Xbox One Automatically DVR's Unlocked Achievements


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Dec 25, 2010
Just so you guys know, for better and worse, all videos are saved onto Xbox Live's servers. So the plus is that these videos won't take up any space. The bad news, they're not on your HDD. Microsoft may come out with a feature however that will let you manually save videos onto the Xbox One.

Also, I love how everyone's complaining about the Xbox One doing this and then in the same breath say that the PS4 does the same thing as if it's better that Sony does it for some reason instead of Microsoft.

Quantum Glass

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Mar 19, 2013
You know your PR is beyond salvage when you can release information like this and half of the response is criticism.


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Dec 26, 2012
While an interesting feature, this is an extension of what Bioware did in Dragon Age origins (PC only? didn't play other ports) with a screenshot.

*After further consideration, it's likely that DA Origins was not the first. It was merely the first one that I could recall.


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Nov 17, 2010
Johnny Wishbone said:
Achievements have really done nothing more than turn games into work. "Well, I beat this game 2 weeks ago, but since I want that achievement for killing 10,000 guys with headshots using a single shot pistol, I guess I'll have to grind out another 300 hours..." How many times have you found yourself in that situation? How many extra hours of grinding have you done for achievements in games that you otherwise would have moved on from? Sure, you've probably enjoyed the extra time spent playing some of those games, but I'm sure more often than not, you're just grinding away for some stupid achievement instead of having fun with a game. That, my friends, is work.
I've learned to only go for all the achievements on games I really really REALLY adore or you're right it does become a job. Grinding in Lost Odyssey/getting achievements wasn't fun even if it meant defeating the final boss in two minutes.

Like getting 100% on Assassin Creed II Brotherhood missions. Hahahaha. Nope.
But Assassin Creed II? Gimme all your stupid feathers. It just means more jumping off tall buildings.

Although, I don't understand how this works. I mean, it sounds like you would have to tell it to record to actually get video. How often do you know something epic is about to happen when it does occur? More than half the time, the moment blinks and it goes away and the stuff you know to record would be longer than 5 minutes, especially a really tough boss battle.


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Nov 21, 2009
Marohen said:
"Microsoft later removed this feature when their service was completely choked out and flooded by every user showing a five second clip of every inane achievement that's given to them automatically."
*sigh* I actually kinda liked this feature, then you brought that up.

Some people have no self-control. With this feature, YouTube is gonna be flooded by people getting "achievements," no matter how rudimentary they are.


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Dec 18, 2003
Trophies and Achievements often come in tiers. While the lower rings are the "Finish the chapter" or "Watch opening video without skipping" the higher ones require more work. The next tier might be something like completing a 20 hit combo while in the air, the highest ranked challenge is along the lines of "Beat boss X without being hit once" Of the those three the last is something worth recording. I don't see much point in recording the humdrum challenges when they're literally thrown at your feet. But who doesn't want to get a replay of your beating a boss without losing any health? It's praise worthy in my book. It's a rather novel idea.


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Aug 5, 2009
lacktheknack said:
"Achievement Unlocked: Completed the game!"

"Automatically uploading to Facebook!"

And then all your friends unfriend you because you posted epic spoilers on your wall. :p
Silly lack, you don't need friends to use Facebook. :p


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May 28, 2011
YOu bought a game - achievement
You turned it on - achievement
You survived past the first unskippable intro - achievement
And your hard drive is full, please buy new Xbox because you cannot change HDD and we wont let you delete your achievements because who in his rightm ind would want to do that right?


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Feb 24, 2011
Infernal Lawyer said:
Although I think we should leave the Kinect out of this,...
Why? They brought Kinect into this.

"YouTuber Champ Chong caught up with an Xbox representative at the EB Games Expo in Australia, and was given a bit more insight into how the console's DVR would work. Recording is also made incredibly simple with the Kinect's voice commands, simply saying "Xbox Record" will start recording, and you can even specify certain time periods. Perfect for those "you had to be there" moments in multiplayer games."

They neglect to mention how, or even if, this feature will work for those of us who will leave the Kinect gathering dust in the box somewhere. Hence the unimpressed part.

...I have to hand it to you for your first point. Still, if you were that set on getting footage for bragging rights, you could just use some third party tool or whatever.
To be honest I feel this feature will take up more hard drive space then it's worth and I don't particularly care about videos. I very rarely save clips in CoD or Halo and those I do are manly of modders so I can see who all to report. However, if the systems are going to do this they need to do it right. Better to have a smoothly functioning frivolous feature than a broken half-assed feature shoehorned to make people use the Kinect.

Edit- It has come to my attention that the videos will be saved to the Live servers. So it will not take up hard drive space, it will just eat up all my bandwidth. At least I could have deleted them off my hard drive...