Strange things that get your blood boiling


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Dec 18, 2008
For me, it's my boyfriend calling me a Bidoof []. Now, I started calling him that because for situations where I'd be inclined to call him an idiot, I wanted to go with something less mean. So I went with Bidoof. However, he just calls me Bidoof all the time.

Bidoof isn't even an actual insult, hell I kinda meant for it to be endearing, but it pisses me off to no end.


Aug 3, 2008
SirBryghtside said:
Asa Butterfield.

I don't know why, every time I see his face I just get irrationally angry and have no idea why. I'm sorry, JoJo.
Gah yes! Finally someone else thinks the same. I don't know why I wanna punch his(?) face! >;o it's such a punchable face.
And yes, sorry JoJo XD

OT: A weird one for me is parents who post CONSTANT PICTURES OF THEIR KIDS D; I don't know anyone who cares about your kid so much they want to see a picture of them every ten minutes or every time they move or every time they have something to it. I understand a kid is your world, but just being all about your child and a 'mother' rather than a 'person' isn't a good idea. Your life doesn't stop when you have kids and thinking people want to see 50 pictures of them doing absolutely nothing all day is ridiculous.
I love seeing my friends kids but their is an overkill.

Another one is people kissing on TV and public noisily. They sound like pigs and it makes me feel sick. I saw a couple in Subway who just stood blocking the queue because they were snogging and groping and wouldn't move.
I may be in love but I don't think I've EVER been that level of... expressive. Putting your partner down for 5 minutes while you do something shouldn't be so difficult.


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Aug 30, 2010
TrulyBritish said:
OT: On a different topic, Pandas. God I hate pandas so much. Lazy little [expletive removed].
And there's a special place in my personal hell for anyone who says "Why didn't they just ride the eagles to Mordor?".
To be fair, they really didn't explain that bit in the movies, which is what the vast majority of people familiar with LOTR have experienced rather than the novels (I haven't read them myself but I've since learned the answer to that particular question).

As for me, a few things. It's a bit hard to pin them down because whether or not I can remember something seems to be heavily tied to a) current emotional state(not great, but ere is not a place for venting) and b) emotional state of the memory. In the case of frothing rage, panic attacks, or any other period of severe emotional distress (a significant portion of my life due to a relatively minor disorder which is basically by definition overreaction and self-exacerbation), shit's hard to remember if not outright repressed.
All that comes to mind immediately is stickers (though that's more a very deep physical disgust), and instances of the usage of the word "thusly". It comes up as red on the spell checker for a reason folks; by using it you are painting yourself as the person the word was designed to mock: people who are attempting to affect sophistication by modification of their own limited cache of "big" words with suffixes or other such superfluous syllables. Thusly is a joke word; use thus. It literally has the exact same function and has no connotation of pretentiousness.
It is harder than it looks to not go on a largely incoherent rant about the molestation of language by idiots.

Oddly enough, I also get very frustrated when people talk in absolutes about any art or media (since media are largely subjective). Or maybe a better way to say it is fanboyism. "All x is shit" "this game is literally flawless", "x is shit" (especially after they enjoyed it before but grew tired of it. Retroactively changing an opinion is a subset which does make me VERY angry. Not sure why). I just see no value in completely ignoring any possible benefit or merit of something, or actively hating something so trivial as the media people enjoy. It's an expenditure of energy to ultimately no gain for any party involved.
'cept reality shows and tabloids. They really do have basically no measurable merit except vanity so great it could feed the starving populations of Asia. The whole damn continent.


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Apr 5, 2010
I really hate when you have a popular figure with hundreds or thousands of followers that blindly accept everything they say. Pretty much any sort of social media has it with the popular figures spouting some bullshit and anybody who disagrees is immediately swarmed by their fans/followers until they up and leave.

That shit just rubs me the wrong way. Let the two have a proper debate, don't just swarm the opposing opinion for fuck sake. Suppose it's not very strange though, just the first thing that came to mind of something making my blood boil :p

Also, "blogging". I just hate the fucking word and the act itself doesn't sit well with me either. Sort of ties into my first example. Why people give two shits what some random person has to say is beyond me. Especially when it's nothing that hasn't been said a million times before.


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Sep 13, 2010
Well apart from the usual stuff that would make any normal humans blood boil, I would have to say clothes hangers are my mortal enemy, I can't stand them and they truly make me irrationally angry to the point that I have the almost irresistible urge to destroy them by any means necessary. I think it stems from growing up and having like 100 different hangers, hanging up in my cupboard and nothing hanging on them, they would get tangled and you'd pull one out and the lot of them would come out you go to pick them up and sort them out and they are just one big tangled infuriating mess. I hate them, it's making me annoyed just thinking of them.


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May 18, 2011
You know what really clips my begonias? People coming up with increasingly odd-sounding idioms for being annoyed.

Nah, just kidding, I love that actually.

On a more serious note, I hate nothing more than emotional abuse to extort concessions from people, and I'm not talking "no sex unless you buy me more shoes" here. I'm talking a consistent pressure by such a person to goad people into thinking that they owe them something, and that they're terrible people if they don't give it.

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Oct 29, 2011
Thyunda said:
Rho2 said:
Now, I've been banned for two weeks for saying that I think naming a child Tali'Zorah is an awful idea and I think those who name their child after a videogame aren't likely to make good parents. I'm sorry for stating my opinion, ESCAPIST.
Wait...why would they make bad parents? My parents named me after the Hound of Slaughter but somehow mixed Cu Chulain and Conchobhar up. If you ask me, that's a worse naming strategy than Tali'Zorah - and if you didn't play Mass Effect, you'd think it was just a foreign name.

Pft. If you recognise Tali'Zorah as a videogame name, then you're as nerdy as the parents and lacking in their self-awareness.

OT: Tumblr was mentioned earlier. I'd like to add the similar and overlapping community of Tickld. Not because they're bad people in any way, just because they both suffer from one common theme - Introversion. And not the good kind of introversion either. I like introverts because they don't feel the need to tell you about their introversion - on account of them being, y'know, introversion.
Ninety per cent of posts seem to be about how amazing it is to read, and if you read, you're superior to the club-going monkeys that shape the rest of society.
Well, Tumblr, I was taught to read before I'd quite mastered speaking. My tuition was pretty intense as a little bastard, and when it comes to it, I'm a pretty incredible reader. I have to mentally disengage from a book to put it away. And I hate reading. Give me a film or a game over a book any day. I get travel-sick on trains and in cars if I try to read, so I can't use books on long journeys - which is likely why my Necronomicon is still unfinished. Interestingly I can read on boats.
And I'm losing my focus.
On a similar vein - I own the first edition of all the Harry Potter books. I'm 21 and I read a lot as a kid, as I've established. I didn't realise how absolutely incredible this was until I ventured onto Tickld and discovered Neville Longbottom was the greatest hero of all time and that we're the 'Harry Potter generation'.
Really? The Harry Potter generation? They're good books, yes, and they're easy to read - that was their advantage. That's how I got through the Deathly Hallows over the course of a tae kwon do tournament. I still haven't seen the films of that book, they just don't interest me. I just wonder how so many people seem so genuinely affected by a series of books about a stupid-ass wizard doing stupid shit and getting favouritism from the headmaster because he knew his dad or some shit.

Also. Jennifer Lawrence. While she serves as an excellent example of how the media totally cripple the self-esteem of young women by referring to her as overweight, she's also not the deity the Internet needs to stop making her out to be. She fell over because she was thinking about cake. She thinks potatoes taste better than being skinny. Okay. I get it. You like food. I also like food, however I don't tell everybody because it's a fucking given that I like food.

The Jennifer Lawrence Formula for Success:
Get famous. Be referred to as overweight by the press. Talk about food all the time.

Tom Hiddleston's up there too - yes he's a funny and attractive man, but there is such a thing as oversaturation. I go on Tickled to see funny shit I don't give two fucks about your collective celebrity crushes.

And god damn it Internet stop looking down on people for enjoying the company of others. What the shit is that about? Reading is for the intellectual elite and you're the only person to think for yourself and everyone else is blind, right? Everything else is dumbed down and ruined because nobody is as clever as you. Right.

I cannot describe what a smug **** I am when it comes to beating the elitist brand of introverts at their own game. A friend of mine here at university is the type to look down on the typical teenage character, and even comes prepackaged with a bizarrely judgemental side. And he's a brony, of all things.
Despite his condescending attitude toward promiscuous or confident girls, a club environment, alcohol or basically being at university, he somehow manages to consistently score 10% lower marks than me on our assignments. We even take the same subjects. I spend most of my time either playing videogames, showing the city my awesome dance moves or sulking because I'm hungover and I have so far gotten a 2:1 on everything. And he's getting 2:2s despite his 'home early and sober' attitude.

And I have to say, I am absolutely insufferable when my ego is justified.

As an end note, I should clarify that I definitely have no problem with introverts. Just the ones that talk about it - because going on about yourself is surely an extrovert trait, and they claim to hate those people. You'd think there was a war on.
OH AND ALSO THAT PISSING COMIC hang on let me find it.

Appreciate silence in a world that never stops talking? All the previous strips imply that you haven't tried to take the time to appreciate what the world might be saying - and I guarantee the best books were written by the people who immersed themselves in the world around them, that took the time to understand and encapsulate it.
Stop romanticising being antisocial. Do you know what a pain in the arse it is to have to take an introvert everywhere because they get offended when you don't spend time with them and also blatantly refuse to talk to people? It's terrible. And they possess this frankly terrifying ability to know exactly where you are at all times and just appear next to you.
I was actually going to go on a rant about all of that, but you covered it pretty succinctly.

Another thing I hate is circlejerking (Sorry for the crude term, I'm not aware of a polite way of saying it in one word)especially on tickld and other sights. It just pisses me off to an incredibly degree.

Oh yeah, and hearing any kind of meme refereed to in actual day to day life. I'm not entirely sure people know how crigeworthy it is. Yes this is directed to you, random kid at my college with a 'Not Bad' T-shirt and leather jacket.

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Mar 28, 2013
Three things.

Firstly, if someone doesn't say thanks when you move out the way to let them pass on a narrow pavement (sidewalk). Or when you hold a door open for someone. Seriously, just say "Thank you". It takes less than 1 second.

Secondly, and I'm sorry to bash 'old folks' here but they are generally the worst culprits for this. People who just stop, fucking dead, in the middle of a busy street/airport/train station. Just for no reason! Ok, you're wondering which pocket you put your bus ticket is in, love, but maybe move to the side first before you make me walk in to the back of you?

Third and finally, Sheriff John Bunnell. There's a million reasons why, but none that I can explain well enough to put in to words other than dirty, foul language that I hurl at the screen when I see him. Just one look at his face makes me want to punch every one of his teeth out, one at a time.



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May 15, 2010
Hearing someone snore makes me really upset. I am unable to sleep and I almost take it as a personal slight. Also, I can't stand the sound of people chewing. Gum smacking/chewing is the worst. I even take a bite, maybe chew once and then swallow food. My favorite foods are the ones where I can swallow whole without chewing.


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Sep 13, 2011
littlealicewhite said:
SaneAmongInsane said:

This very well may be lingering misogyny from my younger years, but I fucking hate Kim Possible. I don't know why either. On paper, I should like it. An ordinary human being fighting bad guys? Just like batman right? NOPE!

I think my whole irritation with it is just how perfect she is. She has no tragic backstory. She doesn't have to train hard or struggle with her social life. Theres no real reason why she's pegged to be the hero and no one ever worries about her.

It's irrational to the point that I'd love to read a fanfic or something where the bad guy just goes all Fumbles on her...
Funny, there's a term that originates in fanfiction that describes the phenomenon you bring up exactly. A "Mary Sue" is an original character, usually female but not always, that has no difficulties or real flaws. They are somehow exceptionally skilled in whatever they do, are exotically beautiful and are never wrong. Nearly everyone loves them instantly and the ones that don't are always bad guys, no matter how logical their dislike. They never have to really struggle to do anything.

One small inconsistency is that Mary Sues often have some sort of tragic backstory that will almost inevitably devolve into wangst, if it wasn't already. But otherwise, Kim Possible matches the profile of a Mary Sue.
As much as I hate to be one of those people that goes "you do realize that was the point right?" I have to do realize that was the point right? That was the joke. That there was this otherwise ordinary highschool girl who happened to battle supervillains as a hobby, and people just kind of accept it and treat it as normal and whenever someone goes "wait none of you find this strange?" everyone laughs like the person is just out of touch. Now whether or not it was a good joke is a matter of personal opinion but Kim being just shy of absolutely perfect (she has her moments) is as much of a gag as one of the villains being more interested in starting a boy band than actual larceny.

OT: God what was that hairstyle that was popular awhile back? Where you would pull your hair back and then pull it forward into a bump at the top of your head?

That monstrosity. Everyone was wearing it, I had to look at it every day in highschool. I danced when it finally went out of style.

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May 15, 2010
Well, Scorpions. Not multiple instances of the yellow-clad ninja. Actual live scorpions in my vicinity. I do not fear them, I absolutely hate them. They are anathema to me and I become downright murderous. I will not leave them alone but mercilessly destroy any scorpion I find living in my view. I'm not aware of any reason for this, and as I said its not fear. I know fear, I have a very unflattering fear of sharks and barracudas (the first is psyche scars from grandparents making me watch JAWS as a toddler then taking me to a beach and telling me that it was the beach JAWS was at, barracudas from personal experience with a fucking school of 1000 of those masses of teeth with fins).
Nope I just absolutely hate scorpions.

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Nov 17, 2011
fake advertisement smiles.
anyone who's ever looked at facial structure and anatomy can immediately spot a feigned or forced smile, it looks ugly and unappealing and I would almost start boycotting the company responsible.
smiling is more than just turning those mouthcorners up and showing your teeth, if your eyes still look straight and serious you look like you're about to eat someone!

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Jan 17, 2010
I really...really don't like seeing girls in weather like chicago has (i.e 0 degrees, or below 0) wearing shorts, or wearing leggings. I know from experience leggings do not 'cut out the cold' like this people say these do. Nope. It just kind of annoys the hell out of me.

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Mar 7, 2012
For some reason, homophobia is one of the things that I hate the most in the world, because it seems like the only reason it?s gotten so far in the 21st century is because people just fall back on the shitty excuse of religion. It?s too bad there isn?t a holy book banning interracial marriage, because then we could at least compare it and show people just how fucking ignorant they are. They don?t know these people and they think they?re ?saving? them when they?re just hurting them for their own selfish ideals of a ?moral society?. I?m sorry, but the 1950s were shite.

The way my own brain works. If you want a clue why my brain processes infuriate me, it?s because I have OCD and I?m a ridiculous perfectionist.

The news in general. So much negativity, so much bias, so much dishonesty?it just makes me want to take a knife to my wrist.

That shitty fucking Christmas song Mariah Carey did that plays every time on Christmas that gets in my mind. Christ, even thinking about it now is making me imagine the actual song and that pisses me off.

People fawning over Benedict Cumberbatch apparently being the hottest thing since sliced bread. Look, I don?t fucking watch Sherlock, and I don?t know what the fuck you?re talking about, so leave me out of your fucking in-jokes or whatever.

Rihanna, how her attempts to be sexy make her probably one of the most unattractive people in the music industry, and her horrible whiny voice.

Robin Thicke?s Blurred Lines. I hate the guy, I hate the song, I hate the creepy lyrics, I hate the hashtags that just appear on the screen at various points for no fucking reason, and I hate the ?softcore porn?-esque video.

Parents who don?t know how to fucking parent their children, either in public or private, and then expect the government to be their bloody nannies. If you can?t handle your kids, you shouldn?t have them in the first place.

The statement ?everything happens for a reason?. No. No, it doesn?t, and you know that. Stop making excuses for things that simply shouldn?t have happened or could?ve easily been avoided if people were a bit more logical with their actions.

Reality TV in general.

Celebrities that say stupid shit on Twitter. They can?t be that obvious to the fact that even them going for a fucking shit in a coffee shop is going to make an article in some trashy paper.

Katie Hopkins. Die in a fire, please.

Self-service. They never work, and I want to personally throttle the imaginary woman inside the machine that always barks ?Unexpected item in baggng area? at me.

My older brother ordering me around like he has any authority over me, when he?s a 28-year-old manchild who fucked up his education and is still living with his mother. I hate the way he talks too.

FPLOON said:
Right before you gave your example, I thought about about this one online porn comic where Kim does NOT defeat the bad guy is instead gets raped and humiliated multiple times in front of her best friend Ron, her mother, and her two twin brothers... (And, I'm not going to lie, it was kinda hot...)
I'm guessing that was from Shadman? Either way, could I have a link to said comic, please?


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Apr 14, 2009
People who still think "Czechoslovakia" exists. It's been over twenty years. There's a reason I said "Czech Republic" and mentioned my family being "Czech".
Also the few people who confuse Austria for Australia. They do exist.
People who don't even try to understand math. They don't have to be good at math or get all math correct, but just...math, counting, why it's necessary.
People who can't read maps. At all.
And finally, people with umbrellas on crowded sidewalks. Especially those shorter than me. I hate using umbrellas, I walk fast, and live in NYC. It's an eye-level minefield that spins me straight into misanthropy.


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Jul 10, 2013
MarsProbe said:
SilverBullets000 said:
Strange and irrational...

Having a setting on an odd number. Volume, brightness, contrast, whatever; if it's set to an odd number, I feel a strange sense of annoyance cross my mind and need to bump it up/down to an even number.

Actual rage: Torn pages out of comic books. I just finished reading a manga earlier that had three ripped pages (one out of one scene and two out of another) and felt the need to punt someone through a window. Fucking vandal.
I know what that's like - your first bugbear. I get really annoyed if the tv I'm watching volume isn't set to a number that is a multiple of 5. Any numbers in between just won't cut it.
Huh... For me, the volume number must either be a divisible of 10, a divisible of 11, all the digits of the volume number add up to either 5, 10, or 11, or a divisible of 5 only if its needed to... (It's kind of the reason why I tend to disagree with the volume of the someone else's TV or specific music players in other people's car...)
Relish in Chaos said:
FPLOON said:
Right before you gave your example, I thought about about this one online porn comic where Kim does NOT defeat the bad guy is instead gets raped and humiliated multiple times in front of her best friend Ron, her mother, and her two twin brothers... (And, I'm not going to lie, it was kinda hot...)
I'm guessing that was from Shadman? Either way, could I have a link to said comic, please?
I... don't think so, actually... The art style was different than Shade's, especially with the characters and the speech bubbles... Plus, I forgot where I last saw it or what the actual title of it was... (Sorry?)


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Oct 5, 2011
Country music in general, and how country music fans get down on rock fans because they say its immoral. I have hardly ever heard a country song that didn't fit into one of the following categories:sex, drinking, my truck, my girlfriend left me, look at my hunting dog. Hell, most songs from all genres fit into some of these categories but country fans are so holier-than-thou about their brand of music that just listening to it starts rustling my jimmies. Now not all country fans are this way but I have certainly met more of the previous kind.


Oct 28, 2013
Shows that dramatise things unnecessarily. A good example would be the bastardized version of the tolerable reality television programme Kitchen Nightmares, in which Gordon [Fucking] Ramsay visits dysfunctional and failing restaurants to try and turn them around. Troubles range from bad hygiene to thieving staff or insane owners and/or managers. In the British version, you saw what happened in an evening at the relevant restaurant and got a good idea of what the problems were.

In the US version, we have frequent advertisement breaks and, of course, the re-caps (they even do this with documentaries - why? We are intelligent, we can remember things that happened over 5 minutes ago). Then we get into the programme with all its plate-smashing sound effects, raised background volume so the arguments in the kitchen sound more real than ever! and the classic lines like "It's a problem that threatens to tear the family apart if chef Ramsay can't..."

That's when I usually lose patience and change the channel to a nature documentary. Those are the business, especially if Attenborough's on.