Topical Tuesday: Create Your Personal Demon

Apr 28, 2008
Demon Name: Demon of Stupidity

Demon Power: Does things so stupid no amount of facepalm photos can express just how stupid it is. Not even the facepalm photo collages.

Heavenly Nemesis: Logic/Common Sense

Example of its influences in my life: I bought Civilization 5 from the store. And when I try to install it, it defaults to downloading the entire game off of Steam. Upon further inspection, it seems the game isn't on the disk. No, the game isn't on the god damn game disk. I bought the retail copy specifically because I didn't want to download it, since downloading it would take days. Whoever is responsible for this is easily the Demon of Stupidity, and should be mauled by a bear.

Simple Edit: It appears I was, well wrong. When I looked on the files to the disk I opened the "resources" folder only on mistake. It seems the game is indeed on the disk. However it still defaulted to downloading the game instead of installing it from the disk, which is still very, very, very stupid.


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Jul 24, 2009
Demon name: Demon of immaturity
Demon power: Making you laugh at immature things.
Heavenly nemesis: Angel of maturity (Duh)
Example of its influence in your life: I giggle at the word penis. Heehee.


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Sep 16, 2010
Demon name: Demon of realism
Demon power: is bruatly honest about everything, loves to make kids cry
Heavenly nemesis: Angel of faith
Example of its influence in your life: He inhabits my body


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Jun 23, 2009
Demon name: Phillip Demon of Awkwardness
Demon power: Making everything happen to be extremely awkward through no fault of your own.
Heavenly nemesis: Angel of Knowing When To Keep Your Damned Mouth Shut.
Example of its influence in your life: "Oh, sorry, I guess this was a bad time to tell you that I got you a this scythe for Halloween, y'know, what with your grandmother just having died 'n all. I'm sorry." That is essentially a description of my life, except usually I would be arriving dressed as the Grim Reaper and asking where their grandmother is just after they got back from the hospital in floods of tears, not having told anyone yet.


Mar 6, 2010
Demon name: Demon of Warcraft

Demon power: The power to make me do endless tasks for tiny rewards.

Heavenly Nemesis: The Angle of Yahtzee, telling me that playing it is like a second job.

Example of its influence: For 2 weeks straight I did the same 8 quests. All for a netherdrake.


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Jan 11, 2009
Demon Name: Ver, the demoness of your conscience
Demon power: the ability to make you regret everything you've done, and remind you of it constantly, as well as making you go through it in your head.
Heavenly Nemesis: The Angel of Letting Go
Example of that influence: remember when you screwed up with that person you like? And all you could think about was how you could have done things, what could have been? And no matter what, you couldn't stop thinking about it? And at the same time, you were thinking about how you accidentally killed your pet fish, got kicked out of a class, were bullied by someone, and so on and so forth. Yeah, that's her fault.

This is my personal demon. Please make her go away.


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Mar 17, 2010
Demon name: He Who Procrastinates.

Power: The ability to convince people that they can leave whatever task they may have until later. "Pfft. Do it later, it'll be fine!"

Heavenly nemesis: The embodiment of punctuality.

Example of its influence: I once put off writing an English essay until the night before, when I stayed up until 4:00AM to finish it and ended up getting 2 hours sleep and, as a result, snoozing through maths. Many other examples.

The Cookie Cruncher

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Sep 21, 2010
Demon name: Demons of Forgetfulness.
Demon power: Makes you forget minor things.
Heavenly nemesis: Memory meds.
Example of its influence in your life: I remember very little about stuff that has happened that aren't too important.


Better Red than Dead
Aug 5, 2009
Demon Name: He who procrastin
teqrevisited said:
Demon name: He Who Procrastinates.
Damn Ninja! I need a minute now...

Okay, I got this.

Demon Name: Demon of the Handhelds

Demon Powers: Can cause you to play Pokemon all night by making Legendaries immune to every Pokeball known to man, get you addicted to tetris on the gameboy, suck you into an RPG that you just can't put down. Its most powerful ability is the power to make your batteries last all night but not long enough for you to save so you lose all progress.

Heavenly Nemisis: The angel of the other room. By moving the handheld to a different room and invoking the inner sloth of the subject, she saves the mortal and grants him/her a good nights sleep.

Example of Influence: Caused a young me to pull two all nighters in a row in order to beat the original E4. Many other all nighters have since been caused by this demon, making me late for school, work, anything. Saps my strength during the day and summons me to bed with the handheld at night. Please help me!

Lord Of Cyberia

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Jan 4, 2009
Demon name: Ed, Demon of Terrible Acting
Demon power: To make everyone around you REALLY bad at acting
Heavenly nemesis: Muses of Inspiration. They make people DO THINGS WELL.
Example of its influence in your life: I'm the only one who ACTS when I'm in a supposed acting group. When your nephew just got shanked in the streets, "*grumble**mumble**groan*" is a pretty pathetic response! Then again, I am ALSO somewhat afflicted, as all my roles speak in a very BOMBASTIC WAY.

Broken Boy

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Apr 10, 2010
Demon name: Broken - Demoness of Loathing
Demon power: Persuasion
Heavenly nemesis: Gabriel - Angel of Virtue
Example of its influence in your life: She tends to make me hateful & uncaring towards others along with myself. She can sink me into deep depressions that are not easy to climb out of. She accounts for my dark sense of humor.

My demon is my strength & weakness a curse & blessing.

After it's all said and done I wish she wasn't me.


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Apr 1, 2010
Demon name: Herbert, Demon of Overly-Careful Consideration
Demon power: Causes one to spend one's life second-guessing and running through situations in one's head over and over to be absolutely sure one's choice of actions is the best course, often with the result of the opportunity to act passing over long before one reaches a consensus.
Heavenly nemesis: Harvey, Angel of Reckless Action
Example of its influence in your life: rarely do I take big risks; more time is spent considering the options than actually making choices.


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Mar 23, 2009
Fire. Demon of Destruction and Purification.
<- And so shall the world burn...
Opposite? I don't know, its whatever that encourages me to still find good in the world.
Influence: gives me my fury and my (suppressed) desire to see the world fall.

Albino Boo

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Jun 14, 2010
Demon name: Sarah
Demon power: According to the Republotelemincon (RNC edition), the demons incoherent mutterings causes the listeners to mindlessly chant for tax cuts and sexual abstinence.
Heavenly nemesis: Obamatron the voice of big government
Example of its influence in your life: I'm Christine O'Donnell


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Jul 13, 2010
Name: bob
Power: can make your nightmares real
Nemesis:some dead angel


And you are?
Sep 10, 2007
Name: The demon of apathy
Power: When you begin something, she waits for that moment when your initial drive starts to falter, and you realise the scale of your task, and how much work it's going to take to complete. That's when she leans over your shoulder, and whispers in your ear: "My, that looks tiring. Let's be honest, now - how much do you really care? Will it make that much of a difference whether you do it or not? It's fine if you forget about it, you know. Nobody would blame you. Wouldn't it be easier to simply... Let it be?"
Nemesis: The angel of perseverance
Example: The innumerable posts on the Escapist that I've began to write, and then thought, "Eh, whatever, it doesn't really matter." And closed the tab, and moved on...