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Feb 25, 2012
Smooth Operator said:
sagitel said:
yeah well i dont think they will ever be able to do that. publishers have tried for many years to stop people from pirating and we still have pirated versions of the games from day one. many games that supposedly locked their content or you werent supposed to have access to them have failed (simcity and watch_dogs come to mind) these days in PC its nearly impossible to lock your content.
Obviously pirates will pirate things, that's really a separate demographic all together. The demographic that companies rely on are paying customers and paying customers will in 97% of cases stick to the specific system the game puts on offer, if third party mods are no longer available there will not be many paying customers that take a step outside the box.

More over with Steam being as it is you always need to fear your entire game library gets wiped, which could very well happen should they detect "unwanted" mods.
i see where you are going. i just say that in PC there is always a way. but you are right 97% of payed customers will never use anything besides steam if payed mods become a thing. and while as i said there is always ways to bring third party mods to a game that doesnt allow it (cracks are technically mods) but if payed mods do happen for fallout 4 (which im still skeptical about) many many modders will not make a free version of it.