The Official Screenshot Thread


May 26, 2022
Clear 'n Present Danger
Nope, no jokes. Got nothing. You're on your own here. Whaddya mean you always were??

Not sure what's the cause, but this pink reflective glow has been following me in the inventory screen for over a year now. Not complaining, it's rather nice tbh. Though good thing there isn't a main religion where mysterious pink coloured light is considered a blessed symbol of holy righteousness cause otherwise may have become an insufferable born-again convert to the covenant of the soft pink glow

Look at all these shiny buttons flashing and stuff! I'm going to press them. I'm going to press all of them all time.

What were you buyin?
Can't tell if rhetorical, but in case not: *faint music of late night shopping channel starts to play*

Have you ever liked guns and shots but couldn't find a classy way of having both? Well now you can with the shotgun! (Does not replace a healthy balanced diet, it ain't a fucking sandwich)

So you pulled off a drive-by shooting without crashing your car into a lamp post at last, well done! But uh oh... looks like a couple of stray bullets killed a couple of innocent kids during your inexperienced flailing, and now the feds are on your ass and you just can't catch a break since having to lay low. What you should've used is one of our quality marked stocks for the finer touch to your murderous sprint instead. (While it may save your accuracy, it ain't gonna save you from jail, you're still going down for those kids. Sorry?)

the rest were, uhh, sales and trades. Not for the shop floor.

The Rogue Wolf

Stealthy Carnivore
Nov 25, 2007
Stalking the Digital Tundra
Some Into the Radius screenshots, now that I know how to take decent screenshots with Steam instead of the Oculus's weird crap.

On the upside: No more pollution!

I feel sorry for the poor pizza delivery driver who gets this place.

"Well, this is seriously going to screw up my work commute."

"Ashes to ashes, fun to funky / We know Major Tom's a junkie"

We've found the level of Hell where paparazzi end up.