The Big Picture: Words for Nerds


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Jun 10, 2009
Speaking as a pro wrestling fan, I really understand where Bob is coming from on this.
I've heard all kinds of crap in both the mainstream and in geek culture about wrestling, and it's getting pretty damn tiresome, as well as being outright homophobic at times.
Is it so much to ask that people on the internet not make stupid jokes about subcultures that they likely have a less than cursory understanding of?


Aug 27, 2010
Agayek said:
GeorgW said:
Images are different. There are a lot of image macros out there that have been created to perfectly sum up thousands of different people's opinions. Why bother to say something in a way made for the exact purpose of being unoriginal? There's nothing wrong with using images to enhance your opinion, but to let them completely embody them is just lazy and discourages discussion.
You said yourself that it is what is said that is judged, not how. Why does the medium in use change that? An image can often convey whole concepts, innuendo and subtext in a far more efficient and stronger manner than words can manage. If the concept you are trying to convey is covered by the image, why does it need a tacked on explanation? Oftentimes that actually reduces the impact of the point being made.

Also, with regard to unoriginality: Context is king. Depending on the context, there could be a number of different meanings for the same image, that's one of the strengths of a visual medium. It all comes down to the discussion and how it relates. Plus, unoriginality is not inherently a bad thing. Innovation is great, but sometimes "it's always been done that way" is actually for a reason.

Finally, I would disagree that images discourage discussion. Discussion is the sharing of ideas and concepts to improve, hone or otherwise shift both your own and those of your listeners. Those same ideas and concepts can be shared just as easily, sometimes moreso, by an image than any number of words. Any further argument on this point is down to semantics, so I'll leave it alone.

I'd leave off with a pithy/witty image summarizing most of this post, but I can't access my repository of images from work :(.
But how would one argue with an image? How could you have said all the with only an image? How could you create counter-points against a picture of a pony? I get the feeling we have very different ideas about what these images are, perhaps you could share an example? In PMs, we're derailing the thread.


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Jan 25, 2010
Bob, are you on your period? Seriously. I stopped at the start of number 4. Do you think these "nerds" whom you group yourself in with actually take things that seriously?

It's the interwebs. The realm of, "My opinion > Yours", "Logic Fail" and general douchebaggery.

For you to sit there and criticize people is merely the pot calling the kettle black. Who do you think is watching your web-shows? I guarantee you it's not the asshats who you're practically saying "Get it right" in terms of how they perceive the internets.

You've been doing this a LOT lately. It was a nice reprieve from it during schlocktober... But God damn man. Go take some Midol and stop CRYING.


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Aug 13, 2010
Good episode, I don't fully agree with some points, but as usual, a well put together video.

Although bullied doesn't = nerd creation. I've been a "nerd" or "geek" pretty much since i started taking in oxygen and i was never bullied or picked on. its just... who i am, i suppose.

If, you know. I had to put a title like that on myself.

Ian Gomersall

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Apr 25, 2011
It's odd to see the truth in this. Now I a fairly odd nerd coming from a martial arts school but huge Geek none the less( and old school where respect and honor meant everything)This meant I was harassed in school for not being on the football team good grades and all round lover for anime and games, but was fortunate to never be the victim of physical bullying. Just over Halloween I encountered a situation where some one I knew was picked on because their "Homestuck" costume wasn't good enough. Bare in mind this is Holloween where half my college puts on skimpy cloths and says "I'm a Slutty _______ !!!!" I attended one of the anime clubs parties where people wore their cosplay outfits and in general they were all really good. I then discovered my friends trying to comfort this girl who was crying on the couch, all though friends with them all I asked what was wrong and got some mumbling and similarly confused looks from the people trying to comfort her. I stepped out side for a few a little while to get some fresh air and ran into some of my friends who are "homestuckers"(I really have read a few and it doesn't interest me much). conversation ensued where and some laughs were shared, but then I mentioned the crying girl on the couch to which I received this reply "Oh god she is such a *****, I can't believe she is crying. putting on a black hoodie and wearing wax lips and make up does not make you (some homestuck character's name), I cant believe she is crying over this it is so stupid, her costume is horrible that's why we didn't let her in our homestuck group."
(mind you the crying girl was friends with a few of the "homestuckers" and they just let this one slide as one person decided that her costume was "shit")
it was the most elitist sack of shit I have ever heard in my life. . . and it came from some one I'd consider a fellow nerd too, at a Halloween party, not some competition for absolutely perfectly recreated cosplay. I didn't know what to say, and now I should have said something.


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Nov 23, 2009
EverythingIncredible said:
krellen said:
EverythingIncredible said:
I get that this is kind of your job right now. But you need to stop taking the internet culture so seriously. It's not meant to be taken seriously. Everything here is in good fun. Even if it can appear mean spirited to certain groups of people.
No. No it's not.

"In good fun" is the bully excuse. This is exactly what Bob is talking about.
And now you're doing it too.

Maybe one day you guys will get it.
You do know that internet bullying have led to suicides right? It'skind of presumptious to say "it's all in good fun" when you are one having the fun, while others actually are suffering from this culture. Don't get me wrong, I love me some internet humor, but all of it isn't funny, and all of it isn't harmless. "It was only a joke" don't hold up as an excuse, and if you think it does, either you have never been the victim of bullies, or have repressed the part where they convinced the teachers that,"we were just having fun, we were all in to it and then he suddenly god mad, it's not our fault"
And before you say "You don't 'get' the internett" let me stop you, unless you have a new argument, simply claiming that you know more about the internet than the rest of us, isn't gonna cut it.


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Dec 19, 2009
Jimmybobjr said:
Congratulations Bob, you have discussed Things that Everyone on the internet already knows

This video was a waste of time.

Bob. Why do you keep trying to CHANGE the internet? Im sick of this. I really am.
Why not stop watching his videos then?

Imperioratorex Caprae

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May 15, 2010
MovieBob said:
Words for Nerds

Bob would like to speak to some of you about your behavior.

Watch Video
While I don't always agree with your opinions, your political views or your movie reviews, I have to say your Big Picture for this week is without a doubt one of the best smack in the face opinions I've heard to date.
It needed to be said, and probably will be ignored, but I commend you Bob. Thank you for succinctly putting the obvious stupidity in simple terms.


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Jan 8, 2009
HAHAHA Guilty as charged, Bob.

I have something of a reputation of leaving incredibly long, tedious to read comments on even the most simple of subjects in forums, with the net result typically being that most of what I say either gets "Snipped" or goes wholly unread, with only small points parsed out when people rebuttal (usually taken out of context), and that's assuming they get read at all. But I can't help myself! I don't usually intend on creating these majestic walls of text but I can't leave a thought incomplete and unsupported no matter how minute the subject might be. I imagine that someone, somewhere will read what I say and think, "How eloquent!" and respond in kind, and then we shall both exchange correspondence complimenting each other on our fantastic "forum" manner.


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Dec 31, 2008
'Post the summary to start with and go find something worthwhile to do with all the extra time'? The fuck?

I'm sure that most people would consider debating to generally be a worthwhile thing to do. But not, apparently, if it's done on the internet; no, then it's a waste of time, you sad loser. Or perhaps it's about subject matter - but who the hell gets to decide what's worth talking about and what isn't? Because short of God, I'm stuck for an answer.

Also, it's funny to think that Bob's videos are both online and about geek culture which, as we've established, is not a 'respectable' subject matter. The transcripts of said videos would probably rather long. Wow. Perhaps Bob should post the summary to start with and go find something worthwhile to do with all the extra time.


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Mar 30, 2011
An ok episode (not the hollywood history grade though).
I see your points and many are thinking it "this is boooring" "not funny anymore" but that is what triggers some people...
And nerds do tend (for making a generalization here.. Not at all stereotype..) to look down on the "lesser" ie. people who isn't as geeky or good at whatever the discussion is about. And that is the exact same thing "the cool kids" (I know, I know...) are trying to do seem better than someone else because you *have* to be better at something right?...

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Jan 9, 2007
Abandon4093 said:
Susan Arendt said:
Agayek said:
krellen said:
No. No it's not.

"In good fun" is the bully excuse. This is exactly what Bob is talking about.
I think you're misinterpreting his post. It's less "it's fun for me so I should do whatever I want" and more "none of it is serious, quit being butthurt". Honestly, he's right there. The vast majority of cases of racism, homophobia, elitism, etc that I've seen on the internet have been lacking any real bite or meaning behind it. Most of my "internet friends" throw around slurs with reckless abandon, yet not a single one is actually racist, sexist or whatever else. None of it is meant to be taken seriously or to be offensive.
And if you sling it around amongst your friends - who know both you and your intent - that's one thing. I can call my girlfriends "hooker" or "whore" all day long, because they know that I love them and don't mean anything by it. But it's unreasonable to expect internet "strangers" to assume that you don't mean anything by it when you start throwing such language around.

That's the core issue, as I see it. Some people seem to put the entire burden on the listener (or reader, as the case may be), and aren't willing to understand or accept their own share of the responsibility when it comes to communication. Until I know you better, I have no choice but to take your words at face value.
As a general rule of thumb.

If it's on the net don't take it seriously.

If we're talking about meme's here this is more than true, it's the whole premise.

I've never understood how people get so upset about things they read on the net. Most of the time it's either sarcastic or ironic. Or it's written out so terribly it's just generally lul's worthy.
The vast majority of my day-to-day communication takes place online, via forums, IM, email, Twitter, etc. You're suggesting I not take any of it seriously? That's simply not realistic. The rules of common decency don't stop simply because you've taken a conversation online.

All of that said, it's also up to the reader to not go looking for a fight. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.