Skyrim: Cabbage Rocket


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Jun 26, 2014
8bitOwl said:
sumanoskae said:
Well, once it was generally accepted that Skyrim was the greatest thing since 69ing, we didn't feel the need to repeat ourselves. Then, a bunch of people who didn't think Skyrim was the greatest thing since 69ing went "Hey, my opinion is not being represented" and spoke up.

This happens because people don't feel the need to express their opinion unless it's being challenged.

I would say it's the other way around - I recall having been insulted on another forum because I said I didn't understand why GTA5 got so much hype.

You're just socially not allowed to say you don't like something very popular, until one or two years after the crazy hype train passed.

It's still a much more complex phenomenon than this, though. As I mentioned, we need a social psychologist or something to find out. :p
Insulting modern games is fine, insulting one of those classic games in the past however IS A CRIME. If you don't like games such as Morrowind, then according to fanbases, you're nothing more then a stupid, Call of Duty loving, casual gamer who picks his nose and scratches his rear.

I do believe that Skyrim is getting sort of an anti-hype now. Probably because they feel they can voice their opinion now that the hype has died down and also because the hype has died down, you're noticing the more negative opinions about Skyrim.

Personally I love Skyrim, but I do understand the flaws the game has and why some people may dislike it. Of course people tend to accentuate the negative and act as if Skyrim is the worse RPG game ever made and it's the game that completely DESTROYED the TES franchise. Those people are just exaggerating.

Johnny Novgorod

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Feb 9, 2012
CrashBang said:
I like Skyrim. I didn't realise that was unusual.
Quite the contrary, it's so popular that a lot of people have gotten tired of seeing it pop up in every Best list.


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Mar 1, 2014
8bitOwl said:
Haru17 said:
3 years after release and the anti-hype is in full effect.

Yes, this is an incredible social process. Do we have a social analyst here? A certified psychologist? Because this should be further investigated: it seems yesterday that Skyrim was hailed as the greastest thing that ever happened in gaming, but now, all you hear is how disappointing and "meh" that game is. So what happened to all those people who loved Skyrim like their family and named their kids Dovhakiin? And where were all the disgruntled, disappointed players before?

Same thing that happened to Bioshock Infinite, and same thing that soon will happen to GTA5, I bet.
I have some problems with Bioshock's paradoxical story, but it's still an big artistic achievement. And GTA won't receive the same backlash as Bioshock or Skyrim because its set in modern day with guns & cars, features that apparently excuse a game from criticism. Personally, I find a full-realized fantasy world to be more interesting than 'not LA'. Creating new worlds also takes a great deal more creativity and thought, which I appreciate.

When TES VI is announced people will stop acting like they're driving a Honda Civil and start acting like a Honda Civic just crashed through their living room window because it'll be amazing and they'll be freaking out.


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Jun 21, 2012
Almost everywhere I looked for opinions about Skyrim I saw only 11 out of 10.
I thought I was the only person on this planet who felt this "hey're the masters of creating games that seem absolutely brilliant for the first two hours."


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Apr 17, 2011
Depends on your list. For small sedans with a focus on reliability and cost efficiency, a Civic should be on that list. Perhaps not on the top of that list, but at least within the top five.

So Skyrim should be in the top five list of moddable games(at least of the past 10 years). It won't be at the top, Mount and Blade has that spot, but it should be on the radar.


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Aug 21, 2013
Analysis: Failure of joke, detected.
Well, if you can buy a lot of spare parts and after-market parts to a car, that immediately makes the car cheaper to maintain in the long run, especially if it's used.
So yes, availability of after-market parts does have an impact to a cars value and decision, of course depending on the customer.

I bet if someone made something like Skyrim, but with girly things with spiky hair that recognize themselves as men, it would be heralded as the equivalent of the Messiah arriving.


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Jun 14, 2012
Adeptus Aspartem said:
Hm. Top 10?
I doubt it.
ME, DA, diffrent FFs, Zeldas, other TES, Fallout Series, Baldurs Gate, Arcanum, DSA games, System Shock, Deus Ex series and the Gothic series

and these do not even include most asian games which i'm not that familiar with. And i also probably forgot some candidates.
It's not a 100% given that Skyrim is in the Top10.
Zeldas aren't RPGs. ME was overhyped and (as everyone by now knows) ruined at the end. DA is complete and utter garbage - closer to being a middle school relationship drama simulator. Other TES, we could have a reasonable discussion there, ok. Same with Fallout and Baldur's gate, and a couple of the others. But that doesn't even make 10.