The most ridiculous gun in any game.


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Mar 3, 2009
I saw "future weapons" on discovery last night, about a gun caleld Metal Storm.
While this isn't a game, but reallity is was SICK! it oculd fire about 16000 round pr SECOND! thats right, sixteen-thousind projectiles over the couse of ONE second.

Also, it couldn't really malfunction/jam, since the bulelts we're the only moving parts, and they we're ignited electrically.

I know it's not from a game, but i thought i'dd add something new to this overdone repeat thread, which is full of the same old portal gun, land-shark, shurikens and lightning, anything from rratchet and clank etc. posted in every other (and they're numerous) "most awesome gun/weapon" thread.


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Jan 14, 2010
The Blue gravity gun from half life 2

Meteor gun and worm ball from Destroy all humans 2

The Redeemer from Unreal tournament series


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Jan 25, 2008
NuclearPenguin said:
ActionDan said:
Aunel said:
not really a gun, but the guitar in L4D2, I refuse to use it until they give me a 4 string version of it.
Well your going to be not using i for a long time. There is no 4 string version of a guitar. All guitars have 6 strings or more. Not counted a Bass.
Theres 5 string guitars.
As few as four, actually.

Or, if you're the Presidents Of The United States Of America, three.

On topic, the magical spell-slinging guitar from Brutal Legend. Just because it's awesome doesn't mean it's not ridiculous.