Why Rewatch Movies?

Scarim Coral

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Oct 29, 2010
The only time I watched a film multiply time at the cinema are-

1- It's super good
2- A friend/ family member wanted to watched it and haven't went to the cinema yet but I've already seen it first.

Granted that "multiply" is only mere two times. The films in question are Transformers with my bro (one cinema had extra minor scenes in it), Pacific Rim with my uncle (don't cared about a certain user opinion of that film, I LOVED it) and the Matrix Revolution with an mate.


Dec 1, 2011
The only movies I've seen more than once in theaters that I ca remember is LEGO Batman and Mad Max: Fury Road. With both of them, if my memory is correct, I saw them the first time by myself almost as soon as they came out and the second time I waited until they came to the local cheap theater and saw it with my family.


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Jun 12, 2009
I've only done that three times, first was with Goldmember, second time was the Simpsons Movie and the third time was with the Dark Knight Rises. All because I saw them with a friend/relative and then my dad wanted to see it.

Scarim Coral said:
don't cared about a certain user opinion of that film, I LOVED it
I love that film too. Fuck the haters.

Drake the Dragonheart

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Aug 14, 2008
I do it fairly often. usually because I go with a different friend(s) each time.

Pacific Rim - 4 times. loved the movie and each time was with different friends

Dark Knight - 3 or 4 times. it was just that ****ing good!

I know someone who when Spider-man 2 came out went to the first showing, when it was over, went out to the lobby, bought a ticket and watched it again, rinse and repeat until the last showing.

I was so very tempted to do that with Kung Fu Panda 3, but I only ended up going twice.

How to Train Your Dragon 2 I ended up seeing 3 times. again each time with a different group of friends. normally I agree 3-d is horrible but in this case the 3-d was amazing. That flight scene with Hiccup on Toothless at the beginning? if you never got to see that on the big screen you have my sympathy!


The Laughing Arsehole
Dec 29, 2009
The only film I ever saw twice in a theater was Avatar.

I wanted to see how much of a difference the 3D made.

(Bugger all as it turned out. The 2D was better.)

Sniper Team 4

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Apr 28, 2010
Very rarely will I go see a movie more than once in a theater, because yeah, it's pretty pricey. The only times I will go see a movie again is when different groups of friends want to see the movie, but they all couldn't get together on the same day.

This actually happened with the first The Hobbit movie. I think I ended up seeing that thing five or six times in theaters, because all my friends wanted to see it, but none of them could get the same days free. Let me tell you, that was a bit...painful. I like those movies, especially since I love The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, but I fully admit that The Hobbit trilogy (which in and of itself is a problem right there) has issues. The first film has some serious issues, and after the third showing, I was starting to fall asleep during parts.


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Jun 17, 2009
I've done it in the past and I might even be the person you're referring to in the OP.

If I really enjoy a film I don't mind spending a little money to experience it in the theater again. I'm a big proponent of still going to the theater because I like that environment and the enjoyment I'm going to derive from experiencing that particular film again is more worth it to me than the $12.00 or whatever it is to buy a ticket. I guess I'm lucky enough where that amount of money isn't something I need to really second guess.

Also, if I'm seeing a movie more than once it's likely I'm seeing it with different people each time. Then I get to experience it with someone who might have a different perspective or appreciate different things. Plus it's just a nice thing to do with friends and family. We may be there in silence but it's time spent together enjoying something we are both interested in.


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Jun 30, 2014
The act of being at the movie theater itself (added that they already know they will enjoy the movie).


Feb 9, 2010
I've only ever done it for 2 movies

Dredd - Went to see this in both 3D(which unlike 90% of 3D movies was really good) and 2D. Why? Because I'm a big Judge Dredd fan and had been waiting about 20 years for a good JD movie

The Force Awakens - Went to see this when it came out then a few weeks later my brother was going to it and asked me if I wanted to go. I had a day off work so I said why not

I don't go to the cinema much anyway only when it's something I really want to see. I'm content to wait for home release for most stuff


Malapropic Homophone
Jun 24, 2010
Takes around 4 months for movies to hit home distribution. Longer before Blu-Ray. Around my area, tickets are $10.75, for non-matinee. That isn't all that much, even when I'm poor. I enjoy movies best on second viewings. I don't have my critic voice niggling me cuz I now know the flaws, I know the plot so I don't have to be watching for plot points or twists, and I can savor my favorite parts properly when they come up. I watch most movies I really like at least twice in theatre. The record is Mad Max, which I went to theatres to see 4 or 5 times in a month.


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Apr 11, 2010
As someone who's seen the same movie multiple times in theater, there has a be a really good reason. Usually it's a movie I really enjoyed, it's been a week or two since I've seen it and a lot of the details are fading from memory, and I'm seeing it with someone who hasn't seen it yet. Plus, the experience of seeing a movie in a theater is very different than just sitting down on the couch and popping it in the dvd player, and 99% of movies aren't gonna be in theaters again.


The Last Albino
Aug 30, 2010
There's something to be said about watching a movie alone and then with friends.

Then again, some films just lose a bit of their 'luster' when seen a smaller screens.


Nascent Orca
Jun 21, 2012
Hawki said:
Ezekiel said:
When I went to Dunkirk the other day, I only paid 5 dollars. I was surprised. The ticket guy then told me it's only 5 dollars on Tuesdays. Maybe your city has a special day too.
Sydney's one of the most expensive cities in Australia, and one of the most expensive globally - the only time I've seen a movie go for $5 AUD is as a student discount in certain hours of certain days.

Suffice to say, I'm a bit too old to fool anyone there. :(
I'm from Brisbane, they got rid of $5 movie tickets in 1998. They were $7.5 by the time I stopped being a student in 2004.

davidmc1158 said:
Not really a common practice, but it does happen. I've done it myself a couple of times over the years.

One of the lures to do so, for me at least, is the effect of watching something on the theater screen. I find it to be very different to the experience of seeing it on a much smaller television.

Plus, I only see movies during the matinee time frame, so it keeps the price at a reasonable $8 US around here.
Maybe they've got a movie pop corn addiction. Me personally, I think the popcorn is better at the movies but I still hardly by it when I see a movie. Usually only when I take my daughter.

I also personally don't find a movie theatre that exciting. I don't mind if I see it on the big or small screen.


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Oct 1, 2009
If a movie is really, really good I will sometimes go see it twice. Especially if I want to share it with another friend who couldn't make the first screening. The last film I went to see twice, for both of these reasons, was Koe no Katachi. I would have done the same with Kimi no Na wa if I could have found another screening of it, but only explosion-heavy mindless crap, or pointless formulaic romantic comedies seem to keep playing for more than a few days around here.

American Fox

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Aug 14, 2012
Ezekiel said:
I don't know how common it is. I only did it one time, and only because I was invited to a 3D screening the first time, which looked awful. I'm never watching a movie in 3D again. Never.
You're supposed to wear the glasses they hand you when you watch it.


Sep 9, 2010
The only movie I can recall seeing multiple times was The Dark Knight, and I kept bringing people to see it with me.... and my only justification is because the movie felt like experince, like a Disney theme park ride.

It takes you on a helluva trip and it all starts from one broken window.


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Dec 7, 2009
We talking like movie theaters? If that's the case the reason I see it again is because multiple people may have wanted to see it but could only do different dates. If I liked the movie and I can afford going, I'll go again.

Lil devils x_v1legacy

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May 17, 2011
Hawki said:
Every so often I've seen people say "I've seen (insert movie here) X times (in the theatre)." And having seen someone say they've watched Wonder Woman four times, and another user on another thread say that they'll see Dunkirk again, I have to ask, why?

Genuinely curious. I mean, if you own a game/movie/book/whatever you should be able to watch/read/play it as many times as you want. However, I don't really get the mentality of going to a cinema multiple times to see the same movie. I mean, least in Oz, the average movie ticket is around $20, which is roughly the amount you'd pay to get the same movie on DVD. I mean, if someone loves a movie that much, isn't that what the DVD is for? If people have the time and money to go to the cinema multiple times, wouldn't it make sense to see multiple films rather than the same one over and over?

This isn't intended as a criticism, and there have been a few movies I've seen in the cinema more than once, but they were always with family/friends, and never my first choice. But basically, if I went to the cinemas tomorrow, I'd see a movie I hadn't seen. I might like movie b less than movie a, but I'd rather take my chances with movie b than rewatch movie a.

But that's just me. Is seeing the same movie over and over a common practice for most people?
I personally have never rewatched a movie in the theater myself, however, my parents used to do that. There are theaters that have under $5 movies and sometimes will run $1-$2 movie times. My Dad liked to watch the Star Trek movies over and over again. He liked to watch them on the big screen and it was not very expensive at one of those Hometown Cinema places. I can see people rewatching movies if they want to do watch it with a date or with friends as well. Those who just watch them over and over.. maybe they are bored or obsessed?