Sony Not Doing Enough With Move, Says Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg


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May 24, 2010
Baby Tea said:
Woodsey said: least Move is being implemented in some games for core gamers
Heaven forbid a console peripheral isn't directed at the core crowd.
Move is being implemented in a way that all the core crowd is bitching about: Motion controls in core games.
"Motion controls suck! We hate them! Leave them out of my core games!"

Kinect says 'No, we're reaching a new audience.' And core gamers ***** about how it's not directed at them!
"This is stupid! It's not for the core crowd!"

Can't anyone else see how ridiculous that is?
The majority of complainers don't want motion controls in their games, and they also don't like a company taking the time and money to get a larger consumer base that has nothing to do with them.

I mean, how insecure and self-absorbed can this 'core crowd' be?
They don't want motion controls for themselves, and they seem hell-bent on making sure nobody else can enjoy them either!

I swear: Gamers as a whole have got to be the most insecure, self-entitled group of whiners I've ever met.
Yeah, I've met a lot of really great gamers who really give me hope for the future of my favourite past-time, but the loud group of complainers really puts a massive sour note in the tune of the industry.

If you don't like the thing, fine.
But at least attempt to see how both Move and Kinect can bring so many more people into the world of gaming. Maybe it's not for you, but more people gaming is good for the industry. And that is good for you.

I've got no problem with either set of motion controls, and I'll likely buy both Kinect and Move once I've tried Kinect. However, Sony and Microsoft have said that these are not replacement controls; they're only implementable controls, so the core will be left untouched by these devices.

Still, you are correct. Many angry 'core' gamers seem to be whining about something that doesn't fully involve them, and that's not making a good case.


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Jan 3, 2010
Ohh I'm sorry microsoft, I'm sure copying all of Wii´s game will make kinect sell better then move ._.


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Sep 26, 2008
Onyx Oblivion said:
Kevin Butler, I choose you!

Sony is marketing this to everyone, pretty much. The casual and core. Whatever those terms mean.
I. Want. That. Desk.

Also, possibly the best Kevin Butler ad so far. "Day 1. Eating cake. They love me." xD


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Feb 9, 2009
0 said:
This whole 'motion control' crap is like three cavemen arguing about which fuel to use to start their fire: snot, mud or vomit

all the time the meat is starting to spoil and the hungry people are getting impatient and wondering when someone will come along, slap the three cavemen and tell them to start using wood again
This is beautiful beyond words for describing the current situation.

Tom Phoenix

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Mar 28, 2009
Jeronus said:
I remember when both of these companies were laughing at the Wii and calling Nintendo out for trying to introduce motion controls. Now they are arguing with each other about how to introduce motion controls. I find this hilarious and sad all at the same time.
What is worse is that they are pretending as if they are bringing something entirely new to the market. It's like they are desperately trying to make people forget the last four years and act as if the Wii does not exist. Even worse still, the gaming press has adopted such an attitude as well.

Regardless if Sony and Microsoft are willing to admit it, they are the ultimate birdmen and Kinect/Move are their ultimate birman suits:

Rather than try and study the reasons for Nintendo's success, they are just blindly immitating them by tacking motion controls onto their existing consoles and even ripping-off some of the Wii titles. By directly copying Nintendo's approach, they are hoping to achieve similar heights of success. If that is the case, then they are sorely mistaken. Sure, they will achieve some early momentum thanks to all the money they wasted...but before long, they will end up plunging into the depths.

To Greenberg's credit, Microsoft is doing things at least slightly differently than Sony. They are doing what they always do...throw a lot more money into advertising than the competition:

Of course, they don't realise this will only buy them a few additional meters at best before they plunge themselves. But they can't help it. Afterall, Microsoft is, above all else, a marketing company.


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Jan 22, 2010
sounds to me like microsoft is worried...too bad their worried about the wrong thing. while sony and microsoft duke it out to try and come in second in the motion control wars, Nintendo is already on its way to making the next video game gimic. 3d gaming.

I really don't like how this is going down. I think that motion controls could really help to deepen game play for even hardcore gamers if the right kind of time and energy was put into it. but i feel that all sony and microsoft are trying to do is reap some of the wii's market and there going to do it by rushing out half ass games. they likely won't make there money back and in a few years motion controls will be a forgotten waste of time and money. Any pontential crushed by it being mis hanndled by the greedy and the stupid.


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Mar 23, 2010
Woodsey said:
Oh, and MS aren't treating it as a peripheral, they're treating it as an Xbox 540.
Why do they call it an X-Box 540?

Because when you see it, you turn 540 degrees, which fails to be picked up by the motion sensor.