The Big Picture: Ranking the Marvel Movies


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Nov 26, 2008
I almost entirely agree with Bob's list here but the only thing I disagree with is significant. His number 1 should be be far lower on the list.

He says we didn't notice that the Winter Soldier wasn't in the movie, but I did. It was glaringly apparent as a complete side plot of the story. Then you have the first half of the movie where the Capt mopes around town driving by his old dives ancient acquaintances with a tear in his eye. It was boring and went on far too long.
Anyone want to tell me why the villain didn't just kill the black widow and use the diplomats as hostages? Horribly stupid main villains is certainly a negative for me but I guess they wanted to pull a "magic spy disquise" move here for... reasons? The movie didn't get interesting until the falcon showed up and that was far too late in the movie.

Likewise, is there any reason why Captain America can jump out of a plane and survive but has trouble fighting a random pirate one on one? Does that pirate also have super powers or soldier serum?

You're not going to arrest me for my crimes because you need us? Black widow is just a very good spy but she's guilty of huge crimes from what I recall. I'm not sure why America needs another spy at the cost of forsaking law when they also have superheroes.

I did enjoy the three heroes of the movie though. Falcon, Black Widow, and Captain America have a nice dynamic going. But I think history will show this movie dropping several notches on Bob's list. So far the Avengers movie is the undisputed king of the avengers movie. Or should I compare Bob's avengers movie to the winter soldier movie for comparison? I think since we're fans of comics we've given this one a huge free pass at the moment that's going to have to rectified in hindsight when our fan-eyes wear off.


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Dec 30, 2009
Thor ranked higher than Iron man? Rubbish. That love 'story' was so shallow you couldn't drown in it if you tried and the best stuff with Thor and Loki was left on the cutting floor.


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Mar 25, 2014
I love lists: :D

9) The Incredible Hulk - Honestly the reason it's the lowest on the list is... I've only seen it once. ... It was an okay movie, fun, but kinda shallow from what I remember. I'll see it again soon, it wasn't boring like the other film.

8) Thor: The Dark World - This was fun again, it was fun and enjoyable but I don't feel as if there was much story or character progression here, and the cliffhanger was just too much teasing. Also I feel as if this movie was a test run to see what the special effects would be like when Disney makes Star Wars Episode IIV.

7) Thor - I loved it the first time round, but the second time, it was really cheesy, loud and hammy throughout most of it, but still had it's moments.

6) Iron Man 2 - Honestly, I love this movie, it's just mindless fun despite having a very simple plot and a one dimensional villain, but it was able to show Tony Stark when he's both likable and unlikable, and the fight scene were just beautiful if brief.

5) Iron Man - What I love most is how big of a gamble this movie was and we forget about that sometimes. Iron Man wasn't even a particularly popular character until this movie came out. It was clever, it was down to earth, the concept was original to non comic book fans, it was likable, it, kinda lacked in the action but still managed to keep your interest.

4) Iron Man 3 - I liked this movie when I first saw it, but the more I thought about it the more I started to hate it. I just gave it a second watch a few weeks back annnnnnnd... I love it! :D It's funny, it's mostly just jokes so you can sit there doing something else and still enjoy it while it's casually playing in the background, and the Mandarin, honestly, it was really damn funny how they pulled that twist.

3) Captain America: The First Avenger - I haven't seen this in quite sometime but honestly I was surprised that they actually made Captain America, believable. Red Skull was awesome, the story and pacing were spot on, the end scene with the big ship was outstanding, and it was the right movie to get us hyped for:

2) The Avengers - Fun! That's all I'm saying.

1) Captain America: The Winter Soldier - As much as I loved the first Captain America and The Avengers, this is the Captain America movie I have wanted to see for so long, without even knowing it. This is just a classic film in ever regard.

0) Guardians of the Galaxy - Never heard of these guys before, but I'm really hyped for one simple reason. I saw the trailer, and it just looked so original and fresh. At least it's better than the trailers for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 which give away the entire movie in 2 minutes free of charge. Not seeing that movie anytime soon. (Although give me X-Men over Spider-Man anyday)


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Oct 31, 2011
The one big thing that I don't agree with is Thor being responsible for Loki being so popular. While he is very good in Thor, I still think that Avengers is what really cemented him as a force to be reckoned with.


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Apr 4, 2011
1. Cap 2 (duh)
2. Cap 1 (ditto)
3. ???
8. Thor
9. Thor the Dark World

Unlike others, I'll take a chance and call number 9 a truly stupid movie.