Walking Dead, Fables, and King's Quest Receiving New Life

Greg Tito

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Sep 29, 2005
Walking Dead, Fables, and King's Quest Receiving New Life

Forget vampires; zombies are huge right now. AMC's Walking Dead TV show broke all kinds of records for a cable series as it fantastically adapted the comic book of the same name. That kind of success blood-curdlingly screams for a digital component, but the creators of the comic book didn't want some cheap videogame cash-in. Instead, they tapped Telltale Games to create a game that will do the zombie story justice. It's not a shooter or a survival horror, but it's not Sam & Max either. Walking Dead will be a story game that pushes the boundaries of what a game can accomplish. It will still see an episodic release schedule, but there's no word as to when it will drop as writer Sean Vanaman and director Jake Rodkin are still in pre-production.

Vanaman and Rodkin assured me that the game will branch into new directions of gameplay that Telltale hasn't explored before. It's much more about what the player character decides, and the zombies, while dangerous, feel more like the weather. "Zombies aren't the antagonists," Vanaman said. "There are times when I'd much rather go face-to-face with a zombie than some of the people in that book."

In addition, Telltale Games CEO announced that the company is working on a rebirth of the King's Quest franchise. The venerable adventure game series is the progenitor of the point-and-click adventure genre, and to see it come to life in the hands of that genre's current caretaker in Telltale Games is a gift from Davenry. The new King's Quest game was described as a "reboot" so some of the stories may be derived from the previous nine games. No word on a release date but we should hear more at E3.

Also announced was a game based on the popular comics series Fables. The comic puts the classic characters of fairytales in modern day New York City, and they must blend in with modern human ways and technology. For example, Snow White, divorced from Prince Charming, is the deputy mayor of Fabletown, a secret community on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. We'll learn more about the game, including release date and format, at San Diego Comic Con.



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Feb 28, 2008
PLEASE please, pleeeease, Telltale, remake KQ8 into a real adventure game.

Oh, and please use a text parser or something that will allow us to go on kissing sprees! Its not the Perils of Rosella without a kissing spree!



The Light of Dawn
Feb 21, 2009
I only watched the pilot for The Walking Dead, but from what I heard, there's not much zombie action over the whole series. That true?


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Aug 27, 2008
Awesome. Love the Walking Dead, and the TV series was pretty good.

...holy shit. They're making a Fables video game? I'm not sure what to think of that as a game, but the comics are great. Highly reccomend them.


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Nov 28, 2007
I'll hold off judgement on "Fables" and "Walking Dead", though to be honest when I hear the guys that did "Sam and Max" talking about being innovative, I tend to think of other experimental adventure games and interactive movies like "Rise Of The Dragon" and the like which didn't go over all that spectacularly. I sort of blame this on the relative success of "Heavy Rain" which pretty much brough back the failed interactive movie genere for another round.

As far as "King's Quest" goes, unless they are going to hire Roberta Williams and give her full creative control, I think they should stay the heck away from it. I say this because that series, like others of the time, was largely a personality based endeavor. Roberta basically was "King's Quest", Al Lowe was "Leisure Suit Larry", and Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy "the two guys from Andromeda" were "Space Quest". At this point in the industry these people were the products, and doing a "Quest" game without the defining personality that it was build up around is always going to be missing something... a pale imitation. If they are just going to use the name to hopefully move product, they would probably do better to just launch their own lighthearted fantasy adventure game series from scratch.

It's sort of like how I'd love to see a new "Quest For Glory" series, but unless someone gets Lori and Corey Cole to do it, I don't really see the point.

I hope they abandon this plan, I'm old enough to be a fan of the early Sierra games even if they aren't my genere of choice, and I'd hate to see someone drive them into the ground. Especially seeing as the only purpose to using the old franchise names nowadays would be to try and appeal to people like me, but really it's liable to have the opposite effect.

Antwerp Caveman

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Jan 19, 2010
Just LOVE Walking Dead, I havel all 13 trades here.
I must, embarresdly say, that I saw a trailer for the Walking Dead tv show, and saw that... the lead actor didn't even look like the guy from the comic.
I then quickly decided it was probably not true to the source material and ignored it.
But I hear a lot of good things about it, so I'm going to look for some reruns.

A game based on the comics would be awesome though. Maybe a sandbox in a city like Atlanta where the comic started, just raiding stores with a character like Glenn, find a gunstore after a while, but not having the skills to break in yet or something. Absolutely epic.

Maybe have the prison within (fast-)travel distance too.


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Jan 13, 2009
Well Telltale certainly has gotten a lot of attention today. Not that they don't deserve it.


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Jul 22, 2010
A Fables adventure game? From Telltale? Frell Yeah! It must be my birthday! If anyone can do a Fables adventure game, it would be Telltale. Oh please let the game be good, oh please, oh please, oh please...


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Nov 1, 2007
Walking Dead I heard earlier. But Fables too?! Fuck yeah!

Here's hoping you play as the Fable town sheriff Bigby (Aka Big Bad Wolf)

HankMan said:
So if Snow White and Prince Charming are divorced, did they maintain joint custody of the dwarfs?
Weirldy the Dwarfs were mentioned in the first issue and not once since. I'm guessing they're either dead or did something terrible to Snow, she looked pissed when they were brought up. Maybe they come into it later.

And Snow is in fact Charming first wife, he also married Beauty and Cinderella (they all had a Prince Charming). There may be more though, Charming has an effect on women to the point that it's a superpower. When he needed a place to stay he spoke to a waitress after having a 5 course meal at a restraunt, get's her to pay the tab, goes to her place 5 minutes after meeting her, fucks her stupid, then bunks at her place for several months while paying for nothing himself.

Definitly a comic worth checking out.


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Apr 1, 2009
Whatever, just wash your hands.
nooooo, I want a telltale version of quest for glory, I effin loved those games and I need more MORE!!!!


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Nov 7, 2009
Screw everything else they should make Loom dammit!

On a side note is this some kind of Telltale holiday? This is a lot of news all at once.


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Sep 11, 2007
King's Quest?

I would prefer a new Quest for Glory. That last of the series was a let down.

Heart of Darkness

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Jul 1, 2009
and to see it come to life in the hands of that genre's current caretaker in Telltale Games is a gift from Davenry
Please tell me that's just a typo.

OT: Telltale must want my money. King's Quest...*drools*

The Random One

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May 29, 2008
I still can't get my mind around the fact that Telltale is a grown up big company that people actually go after and give their franchises to.

dante brevity

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Apr 15, 2009
I played the hell out of King's Quest VI. I can still hear Alexander's stupid voice. Ugh. I'd probably play another one though.


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Mar 1, 2009
I think if they made a Walking Dead game they should make it like a strategy type game similar to this game on Newgrounds.


You have to reclaim a city after a zombie out break. You have to scavenge food, build defenses, recruit survivors, keep everyone happy, all while fending off zombie attacks.

They could make a Walking Dead game where you play as The Governor!!!!

Eri said:
I only watched the pilot for The Walking Dead, but from what I heard, there's not much zombie action over the whole series. That true?
Not exactly. The focus is more on the survivors. It's like Evil Dead pr Dawn of the Dead. There are still some pretty intense moments.


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Mar 17, 2009
Fables? Really? Interesting. Sounds like an idea that might not necessarily transfer to a game very well, but I'm open to persuasion, for sure.