The Big Picture: Mutants and Masses


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Sep 1, 2011
Afaik the complaint wasn't filed because the guy didn't like the ending (admitting he probably didn't) the complaint was filed because EA/BioWare outright lied in their marketing campaign about the ending making it false advertising.

I think it is absolutely within the consumer right to call them on this.


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Jun 28, 2007
It is foolish to think that legal action is going to solve the situation. Legal action never repairs the relationship between two parties. Is vindication worth contributing to the demise of your once loved developer?


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Sep 28, 2009
I love Bob, but this is another case of someone commenting on something that they just don't know or care about at all. Bob has never played a Mass Effect game. He didn't experience the ending. It's not "bad" because it was subjectively disappointing and didn't fit individual expectations - it was bad because it directly contradicted the marketing, hype, and the entire purpose of the series since the first game.

Besides that, I would be willing to bet my left arm that this wasn't BioWare's intended ending. In fact, I KNOW it wasn't because EA pulled the writer of ME1/ME2 to work on SW:TOR. EA pushed the deadline, changed the staff, changed the script, and forced a "cliffhanger" in order to sell more DLC.

We aren't fighting for "our" ending, we're fighting for the right of the artists to make their own ending without being pushed around by publishers.


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Mar 8, 2010
leaving this here read it, its quite good its about "art" and whats wrong about the ending

and this:


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Feb 13, 2011
Dr. Dan Challis said:
I don't know who TotalBiscuit is, but he/she sounds very learned and well informed.

The legal parlance may vary slightly but the concept of "fitness for use" still underpins product liability law in the US. I think you recognize this, which is why you switched tack from defective products to false advertising. The problem with that has already been addressed by shoddyworksucks, so I'll not belabor the point.

Suffice to say that your efforts to shield yourself from disappointment by invoking legal concepts that you clearly don't understand are pretty transparent, even to a layman.
Defective product, incomplete product, not "fitness for use", false advertising...

I mean, if you want to counter every single little term and phrased used as not being the most "correct term" in the context of that sentence or idea, then we can continue going back and forth all week long. I feel like I'm talking to a Lawyer here. "BUT HAA HAA! You used this phrasing within that sentence, that means you were at the grass knoll at 9am in the morning wearing a black hoody!! You ARE GUILTY!"

I just feel that EA forced BioWare to ship a incomplete product and if any $DLC comes down the road that sells a better ending that fits more to what they said the ending was going to originally be, then yea, nobody will be able to convince me otherwise that EA is openly willing to screw over consumers because they know people will continue to defend them to continue to let them screw them over. Me, I'm done to the point I'm no longer be a pre-order collectors edition buyer (from their own fucking stores to boot). That free money: gone. I can wait until they discount that game to the ground (or borrow from a friend) [personal convictions still prevent me from buying used]. There are other games developers (plenty of them indie) that treat their customers much better and the games are just as fun.

I've had been a long time supporter of BioWare, thats why I'm not going to walk away quietly. They got my money, there isn't much that can be done legally as a lot of it would be a large leap in legalize logic (but entertaining the idea is still fun, if knowingly pointless).

So yea, here is my voice. Its the only thing I have other then not giving them my money in the future; and fuck anybody who tells me I am not entitled to use my voice to express my displeasure in the matter.


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Sep 11, 2010
Moviebob needs to watch these videos before screaming entitlement

i especially love how he fails to mention that the ending we got was promised by Casey Hudson to not be the ending we'd get

Dr. Dan Challis

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Sep 18, 2009
Murmillos said:
I feel like I'm talking to a Lawyer here.
I'm not a lawyer but maybe I sound a bit like one because I've actually taken the time to learn and understand what my rights as a consumer as and are not. If you're going to throw around legal terminology, it would behoove you to do the same.

If you want to express your unhappiness with a product and your intention to vote with your wallet by no longer patronising the company that made it, more power to you. I have nothing to say in opposition to that.


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Jul 7, 2011
A pity about Hunger Games. The books sound alright, but I can't get myself hunkered down to read a full blown series much anymore. As to Mass Effect, I'd be up in arms too if they made a LoTR game trilogy like that. Play your own 'Frodo' with a surviving Fellowship, get a 100% Readiness to take on the Black Gates, and the game cuts to credits after you toss the Ring and Mordor crumbles. Heck, I couldn't even finish the starting area of ME1 after KoToR burnout, and I still feel for these people.

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Sep 25, 2011
SpiderJerusalem said:
Yep, Bob, you won't do any of those whiny hissyfit things.

Oh wait.

Yeah you will. You totally will.

Remember Scott Pilgrim? Remember Expendables?

You are just as much a little whiny ***** as the people you try to step over with this hack show of your. You are not better than these people, hell, you are worse; you're a fanboy who tries his damned hardes to pretend that you aren't just as bad as the rest of your ilk.

Besides, it's even funnier to see you crop up on the Badass Digest website complaining about Michael Bay, like a prissy whiny little fanboy.

So, Bob, go to hell. Your big picture is getting lost behind that massive, bloated head of yours.

Take a good look in the mirror and accept that fact that no matter how much you're going to be piling on that hypocrisy, you are just as bad as everyone else - you're just going to be whining about crap through different outlets.

Now there's a big picture for you.
Yea you know it's funny I kind of recall a movie critic somewhere really going after Platinum Dunes and their bad movies. Oh if only there was a link to said critic

Yet now we should totally and completely trust any changes Platinum Dunes wants make to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles because some fans have called foul before the movies have been made. Yes some times Hollywood does make some good changes but that doesn't mean that fans are always wrong about some changes being really really really bad.

Given the track record of the people involved with the production of Teenage Mutant Turtles I'd say they are going to have earn my trust and sell me on the idea that this movie is in the right hands.


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Aug 1, 2009
Guys, Big Picture is an OPINION show. People need to chill the fuck out. If you don't agree with Bob, that's fine, but I see no reason in getting so angry about it. Sure, maybe the episode is whiny and complainy, but that's sort of the point.

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May 29, 2010
"Teenage Alien Ninja Turtles
Teenage Alien Ninja Turtles
Teenage Alien Ninja Turtles
Heroes in a half-shell
Turtle power!"

Nah! Not the same.


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Jun 27, 2009
MovieBob said:
Mutants and Masses

MovieBob goes into detail about the difference between artists and fans.

Watch Video
Bob, please before you put your foot any further in your mouth, understand that there is a difference between demanding a change to something you didn't make than demanding that you get what you paid for with your money which help pay for said products completion. If a movie is advertised as having certain features or what not and people paid to see it yes they are taking a risk overall but they should not be taking a risk on what was already advertised to be produced in certain locations of said product. If you are able to get a full refund then return it and be done, but at last the last I checked you can't return games for full refunds unless they are unopened. So to conclude if someone spent their money on a product that turned out to be riddled with half truths, miss leading advertisement and flat out false advertisement then yes the customer has every right to complain, and if they can't get their money back then they have the right to demand that the product be changed to what they were promised.


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Nov 8, 2010
FelixG said:
Is there a reason you changed my words from that I thought that that was a good video?
I was quoting mfeff
My appologies. Editing embeded quotes here is a bit of a pain. I must also further confess I was skimming. Here is what mfeff has to say:
mfeff said:
"Smugness" sounds a touch ad hominem...

Who is saying that? A guy on YouTube, who is saying he is smug, a guy on the Escapist, that lives at home with his parents? I mean, why even play that game? I think we all have a lot of respect for you Bob, it is why we support your work. Be above the argument man.
I'll fix it.
Edit: A qutation mark was missing in the post number, so it attributed mfeff's quote to you and didn't show your quote at all. I still misquoted you. Again my appologies. It should be fixed now.

Further edit: Just to poke fun ;)
Ahh hey, I'm famous! Weee affirmation.

I'll explain Mass Effect 3, Very Quickly.

Watch the movie "CONTACT"

Crucible - Contact Bubble

Speculation - Contact "chat with dad - alien - God"

Art - Lifting other work, calling it your own, and pumping out PR nonsense.

Just go watch Jody Foster in the movie "Contact"

then go watch Battle Star Galactica...

that's it!

Shows over!



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Sep 9, 2008
The people calling Bioware names and accusing them of wrongdoing are not helping anything.
The people calling Bioware fans names and accusing them of wrongdoing are not helping anything.

Games happen at the intersection of authorship and experience. Accusing one side or the other of being mad or bad will only extend the fight, keeping games, their authors and their players right where they are.


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Mar 15, 2011
thethird0611 said:
Baby Tea said:
Frank_Sinatra_ said:
Remember: BioWare has stated that their fans are equal creators in the story along with their actual writing staff.
Fans are equal creators in the same way that readers of 'choose your own adventure' books are equal authors.
Read: They aren't.

"But they SAID we are!"
Yeah! And the cover of my 'Choose your own Adventure' book says I pick where the character goes!

But even IF every choice I make in the book ends up at the same, unsatisfying conclusion on the final page, the bottom line is: That's how it was written. I might not like it, and I might even feel cheated, but that's the creator's choice. I can not buy from them again, I can critique it like crazy, I can even ***** about it on the internet, but to DEMAND that a creator, that an artist CHANGE THEIR WORK because I am unsatisfied is the height of self-entitled bullshit.

No, it's not false advertising.
No, they don't owe you a thing.

Geez, I'd be happy with another bullshit 'boycott' rather than this garbage.
People need to grow up. Seriously.
Ive gotta say, just today ive seen 3 major push backs against the ME controversy. Dan from Extra creditz post, Movie Bob, and now this. I must say, it seems people are getting tired of hearing so much over reaction and are coming out of the woodworks.

EDIT: Also, ZP posted a good article to.
Also, I notice for every single argument anyone makes, most of what is said is 'Oh, your missing the point'... even though every point is being addressed.
No kidding. This got old faster than a certain arrow and knee centric meme.

$80,000 made for the Child's Play charity. The only good thing to come out of this whole nerd rage infested mess.

Let's not forget how frightening all this "Retake Mass Effect," and the like, really is.

"How is it frightening?" I can hear them asking.

The Mass Effect fanboys are wanting the power to force an artist, writer, film maker, game developer, and/or musician to change their creative work at the slightest whim. They are trying to use a government entity to compromise the creative freedom of somebody else.

If these fanboys have their way, then artists of all types will live in constant fear that a group of butt-hurt fans will have direct control of their intellectual property.

For example, a writer could advertise the last book of his/her popular book series as having an "epic ending that will answer important lingering questions." This writer could honestly feel that the ending they wrote satisfied the claims they made, and all it would take is one extremely loud vocal minority to destroy it all. If they don't like the ending they could make the claim to a government entity that the ending wasn't "epic" and didn't "answer important lingering questions," and force the writer to change the ending of his/her creative work.

In other words, these fanboys think they should have the same oppressive and tyrannical power that SOPA would of given corporations!

That is friggin' scary as hell!


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Jul 22, 2011
Most gamers, especially the fanboys, and presumptuous arrogant morons who will sulk whenever they get something that isn't perfect. I've especially noticed this with Mass Effect fans who want everything to be exactly as they imagined it and nothing less. Seriously, just grow up and get over it, there's no use crying over a video-games, and a rather mediocre one as far as I'm concerned at that.
Bioware don't owe you anything. If an ending to a game is seriously the worth complaining about than you need to seriously consider a brain transplant. If I thought it would do any good I'd march on over to heaven and ask for Edd Gould back but I know that sometimes life just isn't fair and you can't complain about every little problem because the universe doesn't revolve around you.


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Apr 30, 2010
Ok, first of all, I'm a fan, or at least I'm normally are, and I never played any mass effect game, I found them pretty boring and a very plain character creator (also I hate shooters) but I find curious that you criticize the fans just to expressing their feelings, be they whinning or not, when you did the transformer's reviews, the most loud nerd RAGE video I've found of the internet, and that made them so funy and interesting.

Please, don't be one of the douchebags you talk about your reviews.

Seriously Bob, don't be an elithist nerd, looking down all other nerds like you were the geek messiah. The internet is FULL of people like that, and most of them fall into oblivion (not the game, but where everyone goes when noone remembers you)

So that's it. I'm whinning? probably. My english is bad? it is possible not being american and writting at 2AM. It would have any use? no, but i had nothing better to do.


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Oct 5, 2011
Bob I am disappointed with you on this weeks Big Picture. True, I'm not as up in arms about the ending as some folk are, mainly cause the ending didn't matter to me as much as the relationships Shepard made along the way.

And I hate to sound like a broken record here, but the whole reason this Mass Effect 3 stink happened is because Casey Hudson and Mike Gamble said in several interviews that the endings would be widely different depending on choices and that that the wouldn't force a "one size fits all" ending on their fans.

All of which got tossed out the window somewhere in the production cycle. Maybe because it's difficult to do an ending that is "widely different" if not impossible. Whatever the reason, they didn't do it. They promised something they were unable to deliver. And that is why fans are upset.

Had they not said anything and refused to comment about the ending there still might have been a stink, but a lot less of a sink then there is now.

Food for thought for your next vid.