappe
010. Armadox
011. Headsprouter
012. Jux
013. EvilRoy
014. BeerTent
015. Revnak
016. Dr. Crawver
017. TizzytheTormentor
018. Wary Wolf
019. DoPo
You made a very good decision, Killer. Murdering the previous GM is exactly what I'd do. I didn't have role, I'm afraid. But from now on I'll be the alpha-Trickster.
Dr. Crawver (Priest) - Executed
"Come on, this isn't complicated, think!"

I wail out in frustration as I throw my scalpel to the floor. I look down at the now mutilated pair of legs before me as I clumsily wipe blood from my flippers onto my lab coat.

I've been through all this before. Trapped in some sick experiment, most likely with only one of us able to walk free. Well, it's going to be me doing that. But, maybe. Just maybe, there is a loophole. Maybe I will be able to bring others back from the dead.

I look down at the cadaver again. But not this one. In my efforts to keep contact with the others to a minimum, I rushed out a deal that was bound to spoil my test. Still, another will die, most likely soon. I'll be able to have another shot at it.

I wipe my brow with a bloody flipper as I decide to leave my room, a drop of blood trickling down the crown of my nose. No sooner do I step out of my room though, I am tackled hard to the floor. I let out a panicked wail as I thrash around, but still find myself flat on my face.

I can't tell how many there are, but I can hear and feel them. What caused this? Fear? Suspicion? Racism? drug induced violence? I don't know these people. Why are they going after me? Whatever the reason, it doesn't matter. Before long I feel multiple sharp pains throughout my body as my blubber is pierced and punctured.

Finally I am left to bleed out. I let out one final, weak moan before the darkness envelops me, the light vanishing from my beady little eyes. My days of science having come to an end.

I was the priest.
Cycle 2:
DoPo - Murdered
Man, science is so cool. This facility is packed with awesome things.

"Please step into the next chamber" - the voice from the sound system advised us and we all did.

But yeah, this facility has awesome blinking lights; amazing beakers and various other glassware that I don't know the names of; various instruments for serious science; a walrus; fake blood; and everything;

It's all so fascinating. No wonder I signed up for this experiment. Or at least, I think that's why I signed up. I'm not exactly sure - I don't seem to remember signing up. Must be temporary amnesia from...erm, whatever we are testing here.

"Please close your eyes" - again, we all do

As I wrack my brain, the only memory from before waking up here is of some joker coming up behind me and asking "Hey, buddy, does this smell like chloroform to you?". Nothing since. Eh, really must be temporary amnesia. I'm sure I must have had a reason to come here. This place being so incredible seems very likely.

"Please enjoy this music with your eyes closed" - some classical piece starts playing

The music is a bit loud to begin with.

"Do not be distracted"

It's also, oddly getting louder but, eh, well, let's try to concentrate on this task. It must be important for science. Only, my back is killing me. I think I must have slept twisted or something while I was down under whatever they gave me. Yeah, that must be it - I was feeling a bit stiff when I woke up...

"Do not peek"

...but now the effects are wearing off, so I can actually feel my back. It's probably just sleeping in an odd position. Or I'm getting the flu.

Am I sweating? I feel something run down my back. Most likely flu then, if I am sweating.

"Please continue listening to the music"

Ugh, I feel a bit lightheaded...

"with your eyes closed"

...also rather tired. I think I'll lie down - they said eyes closed...

"Correct - eyes closed"

...but not that I need to stand. I'll...just...lie...down.

My back hurts really bad.

And why...

...does the floor...

...smell like...


Headsprouter (Spy) - Executed

Okay, first of all, rude.

Second, that's completely redundant! A mouth is perfectly adequate for vision!

Silly science people, always thinking they can improve on nature's least there's an upside, I can finally wear hats. Always slipped off my little, pink bonce before, now I have a nice pair of oglers so slot them in between. Good thing my room had a detective hat in it, I can get right into making...

Where are we going, anyway?

Last time I asked you a question, we didn't have to go anywhere...

Is this your office? Am I getting a promotion?

Oh! My newfound use of hats gives me use for your hat stand!


Does this mean I get to kill someone?



I see.


Well, I recommend doing it outside of your nice office, I tend to make a mess when i die.


No hard feelings.

Cycle 3:
Revnak - Murdered
I was born to eat lobster.

I was only a child the first time I saw the sea and heard its siren call. It was so beautiful, an endless expanse of calm over the raging power of the tides. I ran out to embrace it, ruining my pants, my favorite hat, and my GameBoy. I nearly drowned too, which I guess sucked. BUT MY GAMEBOY!

I vowed revenge. I would destroy the sea, just as it had destroyed my hat. At first I just trod more direct methods, I threw rocks and sticks, and called it terrible names like "poop water," "pee," or "Dolphin cum." Then I started to think more strategically. I would buy six packs of soda and flush the plastic wrap down the toilet. I would pour entire bottles of cleaning products down the drain. I once sank an oil tanker. I mean, it was a fake one, and it was in my bathtub, but it was always more of a symbolic gesture than anything. Still, the ocean would not yield, and the hollow in my heart left by my GameBoy was unfilled.

It was then that I learned of my insatiable apetite for shellfish. I could eat a buffet out of business, except buffets don't sell seafood because it's dangerous. I devoured all of the citizens of that contemptible realm that I encountered, and set numerous world records. I bought a whole Red Lobster with my winning from competitive eating, but sadly the giant lobster sign is not actually edible. False advertising if you ask me.

My war with the sea has consumed me it appears. Those terrible lobster men brought me here, acting to protect their home and their people, and now I lie dead, a broken, pantsless man. There was some science stuff too I guess. Some guy vomited on me and killed me. It was gross. Who even does that?
JoJo (wasn't even part of the game) executed
The survivors gathered around the masked figure who had been caught lurking in the basement of the laboratory, eager to learn his true identity. Armadox stood triumphantly over his quarry, lifting his mask with a flourish.

"JoJo!" the survivors cried in unison.

"Pah, and I would have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for that meddling Wary Wolf and his mangy cat Tizzy!" JoJo spat, nursing his twisted ankle.

"But you aren't even meant to be in this game!" Dr. Triceratops exclaimed, shaking his head in confusion.

"That's what you all thought, the killer roped me in to help finish you lot off. Well, now the game's up I may as well tell you who the killer is. You'll let me live if I do, right?"

"Maybe...?" Gritch shrugged.

"Fine," JoJo frowned. "I'd rather not have to grow yet another clone. The killer is..." He suddenly paused mid-sentence, as if choking on something. His eyes bulged and then he collapsed onto the ground, a poisoned dart embedded in his neck. The survivors let out a collective groan.

"Well, crap," Caramel Frappe said.
Demagogue - executed
to say the others were off putting would be an understatement. The longer he was here and the more he observed the others from the distance the more and more he understood why THEY would be 'chosen' for experimentation, however, he was pure, he was innocent.

But his solitude and introvertness apparently didn't keep him from drawing attention to himself. He saw the glaces from the others, and the whispers whenever he went by with "food" or at least that's what they had been told they were eating. It was day.... well he didn't know what day it was when they came for him with no trusted way to tell the passage of time he wasn't sure how long he had been here, just that it had felt like months. Either way, it was the day of his undoing, the whispers were what woke him from his sleep, many of the others had gathered around him and as he awoke the blow stick fell from his torso, an audible gasp filling the room

"What is this all about? Who's is this?" His questions fell upon deaf ears as they all raised their weapons. Well... this is one way to go I supposed he thought to himself. His last thought... or so he hoped.

I was an innocent (just very inactive... sorry) I am now a Trickster!! Fear my spiritual revenge!
Cycle 4:
TizzytheTormentor (Medic) - Murdered
"Oh dear, it looks like my protection blanket is all sweaty and sticky, better go wash it up"

As I reached for the scientific detergent of science, I didn't notice the shady figure watching me from the shadows, they accosted me when I was least weary and before I knew it, I began to lose consciousness.

Before I fell into slumber, I heard snippets from a voice I couldn't quite make out...


I came to some time later in a daze, aside from feeling groggy, nothing felt quite out of place, aside from this grotesque wound on my torso, with what seems to be a baby inside my chest cavity!

"Oh dear, and here I was flush with my victory over the nefarious JoJo! But it turns out that despite JoJo being the mastermind, it seems he was not quite the killer we were looking for...move along"

It seems as though the baby is ingesting my organs and wanting to wear me as a suit of sorts, I was hoping for a flashier death, but I shrugged, guessing if someone has to go out as some demented freak babies body suit, might as well be my good self.

It had finished ingesting most of my body and it would soon finishing enveloping my head, before I lost consciousness, I wished my other trapped compatriots victory over the riotous ruffian who put me in this unsophisticated situation.

I began to stop thinking...

Achtung Baby...
Fat_Hippo (Arbiter) - Executed
This place was garbage. Whatever science they were doing here, what did they need a hippo for? Had they never heard of endangered species? I could feel the bloodlust welling inside me, driven by my need to escape. I was going to get back at them for locking me up!

I had my eye on one of the other subjects. I was almost sure it was him who was killing us and keeping us trapped! I snuck up on him, opened my massive maw and got ready to bite his head off, but in that moment, I was seized from behind.

"Sorry mate, the vet called, looks like you need to be put down."

What vet? These people were mad. But it didn't matter, as they butchered me all the same.

I was The Arbiter
Cycle 5:
tf2godz - Murdered
?How DARE he question my scientific prowess.? I said as I walked back and forth in my lab. ?I?ll show him and everyone in this pathetic universe the the power of DR.TRICERATOPS! He looked at his newly finished abomination.

?Now good kill everyone of these stupi..AHHHH? suddenly my monster grabbed onto me. ?WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? I screamed as it started to rip off my flesh. It than started going into my bones and organs.

?For a scientists you sure didn?t think anyone would reprogram.? Someone said in the distance.

?YOU!? I screamed as the creature started to rip out my organs.

?This thing will be perfect for killing the rest.? the person said as it grin into my face. it was the last thing I saw until everything went dark. The monster then dragged my body and add it to it?s mass.

?Now than, come my pet.? The person said as they walked out the door, the monster following.

I was innocent, for this crime at least.
Wary Wilf - Executed
Today Gritch-i-kun would be sure to notice me! I have been working hard to science so that he can make a breakthrough that could change the world!

These moments of lucidity are becoming less and less frequent. I feel Gritch's chemical mix coursing through my veins, twisting my brain into something, else. Soon my mind will no longer be my own. Soon that which was once me, shall be erased. No. That would be merciful. Instead I will simply be silenced. Living in the background, silently screaming, as my altered body is made to... perform.

Whilst cleaning up for Gritch-i-kun I came across some notes. Whelp! They have my name on them! So they must be for me!


Maybe Gritch-i-kun has left me a love note confessing his true feelings for me! I must read it!

Waifu Wolf

Before Subject Chemical Exploitation:

After Subject Chemical Exploitation:

Mentally unstable but potentially profitable? No profit. Disappointed.

Chemical mix *Waifu 8* has only produced partial results on Wolf creature.

Transition from male to female successful. Most wolf features have gone except for those DNA strands regarded as essential for Waifu (EARS + TAIL = Positive Results)

Continued ramping of dosage has failed to erase subject's original personality and imprint preferable personality attributes. Possibly due to subject originally being male?

Due to the success of *Waifu 8* on test subject 009, suggests that the calculations needed for mammal to waifu and reptile to waifu need more tweaking.

At this time, *Waifu 8* is not at the acceptable stage to release into drinking water to create mass waifu within local wildlife populations. Additional grant money will also be required to mass produce *Waifu 8* in order to waifu the world.


I did not know what to think. I would have to share my Gritch-i-kun with other members of the forest community? Does he not love me?

Suddenly back in possession of my wits, blaring sirens rang throughout the dirty rust red facility. I could hear the masses coming for me. Utilizing what few wolf instincts I still possessed, I slipped through the endless corridors, praying for escape before I would become prey.

It was no use, the masses were gaining, I turned another corner and my heart sank. I had been shepherded.


I prepared myself for a fight. Even whilst stuck in this weak female body, but then I heard a voice in my head. Somehow coming from the other room.


My vision became blurry, I tasted copper, blood trickled from my nose and...

I knew what I must do to please my Gritch-i-kun! I threw open the door and embraced the being that would let me finally become one with my love. As the creature enveloped me in it's suffocating embrace my last words were...

Well thank fuck that's over.


Tastes like Science!
Feb 21, 2011
Cycle 6:
Spider RedNight - Murdered
Days and days and days. Eating... paper, probably. He made friends with a bird, he thinks. Doesn't matter, he ate it. Four was his favourite number, after all.

And this was the one instance where he wasn't wasn't watching my back! Completely not fair - it wasn't HIS fault the eyes they installed in the back of his head were faulty. ...Were they even eyes? How long had he been there? He lost track - people were dying and he felt stranded in the Nostromo with a Xenomorph. That would've been badass.

But no, he had spent all of his time crawling around Rattmann-style in the vents and under the floorboards, trying to eternally escape the shadow he could've sworn was following him around. What he wouldn't give for a Portal Gun. "Er... Science Lab tunnels to Mothership, I repeat, come in mothership," He whispered to himself as if communicating with some ethereal force that no one could see. There was no reply. "Dammit, radio silent." At this point, he had no idea if there was even a "mothership" - what other false memories had been implanted in his brain?

Well, he couldn't tell you now but there was a new addition - mind controlling spores.

It started as a sharp sting, brief but powerful, like a warm needle dipped in grease, puncturing his frontal lobe somehow from the back. Surprised at first but mellowing out almost immediately, he slumped to the ground gracefully like a woman fainting in slow-motion. As his face interacted with the cold floor, all the memories were gone and replaced with just one more - go forward.

He pursed his lips contemplatively and got to his hands and knees, crawling before standing up into a limping walk. Seeing was suddenly overrated - there was a primal need. He just had to walk forward, man.

Walking forward, walking forward-- that was a wall, back up-- okay walking forward again. My, how lovely the power conduits looked today. He just... wanted to give one a big bear hug. He muttered something about "tuna" and "scoring four orange juice points" and--

Suffice to say, it wasn't a good idea. Again, TOTALLY not fair - he hadn't even taken her out to dinner yet!

-fake sniff- He was just an INNOCENT BYSTANDER. However, as the last light left his dark eyes and the foam oozed from his thoroughly-electrified body, he felt... empowered. Like he could finally make a difference.

It was kind of a nice feeling, if he was being honest as he examined his corporeal, glowing fingers.
EvilRoy - Executed
My stomach turns. A few times. This experimentation is starting to really drag on me. And the humiliation! In the dimly lit reflection on the tube I once again look at the tatoo across my forehead, left there by the communist scientist scum.

puorg obecalp

What does that even mean. Its obviously not my name, so he must be mocking me. Just as this third arm I've grown out of my ass continues to mock my every move, unhelpfully closing doors behind me, scratching me in all the wrong places, and ruining my pants. If I ever get out of here I'll end up on the streets after spending all my money on custom tailored pants.

A noise in the distance. Not from the weird wolf thing. Its dead. From something else. Thoughts getting stilted. Stupid commie scientist. Stupid commie drugs.

Wait no, it passed. I think I'm probably just tired, but I know commie scientists like I know the back of my third ass hand - which is to say, not at all. I can't see it behind me. Anyway, it is definitely and provably his fault.

As I contemplate the unfortunate reality of my uncatchable asshand, the noise continues to creep toward me, slowly gaining definition until individual steps and mutters can be heard distinct from the static of the mass. A sudden snapping behind me causes a startled turn - it appears that my posterior extremity had finally decided to make itself useful and alert me to the large crowd that had snuck up on me while in the throws of assward speculation.

"Greetings!" I state firmly, quietly trying to conceal my ass for a multitude of reasons. "I see you too have come in search of the scientist, no doubt to kill his commie ass. Or perhaps you seek the killer, who is probably a filthy capitalist and therefore equally deserving of death."

The mob continued to mutter and shuffle, apparently unsure about what precisely they were seeking, or who they really wanted to kill.

"Well, anyway, as you can see the scientist has fled and left this weird dead wolf thing here. I will remain here, to bury the body under whatever I can find, perform rites appropriate to its assumed religion of wolfism, and quietly pray for its peaceful passing."

"Your ass hand started making a 'jerk off' motion halfway through that speech." One of the many stated. "I think you're full of shit." Said another. "I just want to kill a fucker and you're right here." chimed in a third.

And so the crowd converged, not seeking justice or revenge. Just sort of confused and frustrated - trying to make some kind of headway for once.

As the lights dimmed, and they started to hit me with fists, bits of science, and in one unfortunate case a dead wolf thing a final gasp escaped. "Tell... Assy.... I loved him..."

Hours later, as the trickers converged to feed, a single assward hand slowly raised to life once more.
Cycle 7:
BeerTent - Murdered
Sadly, I'm tired as fuck, and deleted two terrible ideas. I'm fucking dead. I thought someone was stroking my hair like I'm an adorable pet, much like Wary... But it was FULL OF SPIDERS! SPIDERS AND LIES!

All that might be left behind is a bloody, INNOCENT mask...
Caramel Frappe (Lawyer) - Executed<spoiler=Test Subject 009>You want to know a little secret ... ? I didn't care at all about the science, the experiments that went on, nothing. You see, I didn't pass the BAR just to get involved with this crazy nonsense, oh no. I wanted to make a profit and the best way to do that was helping my partner keep their hands clean from the dirt. Well, if dirt was a moist substance that was maroon red and found all over the walls.

I'm a Lawyer after all, and if my client was found innocent ... they would sue the Science Department for such a wrongful 'accusation' and gain so much in return. However, as time went on ... I began to realize how deep I was in this scheme and there was the few survivors turning their gaze in my general direction. It was only a matter of time until they found out my true identity. Guess it didn't help they stormed in right when I was wearing my suit and tie, practicing my speech as if I was in front of a jury. The looks on their faces were those of murderous beasts. This is how my last moments went down ....

*Those still alive threw Miia into the pool table, she winced as a result while trying to gather herself.*​

[color=BA0025]"H-hey! Don't you know how to treat a lady ...? I'll SUE you!!"[/color] She cried out to those who surrounded her, yet as the moment passed, Miia realized she wasn't getting out of this alive. [color=BA0025]"Look, I wasn't the one murdering you and your other buddies ... you've got the wrong person! So spare me, will you?"[/color] They stood over her, towering even .. with bloodlust in their eyes. Miia gulped before commenting on the factor, [color=BA0025]"... .. Guess i'm done for, huh? To of taken 6 whole years to pass Lawyer School and work tirelessly to pass the BAR, just to die like an animal. Very well. But know this, my fellow psychopaths ... "[/color]

She smiled, with her glasses brightening up in the light so you could no longer see the eyes themselves, but rather, the glare within the lenses. [color=BA0025]"You may take my life, but my 'client' ... there's going to be justice in the courtroom. And you'll all pay with your blood."[/color] She laughed to herself, even as they carried her by the arms and dragged the Lamia to their lab ... now I don't want to give any details, but let's just say her fate was sealed like a frog's, or a pig's ... as they 'found out' things about how the Lamia's body looked on the inside.

[HEADING=1]I was the Lawyer[/HEADING]​
Cycle 8:
FPLOON - Murdered
Test Subject 003 rarely spoke in the usual sense. Mainly using it's radio to blast "shitty-ass" music with coincidental titles if the Shazam Droid is correct. Once the call came in involving the Killer's next act, I re-buttered a new batch of popcorn and expected some form of subversion considering Test Subject 003's now-not-perfect voting record. The irony would be laughable if that was intended, but SCIENCE[sup]TM[/sup] does not play that kind of round if this dialogue transcript is to be believed:Killer: *enters Test Subject 003's sleeping quarters*
Test Subject 003: *indifference* Oh... It's you...
Killer: *grins* So, you can speak without that radio?
Test Subject 003: Hello, old friend... Have you come to kill me?
Killer: Pretty much... Then, SCIENCE[sup]TM[/sup] happens, not-that-obscure Goosebumps reference, and then more SCIENCE[sup]TM[/sup]...
Test Subject 003: Sounds repetitive...
Killer: You're one to talk... Any last words?
Test Question 003: Just a question... What took you so long?
Killer: *confused* Pardon?
Test Subject 003: I mean, I haven't voted for your death [mostly] for nothing...
Killer: Seriously?
*pause for dramatic effect*
Test Subject 003: So, why did it take you this long to want to kill me?
Killer: *sighs* Honestly, it was a mix between forgetfulness and a lack of any other living test subjects to choose from...
Test Subject 003: What about [REDACTED] and [REDACTED]?
Killer: Eh... Kinda falls into the same category, I guess... Only, upon reflection, I was kinda hoping you cared a bit more...
Test Subject 003: I see... *turns on radio*
Approximately 2 minutes and 34 seconds after receiving this dialogue transcript, I lost primary connection with Test Subject 003. It seems that SCIENCE[sup]TM[/sup] has done the rest for now. And to think Test Subject 003 would not result in a breakthrough. I was more than half-right at 55%.
Test subject 003 took "death" with much indifference... What a pacifist...
Now, in regards to that radio, it does not seem to work on any particular power source and any indication of a power source has turned up false. Could it be that Test Subject 003 was the actual radio all this time? The data seems to agree, but without any further testing, this is more of a theory at best. Regardless, this is nothing more than a[nother] non-sequitur of a footnote to the overall experiment. Time is running low and the experiment is almost complete. The rest is up to SCIENCE[sup]TM[/sup] once more!
Factral Fractral - Executed
Throw the game, Mora!
Mora-Chan stepped up to the post, sweat running down her face. With one tentacle she grasped the bat loosely, while with the other she shaded her eyes, watching as Boethia-Chan fiddled with the ball.
Throw the game, Mora!
Mora-Chan saw the words on the lips of Molag Bal-Kun and Dagon-Kun, the team captains. It was Sheogorath-Kun's birthday, and they wanted to let him win.
Throw the game, Mora!
Mora-Chan lifted the bat into position as Boethia-Chan threw the ball. She still hadn't decided what to do. Hestitantly, Mora-Chan moved the bat to knock the ball off to the left, knowing that she wouldn't be able to run on it. Was that the right thing to do? Shouldn't she at least try to win?

A knife slid between Hermaeus Mora-Chan's ribs. She gasped, suddenly snapped out of her pleasant memories of baseball in the Daedric Academy. There was blood on the floor, and more was joining it quickly. And after somebody spent so much time keeping this place a septic white...
It didn't matter who put the knife there. Mora-Chan slumped to her knees, then fell to the floor. Her senses were fading fast, and as the light went out in her eyes she heard three sets of footsteps, walking away in unison.
Cycle 9:
Jux - Murdered
I never believed the tricksters were real. How is that science? The dead reaching from beyond the grave, it was a silly notion. And yet here I am, reunited with familiar faces. If ya'll had faces anymore. How did I die? Wandering into traffic trying to catch a Pikachu. Because science. Where did all those pokemon go when I transferred them to Willow? Where did those candies come from? Curious minds need to know.

Armadox (Killer)/Dirty Cops Jame funs/gritch (GM) - Executed cycle 9

Art by Armadox.

Ayup. All three of us died in a demonic blob orgy. Yes, three. We took Gritch with us. That was my wish to the Godhand.

Moral of the story? NEVER make me use the Behelit!
I aM a GoOD hUMan.
I AM tHE bESt HumAn.
I lAiD EgGs iN eVErryOnE i MeEt.
LiKE hOW a GOoD HUmaN DuZ.
WhAT sOUnd?
hI, bloB mONstEr!
yAY I'm EAteN!


Mandatory Madness!
Aug 31, 2010
So, hey. I won. BY TECHNICALITY! The best kind of win. And I guess that means I get to run the next round...

Buuuuut, you know...

Caramel Frappe will take my spot running the next round...​

Wary Wolf

New member
Sep 10, 2015
Awesome. Good Game. Have to say that Phats and Caramel did a really good job there helping Armadox to victory. But mad props as well to DC, who essentially carried the game to the end.

Like to think I helped set things up for the evil victory, even if I tried (and failed) to assist the flailing good side at the end. Ah well, that will teach me to try to play both fields.

Nice job Gritch! Undead trickster role might need some tweaks, but ultimately made for a very cool game, and honestly, if the exact same rules were applied in future rounds, I wouldn't complain.