What point in any game/movie/show made you go: "Holy shit."


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Feb 28, 2012
Lil_Rimmy said:
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Lil_Rimmy said:
Is there a particular reason why people shouldn't put spoiler tags? That's kinda what they're their for. Not to mention there is absolutely no need to not use them. Stop being so lazy and stop encouraging others to be lazy regarding spoiler tags, especially when they're talking about specific moments.
I said just don't blame people for not. I never said nobody should, but I hate it when people go into threads clearly marked SPOILERS - All ye who enter be warned, and then start complaining about spoilers. Sorry if you read it wrong or something, but I said don't blame people for not putting spoiler tags, not:

Viva la Revolution!
If you read fast, or even sometimes if you don't you'll just skip the spoiler warning without really getting it and not realize when you read the spoiler bit. Having a spoiler tag is an extra layer of defense against that, because, let's be serious, nobody likes being spoiled, and what you put in there is a pretty darn bad spoiler.
OT: Every single part of Indigo Prophecy/Farenheit. I'm only playing it because my sister wants me to but for the life of me I haven't got a clue what is going on. There's this dead guy who's haunting me, but then my apartment fell to pieces and I had to dodge all of the cardboard boxes shooting past my face. And then the female investigator got a bad tarot reading and committed suicide. Oh, and there were a bunch of floaty blue insects and what the fuck is going on? Is there anybody, anybody at all, who actually understands the convoluted mess that is Farenheits story?


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Nov 19, 2009
I approve of this topic wholeheartedly.

The problem is, I know that I've felt that "holy shit" moment on many occasions but it's hard for me to keep track of all of them. I know it happens to me frequently when I'm watching Breaking Bad but that's probably so commonplace that it isn't interesting to talk about.

In this case, I'll go with the first and also the most recent.

The death of Crono in Chrono Trigger. Watching the protagonist of the game, the center of my party, die in such a definitive manner really set off a lot of bells in my eight year old brain. There had been some build up to it during the Zeal portion of the game ("the black wind howls") but I had ignored it as simple idle threats. To have Chrono die left a giant hole in both my party and in myself because he was my avatar. I projected all my thoughts and feelings through his actions and severing that brought a powerful change. It was really the first RPG to get me to think about the nature of my own role in the story. It was an experience that helped shape my idea of a protagonist.

I just picked up Journey this weekend. That really should be all I need to say but if you want a true "holy shit", it was when the dragon first appeared in the tunnels. I had been traveling with another who I lost during the descent into the city so I was already on edge and lonely. Then this melancholy turned to terror as the beast rose from the sand, causing me to actually yelp.

God I really need to write more about Journey. I wish I hadn't been so late to the party. >.<

As I said, I probably have a million more. They can just be hard to pinpoint.


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Dec 21, 2010
wombat_of_war said:
- tara dying. so out of the blue nothing supernatural, no monster just an asshole with a gun who missed his target
I thought of that when I saw the thread title.

Also this, simply because it is so against his established "happy go lucky" character.


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Jan 17, 2010
I'll say almost every scene in The Last of Us. Also the Kessler Reveal in the first inFamous.

Movie wise, All of Pacific Rim. I was going to say a point in Sons of Anarchy....Nah, let's not.


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May 27, 2009
Lil_Rimmy said:
I'm sorry, but this warning is rather...stupid. There is not a single person on this forum who has seen EVERY SINGLE movie or played EVERY SINGLE game. Considering this thread has no set topic like Game of Thrones or the Walking Dead, I think asking people to use spoilers is only a common courtesy. In fact, it should be expected in such an open thread. The only time there is an excuse not to use spoilers is if the thread title itself specifically mentions whatever show, movie, or game is going to be discussed. "THIS THREAD WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS" is not a helpful warning at all. In order for people to avoid spoilers, they first have to know what is about to be spoiled, and in a thread like this they aren't going to know until they read the posts. Which means, spoiler boxes are necessary.


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Jun 14, 2013
First one that came to mind was the end of the Doctor Who episode Day of the Moon - specifically, the way the Doctor defeated the Silence. That was just...well, I won't spoil it. But I was impressed.

(Doctor Who runner-up was the creation of the 'Master Race' in End of Time. There were plenty of "holy shit" moments for me in other things - honestly, I'm not that good at reading plot hints, so twists usually catch me - but at the moment I've just got Who on the mind and nothing else.)


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Sep 20, 2012
Pacific Rim. Most of it, especially the fight sequences. Two in particular that stand out would be when they bust out the sword, and when what's-his-face uses a goddam oil tanker to beat the living *&^% out of a colossal monster.

The Dark Knight. I'll always remember, I saw it opening night, and I had one of the best seats in the theater. Then the pencil happened. 300+ viewers, all at once, one great big "Holy shit".

Ni No Kuni. The first boss battle. 99% of the battles are against adorable little creatures that, in time, can be made into minions. Then suddenly, giant goddam earth elemental.

Solforge. A card game made me say "holy shit", and not for a good reason. Some creatures are just hugely *&^%ing overpowered. Like, there are strong creatures, and then there's "holy shit, *&^% this game." I know there are ways to defeat these creatures.. provided you have the right card, at the right level, and the game randomly deals you that right card at the right time. It doesn't matter how good your deck is, sometimes the heart of the cards is just not on your side, and you're destined to get shafted.


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Mar 30, 2011
-The first Bioshock, when you find out who you are and how you've been controlled the whole time (pretty obvious one).
-The Usual Suspects, everyone knows what I mean.
-Planescape: Torment, when you find out who the Transcendent One really is.


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Mar 9, 2012
I think mandating the use of spoiler tags in this thread would be a good idea.
Some things I don't mind or care getting spoiled, some things I do. But I can't choose because so far almost every spoiler seems to be visible, so I'm not going to bother reading anything except for the disclaimer in the OP, which is a shame, I think.

Also, I think you should clarify what exactly you mean by "Holy Shit" moments. Are you talking about shocking plot developments? Incredibly awesome moments? Incredibly sick moments? All of the above?

Anyway, here are some recent moments that I think qualify and I remember from things I've played/watched/read:
(An extremely gory manga, but I love the story and characters;)
apparently important, long-time support characters get brutally slaughtered;
The main character goes through hell but manages to survive;
(by the way, the story stagnates after volume 21, in my opinion.)

Everyone who played the game should know what I'm talking about.

When they reveal the motive behind the murders.

When they reveal the killer's identity.

Too many great moments to list.

If you watch it, you'll know.


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Jul 28, 2012
TheYellowCellPhone said:
Pacific Rim, the moment where Gypsy Danger approaches the yaeger terrorizing Newt in Hong Kong, dragging a freight ship behind them while the sexiest baseline played in the background.
Um. 1. Did you pay attention during the movie? If you did you would know that the Jaegers are the mechs and Kaiju are the monsters. 2. It's Jaeger. Sorry if I sound rude, I'm a Grammar Nazi like that.


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May 31, 2011
I can't think of anything :(
at least nothing related to games, movies or shows... But (and I'm not afraid to say this) I read MLP fanfiction, and a few of those made me go HOLY SHIT! without that being a comment of the awful-ness often found within the medium.

Such as in A Bluebirds Song, when the bad guy's plan unfolds, and when you find out about the corrupt guard's true motives...

Oh! I know, the moment in Dishonored when you are poisoned. As I didn't spend that much time at the Pub I did not see that coming.


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Nov 24, 2012
This about sums it up
Half the season it seemed was building to this moment and I still didn't expect it.

And also the Red Wedding. Not being really big on reading books, I still haven't read the novel because I didn't want to be spoiled and didn't want to care about how the show might diverge from source material, so when the Lannister song started playing, a chill went down my spine.

A big one was American Horror Story Season 1, when they find the cause of the blood fly infestation.


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Sep 4, 2011
Dishonored when i teleported behind a guy and slit his throat for the first time.

...I think im easily pleased


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Mar 18, 2009
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots:
When the Gekkos come to life at Shadow Moses. Didn't see them there at all. Scared the fuck out of me.
Also, the final boss fight was kind of a "holy shit," but more along the lines of "holy shit this is amazing."

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Jun 8, 2009
I'm a sucker for a good opening to a video game, but the ones that actually made me go holy shit are.

Bioshock 1: Seeing Rapture for the first time

Bioshock Infinite: Seeing Columbia for the first time

Mass Effect 2: Walking onto the bridge of the Normandy and seeing the planet, I still stopped and looked at it during my last play-through even though it was the fifth time I was seeing it

The Last of Us: Just the opening, did not expect it to start like that

as for other things

Serenity: I am a leaf on the wind watch how I... (Do I need spoilers for this?)

Dota 2: Any time things go right and the other team wipes.


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Oct 1, 2012
I'll just list my more recent "Holy Shits":

Game: Metal Gear Rising's final boss... I won't ever bother spoiling it, its a hell of a treat.

Movies: Pacific Rim, and special mention to the Avengers, simply for the fact that every time I watch that third act I think to myself "THEY ACTUALLY MADE THIS MOVIE! HOLY SSSSSSSSSSSHIIIIIIIIIIT!"

Show: I don't watch TV very much. If I have to put anything, I guess the Gravity Fall's season finale.

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Nov 11, 2012
That moment in Magic Knight Rayearth (The TV series not the OVA's). If you've seen it you know what I mean. If you haven't...well I've said too much already.

Warning: the next section of this post contains both spoilers and ponies. If ponies offend you..then don't read it.

When a little cream-colored pony *pranced* up the snout of a gigantic dragon, stared *right* in to an eyeball that was bigger than her whole body and made said giant dragon her *******!

Queen Chrysalis defeating Celestia.

In the episode Sleepless in Ponyville when the Headless Horse appears.
That moment in Keep Calm and Flutter On, for a second I thought it was sooo lame, and then I realized when I realized that I felt just the same as Discord did, and I would do almost anything to *not* have Fluttershy say "Your'e NOT my friend!" to me too. & it became my favorite episode.


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Mar 18, 2012
"Powerful phrase. Familiar phrase?"
- Andrew Ryan

This moment is one of the most memorable in any singleplayer game imo.


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Mar 18, 2013
cojo965 said:
TheYellowCellPhone said:
Pacific Rim, the moment where Gypsy Danger approaches the yaeger terrorizing Newt in Hong Kong, dragging a freight ship behind them while the sexiest baseline played in the background.
Um. 1. Did you pay attention during the movie? If you did you would know that the Jaegers are the mechs and Kaiju are the monsters. 2. It's Jaeger. Sorry if I sound rude, I'm a Grammar Nazi like that.
That would be a factual, not grammatical error, son.
The Third Reich probably doesn't have much to do with the correct terminology of sci-fi blockbusters, either.


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Sep 11, 2009
Spoilers, obviously.


"Church, there's no such thing as ghosts You're one of them. You're an AI. You... are the Alpha." Holy Shit, I did not see that one coming. Sure, it makes sense in hindsight, but still, wow


You know the scene. I'd heard about it, but actually seeing it? Yikes!

Zinyak blows Earth right the fuck up. And all this does is piss the Boss off something fierce...


Everypony else has practically abandoned Twilight Sparkle after she crashed her brother's wedding rehearsal, when she was only trying do the right thing. Then Princess Cadence returns and we think we're going to have a sappy reunion... only for the Princess to surround her in a dome of green fire... Well. Looks like someponies are going to owe somepony such an apology!

Mami gets her head bitten off, and what was formerly a your average magical girl anime becomes something else...