Your Opinion: Which games have made you not to trust Nintendo anymore?


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Mar 2, 2011
Why are you making it sound like everyone lost trust in Nintendo? I still love all of the franchises I loved since the 90's.
All of them have their ups and downs, but in general, the quality is overall the same. The games are well polished and deliver what Nintendo says they will deliver. Mario, Zelda, Smash, Kirby, Donkey Kong, Luigi's Mansion, Fire Emblem and many more, all of them are still franchises I love and can't wait for the next installment. I was never really a huge fan of Metroid, but I enjoy the franchise as well. Yeah, I agree that Other M is outright bad compared to the Prime games. There is no excuse, but it's the "downs" part that I mentioned at the beginning. While the Federation Force doesn't seem to be a classic Metroid game, it does seem interesting to me. But I don't have friends with a 3DS, nor do I own one so yeah... not gonna get it.

So no, Nintendo never lost my trust. It was never blind trust to begin with. I see the flaws in their games, but I still enjoy them the same as I still see the flaws in TittyFall on PC or Tribes: Ascend but still enjoy the games.


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Apr 8, 2010
There are no specific games that make me not trust Nintendo, but I do feel the New SMB games were not enough of a step up and the sequels too similar, not to mention the boring music.

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Jun 27, 2013
Roboshi said:
I think the Wii was a bold experiment for the time and while it was fun for a time it wore thin. The Wii motion plus and Skyward sword was nintendo having one last crack at it before abandoning it almost entirely (only having minor gyro controls on the WiiU)

Metroid; other M's problems were down to a director pulling a george lucas and forgetting what made his series good in the first place.

You seem to be missing out Twilight princess, often considered one of the best Zelda games out there.

As for the DS? those are really only meant to be picked up if you need the upgrade. You say DS though there have been 2 distinct handheld systems as the DS and the 3DS are completely different handheld generations.

The DS had 3 main versions; Base model, lite and the final DSi version.

the 3DS has really only had 3 with varying sizes for personal preference, and the 2DS was a version purely made for kids as it was a cheaper, studier unit with no 3D mode (and the fact it was released allongside pokemon spoke volumes about it's true intentions)

I mean compare the DS with the number of PS3's and Xbox360s there have been over the years.
I was actually okay with the Wii, I thought it would have been interesting, but unfortunately for me, the thing was a piece of shit form the get go. The controller just didn't work well enough for me, ever, and by the time the wii motion plus came out, it was too late. And that thing didn't help that much either.

True enough, but that doesn't help it being terrible. At least the prequels have stupid sweet sword fights.

I played Twilight Princess on Gamecube, and it's pretty sweet. And actually one of my favorite ones, in the top 3, and I never played it on Wii because it works well on gamecube, and i'm not gonna bother with the wii controller if I don't have to.

I was using both 3DS and DS in this example. I mean the DS I cant take a few models getting better, but the 3DS is kinda terrible in their new model every other year. But, you know, I may just be super bitter about the whole new 3DS that older models can't play.

The PS3 would be a apt comparison there, as first gen had capabilities others didn't, but funnily enough it's kinda backwards, as they lost features as they went along. Xbox 360 models, as far as i'm aware, never really gained or lost features, and so it's kinda moot.


Oct 5, 2011
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inu-kun said:
Federation Force isn't prime.

I was looking forward to Metroid Prime when it came out. I thought it was weird, but I still thought it would be cool, ke because it did something more. Federation Force looks like what Prime used to be, severally dumbed down. Smaller environments, slower combat, kiddified designs, the main character of Metroid nowhere to be seen and staring the Marines that no one asked for.

Other people and I don't hate it because of changes. We hate it because of all the changes look stupid. Kind of what X-COM declassified looked like before Enemy Unknown was announced.

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Jan 24, 2012
Let me think.

-Constant stream of Mario games (which seems to be less now),
-Other fucking M
-Their lack of content control, allowing shovelware to be released for the Wii
-To an extend Skyward Sword aswell

And while not games, their constant hardware revisions for the DS and 3DS killed it for me aswell.


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Sep 23, 2010
Well there was Wii Music, which contained about 5 classic Nintendo game songs, 5 unrecognizable Wii songs, and 40 public domain songs. The game was advertised with the Mario theme song, but, yeah, I totally got this game so I could play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

There was also Mario All-Stars re-released for the Wii. Over $30 to buy the exact same game they sold back in 1993 (and not even the version that contains Super Mario World), and this was supposed to celebrate 25 years of Mario? Wow, Nintendo, what an extravagant commemoration of Mario's past glory. I can't even begin to understand how they managed to fit those 4 massive games onto one tiny DVD. And all the effort that was put into ripping the rom from the Super Nintendo cartridge and plopping it on the disc, just wow. Sega on the other hand, released Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection around the same time and included 48 popular retro titles as well as information, trivia, box art, and cartridge art for each game.

Then Super Paper Mario was also quite a disappointment. It was mostly okay, not nearly as good as Thousand Year Door, but man was it obvious how little effort went into the art direction this time around. Pretty much every new character consisted of random shapes mashed together with little thought and were completely unappealing.

Finally there was Skyward Sword. This game was just straight up bad. About half the game was padding; just going back to the same places again and again, doing meaningless tasks for the gods to prove that you are indeed worthy of the privilege of saving everyone from certain destruction. Other than that, the motion controls were bad (Red Steel 2 had better sword fighting), the characters were boring, the cloud map sucked and was way too big, the flying controls were awkward, and Fi won't shut up for two minutes and let me figure out this puzzle on my own! I could go on for pages still, but instead I'll just post Matthewmatosis' excellent analysis.



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Nov 20, 2008
Oh, that's easy. Not a game, but a different product. Any machine that they can remotely brick is dead to me. This is supposedly an anti-piracy measure, but this could happen to anyone, really, accident or not. AND I bet you dollars-to-donuts that the pirates know how to get around it anyway, as per usual. This is a GOOD reason to not buy Nintendo.


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Jun 10, 2009
I lost faith in Nintendo when they kept putting out a new console with each new Pokemon game and restricting exclusive Pokemon to shopping centers in other countries, Gotta go Fuck yourselves Nintendo.

Also the lacking 3rd party support, lacking tech, and losing Rare sort of made Nintendo less appealing over the years with only Metroid Prime series being premium crack cocaine I was interested in.

If they ditched the crappy consoles and just made games for everything, I'd "trust" them a lot more. Frankly I'm looking forward to the gaming singularity, that gets rid of the mobile, console and PC distinction. No more console wars, PC master racers and whales, imagine that!

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Dec 3, 2008
inu-kun said:
I meant that more in "they changed it so it sucks",
Is that the case here, though? People are "losing faith in Nintendo" based on some pretty odious choices. I don't get whjy they had faith in the first place, but the treatment of the Metroid franchise has been kind of crappy for almost a decade.

If people were "losing faith" because Hyrule Warriors existed, or because they'd considered a girl Link as an additional character, or because Prime existed, or any of my prior examples, that'd be one thing. "They changed it, now it sucks" would apply there.

But here? I get the response, even if I think the dicton is needlessly hyperbolic.


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Oct 30, 2012
I don't "trust" a company, but Nintendo would be one that I would trust if I absolutely had to.

In terms of games they're almost always rock solid, with a few hiccups here and there. They understand that games should be fun first and foremost, and I can't not respect that in a day and age where "Games are art."

Their games work out of the box, with maybe some exceptions? They certainly haven't had any larger issues like other pubs and developers have had. I guess Federation Force is a problem, and if I had the new console or DS or whatever it's on I'd be miffed. But I never bought a Wii or Wii U. So I wasn't really hankering to get it.

Calling Prime a FPS is kind of a disservice. Yeah it's in first person, but it's not a shooter in the same vain as other shooters are. It's more of a first person puzzle platformer where the chief factor in interacting with the environment happens to be a gun. It's literally Super Metroid done in 3D, with a few things switched and added, right down to the remixed OST.

Right now my criticisms are are more to do with their tertiary practices, and not specifically the games. They treat youtubers like crap with draconian internet policies. Their amibo shit is starting to get shady from what I've been reading. Also they seem to be putting out new handhelds at a faster pace. Which is the main reason keeping me from getting a DS.

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Feb 3, 2013
There is no point in trusting a company more than you have to or anybody or anything I suppose but ofc I trust my friends and family much more than I do a company.

So they have done nothing to make me lose what I never gave them. As a company I have issues with them but not as much as I have with other such as EA or MS for example. But the fact is they dont make games that appeal to me as much as they used to.

I still buy their products and for the most part they are solid and a few have given me great enjoyment but most just feel like I am playing a game I have played before but with a new coat of paint its solid but it just does not do it for me really.

I bought the Wii U purely for Bayonetta 2 and Xenoblade Chronicles X i.e non in house Nintendo games and non traditional IP (I know Monolith Soft is A first party studio now). If they ahd more games like this I would not be complaianing and would buy a lot more games on their system but they dont. I am hopeful that the new Project Zero game gets a release here still because I will buy that for sure.


Feb 9, 2010
Catfood220 said:
The many many third party games released in the Wii
So the games that made you lose trust in Nintendo were games that they didn't develop?All righty then

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Jan 23, 2013
I trust them about as much as any other game company. (It helps that I'm only a Metroid and Zelda fan, and "buy on day one" might be a thing of the past for at least one of those franchises.) They've done things in the past that were questionable or obviously not in the best interest of their loyal fans. Though, I do expect their games to be of the higher quality (far fewer bugs, actually finished before pressing discs, etc) than the typical AAA release.

The way they handled the launch and advertising of the Wii U and their apparent lack of current support for the machine has me skeptical of buying an NX (if it really will replace the Wii U) until it certainly looks to be a good investment. Unfortunately, that's one of the issues the Wii U had for much of its life; no one is buying it, because there aren't any games for it, because no one is buying it. If we find out many Wii U titles were switched over to the NX, it might will be a blow to Nintendo's reputation.

The criticisms in the Matthewmatosis video above and the rest of his Zelda reviews almost perfectly match what I feel about the Zelda series' flaws and how Big N should improve the franchise. (getting more tutorial heavy without an option to skip, gesture controls need more work before implementing them (the touchscreen only DS Zeldas are the only two I ever got rid of), Fi and other people/signs point out the obvious or don't give the player a change to think for themselves, etc.)

I sure am wondering what people inside the company feel about the Metroid franchise, especially after Other M's poor attempt at turning in into a story-driven franchise. The backlash from that game has shaken up the directors in charge of the franchise. (I think Yoshio Sakamoto even swore to never return to Metroid.) They even ignored fan demand for a simple 2D game on the DS/3DS, which should have been easy for Nintendo to do. They also seem to once again be passing up a Metroid title on another console generation.

There's an unnamed Wii U project in the works at the original Prime developer, Retro Studios, and I am hoping it's a surprise Metroid title to celebrate 30 years of screw attacking. But it is far more likely to be a different franchise, (hopefully for its fans, the even more dormant F-Zero series) and no matter what IP the project is based off, it could be held back to give the NX a more powerful launch lineup.


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Aug 31, 2009
I'm not going to say that I distrust Nintendo but between Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks, Twilight Princess-Wii and, Skyward Sword I find it really difficult to trust that any new, modern Legend of Zelda's will be playable with a traditional control scheme/controller. Skyward Sword was made difficult because I had to constantly re-calibrate my Wiimote. I played TP on the Gamecube and quite enjoyed it but the two DS games were straight up unplayable for me. My fingers are crossed for the option to play the next console Legend of Zelda games with a traditional control Wind Waker. Wind Waker was awesome on GC AND Wii U.


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Jul 2, 2009
I can't say I ever lost my trust with Nintendo but I would say I have grown out of or away from the games they produce. Plus they didn't have that many third party titles and the ones they did have just didn't appeal to me or I already owned them on another system, Resident Evil 4 being a prime example.

As far as I know they've improved with the Wii U in regards to the number of third party titles and I won't deny that I was tempted by Zombie U but for me they still don't offer as much as the competition.


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Mar 1, 2014
??? Nintendo at it's worse is still better then the large amount of vanilla midgets they have for competition. Just a rock solid performer you can count on.