So "this" happened again.


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Sep 10, 2008
H31neken said:
Like the solution to many other problems in life, all you really need to do is always carry a broadsword.
AKA the Mad Jack Churchill approach to.... well life really.


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May 26, 2011
Some years back me and two of my mates were walking over to one of their houses. One of my friends had bought an mini Oreo bucket from the shops and was eating it as he walked.
As we were going a guy came up to us and asked if he could have an Oreo. My friend said no. The guy punched him and ran off.
My mate seemed a bit shaken and his jaw hurt but nothing major.
One of the oddest experiences of my life. Attack due to Oreos.


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Aug 9, 2012
Okay, everybody, keep in mind what I did was legal in my country.

Anyway, I was out on a friday evening and about to go home. Three (moroccan) guys kept following me and my friend, demanding sexual favors from us because we're not muslim, and whores by default.

I finally got enough of it and turned around, waiting for them to come closer.

Because you see, my dad always told me to take his pistol with me when I go into the city without escort. Not a real gun, mind you, one of those old alarm pistols that just look real. It was unloaded and broken, but these guys didn't know that.
So I asked once nicely for them to leave us alone and I even called one of them a whore in their face, something they didn't expect. But then one of the guys grabbed my friend's arm.

So I pulled her behind me and pulled out my gun, and held it right in front of their faces. I yelled at them to back off or I would shoot. Two of them understood the situation and left. But the other guy probably saw through it, and made a step closer. So I lifted the gun, twisted it around my finger and clubbed him on the top head with the heavy iron handle, knocking him out. I grabbed my friend and ran!

I want everybody to understand that while it turned out great, it was a stupid thing to do. I wanted to protect my friend so I acted tough to what could be potential rapists and brought us into danger by pulling out the gun. I should have just kept on walking, instead of trying to be a hero...


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Nov 16, 2009
As much as I want to tell you to beat his ass the next time someone pulls that sort of shit on you, OP, I can't, because you never know what kind of concealed weapon he's carrying. Be safe.


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Sep 10, 2009
When I was a teenager 2 other boys (younger than me) stopped me in a dark side street. They had skin heads and such. After asking me what I was doing, they drew a miniature cricket bat and came at me. One of them was really small, probably a couple of years younger than me, and one punch to the face and he was rolling on the floor screaming. The other boy hit me repeatedly in the neck and face with the bat. I can still feel it. I managed to get it from him and hit him in the jaw with it. He fell and I ran.

That was the only fight I have ever been in.


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Mar 26, 2009
sanquin said:
James Joseph Emerald said:
This is the funniest post I've read in a long time.

I'm assuming the comedy is intentional, but if not that's even more hilarious.
Kudos, in either case!
Not intentional, actually. Larp over here can get pretty horror movie-esque. And if you have a lively imagination like me, those lines really can blur. In gaming they call it immersion, which...I guess applies to LARP as well.

Most larps are crap at immersion, but trust me...the one I go to isn't.
Next to more modern martial arts, I do medieval full-contact fighting with live steel weapons and crazy Russians. We use swords, axes, maces, pollaxes, hammers, along with heavy armour. I've been injured and scarred quite a bit by now, as the sport is just rough. The armour prevents most life-threatening injuries though.

I doubt you could compare that LARP event to having the real thing right in your face.

My experience and passion in martial arts and fighting has become somewhat of an aura, so bad people usually don't pick me for mugging or other nasty things on the street. There's just something that tells people that I (And other experienced martial artists) am not the ideal target. Also, I'm always up for a good fight, and when you look like you're out for trouble, you rarely ever find it.

All that aside, I'd stand and try to destroy the mugger/aggressor like I already did quite a few times - don't be the one on the defense, be the aggressor, do the hunter-hunted and bring that **** down.

Alas... that is only for unarmed opponents. There is next to no chance of getting out of a knife fight unscathed, probably even less of a chance as weith guns. If he had a (decent, small pocket knife won't do it unless he looks like he knows how to sue it) knife, I'd try to negotiate and / or make a run for it, if he has a gun, I'd just hand over my money unless he does something really stupid when taking the money from me (like leaving his gun arm wide open while not pointing at me).

To sum it up: I don't get mugged that often, I've defended myself the times I was, with success - but if there was a knife or a gun, I wouldn't take any chances - I must repeat, getting out of a knife fight unharmed is very, very hard. And guns just raise the stakes too high.


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Jun 8, 2011
Elric_de_Melnibone said:
Next to more modern martial arts, I do medieval full-contact fighting with live steel weapons and crazy Russians. We use swords, axes, maces, pollaxes, hammers, along with heavy armour. I've been injured and scarred quite a bit by now, as the sport is just rough. The armour prevents most life-threatening injuries though.

I doubt you could compare that LARP event to having the real thing right in your face.
Oh I agree, LARP is not comparable to the real thing. I mean, the only difference is the weapons being made of a hard core with foam around it, but that's already enough of a difference to change everything. Even if it can't get as rough and intense as in what you're doing, it can still suck you in quite a bit though. Not through the danger of the weapons, but the atmosphere and the people around you. Having done some martial arts myself, I can safely say LARP is comparable to a martial arts practice competition where you really want to win.


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Jul 16, 2011
I carry one of those extentable metal rod (don't know what it's really called), one time a guy tried to rob with a knife, I just pulled out my rod and swing at him wildly, one of the swings caught the hand that was holding the knife, it broke his hand while he wince in pain.

I then proceed to crippled his other limbs, I think I shatter one of his knee, after he's on the ground helpless and screaming in pain I ran away. Never saw him again.


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Dec 12, 2011
A guy tried to mug me once. Told me to empty my pockets.

I pulled out the plastic bag I was carrying in my pocket (the only thing I was carrying) and held it out in front of me in the palms of my hands with a greatly exaggerated "please don't take it, this plastic bag is my life" look on my face.

The guy just looked at me in disgust and walked off, probably because his mate who was mugging someone a few meters behind me had more luck.

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Jan 16, 2011
When I was a teenager, this happened a couple of times. I was the perfect target; short, introverted and unathletic. I can't remember what happened, not really, just that nothing was actually taken from me as I was at least able to escape. Of course, in Britain, you're not allowed to carry a firearm, and the police are really, really serious about unlicensed firearm ownership, even toys, because they are capable of causing damage if you shot someone's eye or temple. So I wasn't actually in immediate danger.

In Britain, you really can't carry a weapon around, because the police will get really suspicious, so I do always carry a Swiss army knife when I go out. It's got a really sharp saw on it. But really, not a proper weapon, but it's the best I can get away with if I needed to get out of trouble.


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Jan 6, 2013
Angie7F said:
Today I saw a guy who seems a little bit "off" and kept talking to himself in the train.
Each time a seat opens up he will sit down, and then as soon as he spots a older female standing, he insists that she take his seat.
It sound very good in concept, but the problem was that all the women he offered his seat to were not old.
So they kinda got offended.

This wasnt a violent situation or anything, so i was not scared.
However it did make me wonder about what the appropriate measure was when you get pestered by people like that.
It is just so ....weird.
See, I was in a situation sort of like this.. I was on a Bus on my way to work as were all the other people on the bus I assume, and this woman gets on the bus soaking wet.. It was raining, you see. So I just politely offered her my seat. I wasn't talking to myself or anything and I didn't think anything of the situation I just thought since she didn't have an umbrella and was out in the rain waiting for the bus I would offer her my seat out of courtesy.

She gave me this really surprised look like she had never seen anyone do that before. She still took the seat though, so I smiled at her and moved to the front of the bus to stand by the railings.
I never figured I might've offended her until you mentioned that it's possible to offend someone by attempting courtesy.
I guess chivalry is dead.


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Aug 7, 2009
Not a simmilar experience but in middle school I got into a fight and broke his jaw, I was able to prove he started it and got away with that but I was not bullied since.


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May 26, 2012
Ahahaha. Ha. Hahaha. Hmm.

It's funny because this is the first time I find myself agreeing with the downer cynics. Realists in this case. You are deluding yourself if you think fighting back is the right thing to do against a weapon. It's even funnier if your reason is "because martial arts". The ONLY reason to fight back is if you believe your life (or others lives) is in danger. If even 1 person of all the people here who claim to have fought back against an armed mugger actually won, you got incredibly lucky. Just give them what they want. Assuming of course, you actually carry cash.

Knives are faaaaar more dangerous than anybody here seems to realize. If somebody knows what they're doing, you don't stand a chance. There's a video of a purse (backpack?) grabber on a subway platform with a knife just knocking into a guy as he was running away. The guy got stabbed like 7 times. In the blink of an eye. The thief with the knife wasn't even prepared.

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Aug 19, 2011
This thread is making me paranoid, at least i only go outside on foot in broad daylight, and i don't walk for particularly long distances, i'd like to keep a pocket knife on me in case anything happens, but i don't think it would be a god idea to bring that to school


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Jul 18, 2010
I've never seen or been a victim of a mugging. I haven't been a victim of violence much as a whole. I suppose being a girl can have some perks, but it comes with a trade off. Someone has threatened to rape me before, and one time an asshole in a car stopped in front of me while I was walking and showed me his dick. You know, little shit like that.

I'm not sure how I would respond in a situation like that. I know that I generally stand my ground when I get scared, but who knows.
Jun 26, 2010
I've never been mugged, but I'd like to think I'm fairly street smart, and would be able to handle myself in such a situation.
However, I know in some hostile situations, I get shaky as adrenaline starts pumping. I usually find steady breathing helps deal with this, as appearing shaky will make you seem more vulnerable.

Recently, when dealing with people just being aggressive for no particular reason, best thing to do at first is ignore. If they persist, calmly confront them, making sure not to raise your voice, and try to rationalise/reason with them. This will hopefully either have the effect of getting them to sympathise with you and think about what they're doing, or make them bewildered and realise they're not going to get the reaction they want out of you, and leave.

For example, though at the time it was more of a whimsical response; Myself and nine friends, all of us being the ages of 18/17, went down to the beach for the day. Everything was great, no one was bothering us at all, and the beach was quite busy. We had just had lunch, Dominos pizza, and all the pizza boxes were still by all our stuff. Most of us went into the sea for a bit, leaving one of our friends, a girl who didn't want to swim, to look after our stuff. When we got back to our stuff, I noticed two kids, the oldest was probably only 12 years old, sat really close to us, and they were both playing in the sand. I thought it was odd that they decided to sit so close, but whatever. A minute or so later, sand was being thrown subtly at us, but I figured they were playing and hadn't noticed where the sand was going. But then bigger bits of sand were being thrown, and now I realised it was quite deliberate. I whispered to my friend next to me to ignore them and they'll get bored, as I was having a good time and didn't want to get hostile, especially with kids.
But eventually my friend next to me turned around and glared at them, to which one of them replied, 'What?', but then he proceeded to turn around and forget about it. Soon I realised my mistake in ignoring them, as they felt they had some form of dominance of us, as they started to reply to conversations my friends were having, now beginning to throw pebbles too.
It was at this point both my friend and I turned around, to which they again replied, 'What?'
We asked them why they were throwing things at us, and told them to stop. The youngest hastily defended themselves, then inquiring if we had 'proof.' I told him we don;t need proof, you were just throwing it at us.
My friend tried to reason with them, offering that we were fine with them being there, as long as they weren't dicks. 'We haven't done nothing!' was their plea.
At this point I was bored of them, and wanted to carry on enjoying my day, so I leaned closer to them, and started to ask them, 'Why do you guys do this? Why can't you just live with some goodness, and peace, y'know`?' I went on like this for a minute or so, and they didn't reply. Upon realising that they weren't going to get a rise out of us, they got up and left.

Once gone, our friend who we left with the bags told us how they said to her, 'I'll take your pizza, put it on your vag', and lick it.' Which bewildered me in two ways; one: what kind of kids say that, and two: who the hell licks pizza?
It later came to me that they were trying to creep her out, and get her to move away from the bags, as we saw them prowling around the beach, looking at people's bags, trying to knick stuff left by beach-goers.

And so that is the tale of how I, with the power of verbal reasoning, fended off two hostile children.

... What also confused me is why two kids of their age felt confident enough to antagonise a group of 18 years olds. Maybe they were used to interacting with them, as they probably lived at this particular seaside town.


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Jan 25, 2010
Been the victim of 3 muggings/attempted robberies.

Fought back on all 3 (one of them was against an assailant with a knife). Got away the first two times. Third time i was directly jumped and lost the fight and ended pretty banged up.

In general, while your wallet is not worth your life (which is why you should never fight back against armed muggers if you're unarmed), i always recommend that people - if capable - fight back. I'm not by any means a big guy, nor am i in general violent or seek violent solutions to problems (i generally talk my way out of problems, and i hate people who solve problems with violence), but I still have a 'fight back' mentality when it comes to being assaulted. If we just let ourselves be mugged too easily, then muggers will think it's easy, and we just invite more muggins (towards ourselves or others), and the same goes for beatings and similar. Sometimes, those people need to be taught a lesson on the spot.

In the 4 weeks it took for my face to heal up after the last beating, I'd still rather look myself in the mirror with a crashed face than looking at someone who just gave up and handed over my wallet and phone because some asshole decides i was tonights victim.

In OP's case, i would probably have kicked his ass and moved on. In general, if an assailant claims to have a weapon but isn't willing to show it (hide behind back or whatever), then chances are that he doesn't really have one :eek:)


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Apr 3, 2010
I don't go out of the house nearly enough to get mugged, I never find myself in any seedy areas, Don't have much worth robbing, and I'm never alone.

But since this is Florida and if I ever did have the inclination to travel about alone, I would get myself a concealed carry permit and little .22 caliber bit of insurance.

However if the guy is black, he better have a huge knife or a gun on himself. I don't wanna end up on the national news as exhibit B against the Stand Your Ground law 0.o


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Jun 8, 2010
Just one little thing beforehand: please change the name of the thread to something more informing.

Well, stuff like that happens not quite as often here, I guess. Although I am living in a, well, not-so-nice neighbourhood. However, my roommate and her female friends have more problems here than I do. She, for example, has been harassed by a guy wanting to take a photo of her breasts, constantly asking her if they are real while following her home. Now, let me just say that that guy must have been an idiot - she not only has no qualms about hitting someone doing that kind of thing, she also looks very much like someone you don't want to screw with.
Her friend had quite a few problems, too - she is very small and is often mistaken for a young, underage girl, which just makes that more disgusting. Ever since I heard about this, I accompany them from the tram station whenever it is dark. Not to say I look intimidating, but just the presence of a male seems to ward that kind of guy off.

I have never been mugged or anything like that, though. Somehow, people just don't seem to view me as a potential victim. Which is weird, since I often carry valuable stuff around - most often, my laptop. I don't really understand why - I have absolutely no visible muscle mass and have the least threatening face you could imagine.


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Nov 6, 2006
Closest I had to anything like this, minus the fear angle, was an argument I got in with my cousin.
Won't go into details, but stressful situation + both over reacting to something stupid, lead to a verbal argument, and him throwing punches.

Mind you, I was 6'1", and around 220-240 give or take. He was around 6'6", and around 320.
(note, I'm White, my Cousin's Black, not that matters to much, and neither of us were 'fat' but not 'super fit' either lol)

I basically, being the better human, didn't punch back. family doesn't fight family. ;)
I basically got sucker punched 15 times before I was able to get 'packed up' and leave.