World of Warcrafters Can Get Diablo 3 Free


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Mar 1, 2010
hansari said:
tzimize said:
hansari said:
How can you possibly find time to do both? Not talking about young working adults. Even teenagers cannot possibly have the time to do both of these...
You know...even if you sub dont HAVE to play 8 hours a day...
True, but if you pay for something, you got to feel like you get something out of it.

The number of hours is up to the individual paying and will be different from person to person, but the more money you put in for something, the better the results. And $15 a month is quite a lot for a teen.

(unless, I guess if their parents are paying for it...)
Is it really?

I mean...I pay as much for a night at the cinema as a month of wow. Cinema = around 2 hours. So...2 hours a month? Thats doable :p


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Mar 30, 2010
Yes its an obvious move to avoid too many of the players that appreciate "value" over anything leaving WoW. They might be tired of playing WoW, and they might be wheighing their money to either buy Diablo 3 or spend loads on ToR. And Blizzard wants to make that choice simple. Its a very good marketing trick, and might secure alot of WoW players until they get project Titan up and running.

And whatever greatness there is to either ToR or GW2, there is the safety of knowing what they get by sticking to WoW. For alot of WoW players of the casual sort, the choice becomes very easy when Blizzard does this.

But they lost me a long time ago. An affordable loss i guess. But i miss the time when i was a Starcraft/Diablo fanboy. I even have an itch to get back to WoW. But never again


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Dec 1, 2009
This is a great deal. I'm going to be doing this with the Collector's Edition, grabbing myself three or four months free as well as the awesome stuff that comes with both!


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Mar 14, 2011
option 1: reactivate WoW and get Diablo 3 for free (along with the other stuff), or
option 2: spend the same amount of money on the remainder of Shooter Season 2011 and the sequel, Shooter Season 2012: apocalypse version, and spend the time running around brown landscapes, shooting brown people, and cursing cause I couldn't see my opponent cause there appears to be human waste smeared over the camera lens.
option 3: Skyrim.

I'm not totally sold on Skyrim yet and I might just get it along with the WoW package, or just wait a couple of months until steam slashes the price for a day. Bu't I can honestly say the WoW was one of the only games I could sink dozens of hours into and say I honestly enjoyed it. More of my problem is figuring out how to balance WoW and college, cause I don't think employers check my gearscore/item level when I'm applying for a job ;P


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Jul 10, 2010
I looked at this

I'd just left WoW as couldn't justify the time I could put into it - the money it cost - and the 'reward' I was getting from it.

This made me go.....hmmm

Then decided if I want D3 I'd wait a few months and pick it up for about 30 quid.....saves me about 8/9 months of subscriptions