Your five flaws


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Dec 2, 2012
I. Death before dishonour: I would sooner die than be honest about my problems and ask people for help. I'm just too goddamn proud.

II. Obnoxious as shit: my voice is grating, my ideas are shit, and people generally hate me for opening my mouth at all. Having heard my voice from recordings, and knowing what retarded shit comes out of my mouth, I'd say they're just about right.

III. Ridiculous mood swings: sometimes i'm unnecessarily nice, other times i'm randomly an asshole to pretty much anybody whatsoever.

IV. Barely controllable temper: it takes roughly 0.5 seconds to piss me off with the most trivial things, and then the shouting starts. Or the breaking of stuff, if I know nobody's around to notice.

V. On top of being unbelievably dislikeable, I'm also butt ugly. People have also commented on my eyes being really creepy. That's an oddly and unpleasantly specific thing to say, so fuck them. I feel hurt.


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Aug 2, 2009
1) I don't take social risks, which is why I'm still very VERY single

2) I can be out into a bad mood pretty quickly sometimes

3) In some aspects I'm emotionally stilted.

4) I feel guilty for a lot of things that aren't my fault

5) I'm overly critical of myself in regards to my art work, social skills and appearance

EDIT: And 6) I hope that by posting things like this it will lead to a wonderful relationship, which I realise is really really really sad.



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Aug 22, 2009
1: I don't understand human beings.

Normal human beings may as well be an alien species, or I may as well be. Almost everything they do confuses me. This leads to me feeling rather isolated sometimes.

2: I am almost always angry.

Hate. Let me tell you how much I have come to hate you since I started to live.There is rarely a moment where something isn't pissing me off. Other people, the government, things not going my way, even innaminate objects are not safe from my seemingly endless anger.

3: I'm fuck ugly.

Pretty simple.

4: I have an unjustified expectation of Karma.

Honestly, I haven't had an easy life thus far. There's been harder paths to walk, but still, I've had it rougher than most. Thing is, I'm constantly expecting the universe to give me a break. That because I supposedly deserve for things to get better, they will. Yet, I should really know better than that. I didn't do anything to deserve what went wrong so far, I've seen many people who didn't deserve to suffer go through hell, and the people who caused it all coming out smelling of roses. To believe in karma at this point is immature. And yet, some part of me just won't give up on the idea.

5: I despise myself.

I barely see myself as a worthy human being. As much as I am confused and angry at normal people a lot, I know they're how human beings are supposed to work. How they're supposed to be. I don't look like that, I don't act like that, I can't even manage to pretend to for long. I see myself as an abomination, a thing that should not be.


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Dec 21, 2010
Ok, seeing as I've managed to post 3 times in this thread, you can add another flaw to my list.

I am very opinionated, I will argue with anyone about stuff like music or games regardless of the fact that its all down to peoples personal taste.


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Jun 3, 2009
Not sure if this counts as three or one, but: I have some mild social anxiety, I am scared of intimacy and I'm scared of girls I think might be attracted to me.

2(4): I take forever to get started on an assignment. Right now I am supposed to be writing a scientific review about the adaptive advantages when it comes to sexual reproduction in the evolutionary history and try to determine if there really are any advantages over asexual reproduction. However I am here.

3(5): I am quite stubborn. Now this one isn't all bad. It keeps me from giving up one things and it makes me keep trying when things don't go my way. Now during an argument this can be very tiresome for both me and whoever I am arguing with. I can admit that I am wrong, but since I rarely am wrong this can go on until I find some actual proof that I am right. People do not like to be proven wrong and this really makes people annoyed with me. In a lot of cases there are no right or wrong and then arguments never end.

4 and 5(6 and 7): I am ugly or I've got bad self esteem. Since it might be both I am listing this as 4 and 5 (6 and 7).

Edit: I could easily have made this list a lot longer.


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Oct 28, 2009
1. I have an atrocious memory. Unless something specifically pertains to me, or I find it particularly interesting, it goes in one ear and out the other. If I'm asked to do something, doesn't matter how big or small that task may be, if I don't do it immediately I'll forget it within seconds.

2. I have a short temper. This is something I've inherited from my dad. I've got a very short fuse and can get disproportionately angry over minor things. This also manifests as a lack of patience- my tolerance for stupidity and incompetence is inversely proportional to how angry I am, often resulting in an exponentially rising level of rage until I can find somewhere/somehow to cool off.

3. I have 'selective motivation'. By that I mean if I'm not all that interested in a project or task, I won't put much effort into it.

4. I'm no good at starting conversations. Oh, I can absolutely participate in a conversation- I can get pretty opinionated sometimes and I like to share my knowledge and learn from others. I'm just no good at getting the ball rolling. This is because most of the time I'm thinking about things nobody else in the room could care less about, and I've learned this so I don't bother talking about that stuff.

5. I have terrible skin. I've got English-Irish heritage, and part of that is my skin. Which would be fine, if I lived in an English/Irish climate. But I live in Australia, where my skin is something of an evolutionary disadvantage. Exposure to sunlight for more than 30-40 minutes at a time is enough to start my skin burning. And it doesn't tan, it skips that phase and goes straight to burning. It also means I'm covered in freckles.


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Apr 15, 2009
1) I'm indecisive as hell, I'll carefully consider my options and will struggle to make a final decision.

2) I'm emotionally retarded, so I won't be able to feel certain emotions which can be an issue (Empathy/Sympathy etc)

3) Anger management issues, I often don't understand the few emotions I feel so have issues dealing with them my anger causes me to act irrationally and try to hurt people/myself and is a big problem.

4) I don't sleep a lot (I get around 5 minutes to 2 hours sleep a night) this is due to me having depression causing me to find it impossible to go to sleep and once I am asleep I generally wake up very quickly - That said I can keep my energy levels up as long as it's decent sleep.

5) I find it hard to control the volume of my voice, when with friends I am constantly becoming rather loud without realising it, this is exacerbated by having friends whom do the same thus causing much annoyance of people in the area (Also getting us banned from every library we've been to)


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Aug 31, 2009
My body trolls me - I've been awake for 22 hours and feel exhausted yet when I lay down, I can't fall asleep. I've been awake for 8 to 13 and need to go to sleep so I can wake up for something and I can't sleep. I finally fall asleep and despite alarms, cannot be awoken. I am holding one thing in each hand, keeping in mind which of the two things I need first, and when I go to use it, I look down to find I was about to use the wrong item. I have to use the bathroom...bad...I sit on the toilet and nothing...I stand up and my stomach churns and growls at me because it needs relief!

Math...I can't do it - I can't do simple arithmetic in my mind. I can't even calculate tips or keep track of the days of the week. I have trouble using a calculator too when it comes to division. This is the main thing that has kept me from getting into table-top RPGs...well that and...

I am a borderline misanthrope - I have a small circle of friends and a girlfriend but aside from those people, I have no intention of creating friendly ties with anybody else. I don't like the company of other guys my own age (offline) and, am more or less unable to socialize with women in a face-to-face context. Further compounding this is how I've been mentally going through the family members who I know of an marking them off as either true family members (my mom, siblings, step-dad) and, family members who share my blood but whom I really don't consider to be family at this point (my biological father and just about everybody else from his side of the family).

Procrastination/ Poor work ethic/ Professionalism in general - I have never had two jobs at the same time but I have rarely been out of work. The thing is, I'm working at a Target, stocking shelves which is a job but I don't see the career path there. I'm not doing anything or really know of any applicable skill that I have possess that could be transferred and applied to any career of any kind. I used to write short stories and, sketch but I haven't done anything remotely close to that in months if not years. What really drives the final nail into this coffin that is my ability to survive on my own is how bad I am with money management. I don't know how the Hell my money dwindles away like it does! I always spend when I find things on sale and have starved myself for the sole purpose of saving extra money. I've never been in a position where I could consider myself able to survive if I were ever kicked out or made to be on my own.

I fucking hate myself (a mantra I've been repeating since roughly high school or the mid-2000's)


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Dec 29, 2009
Oh, I love telling the internet about my personal flaws!

- Lazy/Procrastinator. I could get some writing done... or I could go see what's on the forums.

- Socially Poop. Basically what the OP said. Seems to be a bit of a theme around here.

- Emotionally Mercurial. Although I've learned to control and conceal it. Which just makes me inexpressive. Yay.

- Gutless. I can conceal this too, but I don't know how convincing it is.

- Questionable Self Esteem. Y'know, in case the above wasn't any indication.

Yeah, I'm a real charmer.

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Oct 19, 2011
Well OP we have a lot in common except for the mathematics, I'm actually fairly competent at that.

Let's see...

1. Easily distracted Now it's not like I have ADD or anything, I just get bored of things easily and will instead go play a game, or watch some anime or something to distract myself. I've been known to do this when people are talking to me and I get bored of whatever they're saying, which is pretty bad. BUt I can handle it and I can focus on things if I need to, such as writing an essay or paper, I can focus my attention then.

2. In FPS games I have a bad habit of stopping moving when I shoot so as to get the most accurate shot I think we can all see why this is a weakness, I tend to just dive behind the nearest wall and line-up my short carefully to drop my target as efficiently as I can. This casn be problematic in games like Call of Duty where staying still is suicidal, but in Battlefield and Killzone and other more tactical affairs it's proven effective, especially in KIllzone where a headshot is a kill with any weapon. However if you see my name in the death feed too often, this is part of why.

3. I'm obsessive over what people think of me Chalk this up to years of social ineptitude, bullying and general torture but I'm constantly over-aware of what's going on around me and I obsess over whether people like me or I'm just a minor annoyance to them that they talk to because they feel sorry for me. I feel horribly unattractive most of the time and I'm fairly sure I'll die cold and alone because I'm an emotional and social retard. I'm also horribly apologetic and all that crap that comes with it.

4. I have terrible hair My hair is quite honestly the worst hair on the planet, it simply does not obey under any circumstance and must be kept very short to look even remotely acceptable. It grows out and it's frizzy and messy no matter what I try and is a good 4 or 5 different colours to boot. Fuck my hair.

5. I am a failure Yup, pretty much a failure. Can't keep or get a decent job, failed at uni on anything practical despite being the crowned emperor of writing essays in a single night and mostly pulling it out my ass for good grades. Didn't do terribly well at school though to be fair I spent most of the examined years of school hiding in corners and attempting to cover up cuts and bruises and generally not be visible to society anymore.

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Oct 19, 2011
TizzytheTormentor said:
4. I am not academically minded - I have been told I am intelligent and I know a great deal of knowledge for things I am interested in, I can tell you every single tidbit about the Final Fantasy, Elder Scrolls and Fallout series (to name a few) and I have a deep interest in history and mythology...but my years in secondary (high) school were hard because many subjects were tough, stemming from lack of interest (Math was a ***** for me too mate) I did them, but my grade never went above or below a C.
I can vouch for this, he's a walking FF12 encyclopedia and the same goes for Skyrim.

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Oct 31, 2011
1. Socially awkward - Speak when spoken to, don't go out with friends, no romantic prospects in the foreseeable future, extremely shy, a big coward.

2. Procrastinator - summed up aptly by this picture:
So, yeah, I tend to leave assignments till the very end, and then do them in a hurried panic. Same thing with studying for exams.

3. I'm not motivated to do much outside video games. I can go for hours trying to get all collectibles (assuming that they are beneficial to me in some way) but I can't for the life of me give a damn about work.

4. I make consistently bad decisions pertaining to my life. So far, this has been directed towards my studies. Every time I had to make a choice of what to study, it always comes back to bite me in the ass.

5. I'm indecisive - this could be linked to the above, but I'm terrified of making a bad decision, or a decision that would make people angry with me or disappointed.


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Feb 14, 2010
Xarathox said:
Yeah, It's a thing. Your school probably should have picked up on that and given you extra support. :(

Hagi said:
And I thought I had it tough...

TizzytheTormentor said:
Tizzy! What a pleasure to have you in my thread! Yeah, I can relate to your thoughts regarding procrastination and distraction. I guess you're probably right about the difference between social awkwardness and shyness too.



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Jan 10, 2013
1) I fall in love too quickly. Before I've asked some of them out, I've already picked what colour tiles we'll have in our downstairs toilet.

2) Timid around women I 'like'. Don't get me wrong, it's not all women I get awkward around. I have many female friends, several of whom are very attractive. I can get along like a house on fire with women I 'like', but when it comes to asking them out, I just pussyfoot around too much. I end up asking the women far too late, and some times another guy will come along and ask when I'm still trying to build up courage.

3) My body. All round, I consider myself pretty unattractive. I'm very slim, little to no muscle mass, and I've got a concave chest. Women are far from hurling themselves at me.

4) Find it hard to move on. I've not had much practise of breaking up with someone, having never had a girlfriend, but I find it hard to stop thinking of the ones the women involved in problem number 2. Just can't get them out of my head.

5) Timidness in general. When I'm texting someone, telling a joke amongst friends, posting something on Facebook, or even just posting here on the Escapist, I'm constantly racking everything I'm about to say/type/post, just incase I offend someone, or make a joke that might fall flat.


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Jun 30, 2011
1: My worst quality is I'm shy, ridiculously so. The only way I've ever made a friend is when they have broken the awkward silence. Being as shy as me tends to make a social life become..... non existent, and the chances of me getting a girlfriend are majorly affected by this.

2: I have a temper, which only exposes itself about once a year due to my ego being able to bounce off most things.

3: I procrastinate a lot.

4: I'm mean spirited a lot of the time.

5: My ego does make me a bit of an arse sometimes.

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Jul 15, 2008
Can being too much of a wonderful person be considered a flaw? Because I have that :p

Arrogant. Only a little bit mind, but hey if I wasn't surrounded by idiots all the time I would have no need to be arrogant.

Bit of an ego. I do love myself... well someone has to.

Seem to make a misleading first impression. For some reason I give the impression that I am a shy person, when that is really not the case.

Go overboard with work. I have tendency to work 110% at something to the soul exclusion of everything else.

Get stressed out. Kind of ties into the above. Though I've actually gotten better at this one, I hardly ever get majorly stressed out about things now.


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Jul 10, 2009
1.) Have become burnout lazy. The academic grind has gotten to me, and it's hard to shake the apathy.
2.) I'm a fucked up person. Lots of shit comes into this, but yeah, my head is an uncomfortable space.
3.) I can be abrasive in communication. Although, often I don't care if I am, so I guess that ones not always so bad.
4.) I'm terrible at sticking to plans.
5.) Body trolls me and I troll it. I can sleep for 20 hours at a time, I never get woken by the alarm into a wakeful state, but a zombie one, exercise has never been easy for me, insomnia comes all to easily, and I'm hungry all the fucking time. Thank goodness for caffiene, cigarettes and alcohol (That's me trolling it back).

Oh, and I have a small problem with sarcasm abuse. It took a lot of effort to answer this honestly.


Nov 11, 2011
I dont like to work.
I have an addictive personality.
I am socially awkward.
I am manipulative.
Things are either black or white. No greys.

Well, that sums up a borderline personality disorder perfectly...LOL

Mr F.

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Jul 11, 2012
1) I know I am smart. Sometimes this leads to arrogance, more often it leads to disdain. I barely go to lectures because even if I don't, I still outperform my peers in my seminars.

2) I take shit too seriously. Sometimes I find it hard to be happy because I just sit back and think about the shit thats going on. Its hard to find the motivation to get work done when you regularly dwell on how the world is one stolen nuke away from obliteration.

3) Bi-polar depression. I class that as one of my flaws. Although sometimes it is wonderful, the mania, the sheer volume of my creative power when my mind sets itself on fire. And yet the time when the mania is helpful are few and far between, mostly it leads me to do stupid shit, like fuck a friend, hack myself open with a kitchen knife or "Reorganize" my room.

4) Procrastination. I should be writing a 2,000 word essay that is due in tomorrow. Instead I am posting this. Yesterday I spent 5 hours playing flash games instead of working.

5) My past. I know I have no control over it but if I consider the amount of damage my past has had upon my present, how much damage it will have upon my future, how much damage it has done to relationships and friendships, I can seriously consider this to be a flaw. You cannot escape your past, only bury it, you can never run away from it because it is the reason you are running. And when it comes back up, well, that just aint very happy.


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May 24, 2011
1) I'm poor.
2) I'm poor.
3) I'm poor.
4) I'm poor.
5) Did I mention I'm poor?

You guys living in western societies don't know how many benefits you have if you work hard for it. The world is literally at your feet, you just have to reach out and grab it. Where I'm from, it's more or less the ass hole of the planet. You can work as hard as you can, dedicate yourself as much as you want, be as intelligent as you can be, but hey... if you're not "someone's relative" you pretty much have a 1% chance of making it. Only place you can probably be somebody is the army or police force.

On the other hand, it's good to know your weaknesses and shortcomings, we all have to overcome our situations, to get out of our shells and say: "hell, it's who I am. I can't be anyone else. Might as well be me. You don't like it? there's 7 billion other people out there. Go bother them."