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Brad Shepard

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Sep 9, 2009
Ultratwinkie said:
Brad Shepard said:
Ultratwinkie said:
Brad Shepard said:
Welp, looks like im done with Yatzee, and btw, it is racist when people make fun of whites for the sake of there white, they are making fun of them for there race, thus its racist.
wow. Just wow.

So much butthurt over what Yahtzee said. Wow.

Whites don't have it as bad in terms of racism.

What do whites get that others don't get 10x over?

Small dick jokes? Asians hear them all the time.

White jokes? Everyone has jokes about their race.

Affirmative action? Whites already have that, its called normal life. Only difference is that affirmative action is trying to change statistics of minorities being poorer and less fortunate. That's it.

White privilege is like male privilege, just because you don't recognize it doesn't mean it isn't a real thing.
Oh you are one of "Those" people huh? Please, for the sake of everyone, get over yourself, male privilege? White privilege? Come the hell on. and there is no butthurt here, im just sick of all this differentiation that everyone is trying to do right now, this CIS gender shit, thin privilege, all that bullshit is retarded as shit.

The entire point of this is to close racial and gender gaps. Gaps people don't normally think about unless presented to them. Ignoring issues do not solve them. Only way minds can be changed is with exposure. The very reason we progress as a species, by exposure. Shying away is running away from a problem.

Saying we should ignore it is like ignoring your house being on fire. Only said by people who don't want to deal with real issues or acknowledge they exist unless they effect them personally.
seeing how often you have posted in this tread, its clear that you will not take a point that does not agree with your own, you just want to argue, well, i wont give you that satisfaction, dont bother replying, you are blocked.
Sep 24, 2008
Honestly, this whole thread has made me severely uncomfortable with all the seething going on.

For a little bit, I think I'm going to feel uncomfortable being a non-white escapist member. There's just... a lot of anger here.


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Nov 9, 2009
Well... I'll admit something: I liked Blops 1. At least in Blops 1 it turns out that all the antagonists seem stupidly evil because you were brainwashed to think they were. And not in that meta way that America brainwashes it citizens; I mean your character was actually brainwashed to hate every pore on the enemy's stupid face. And their little dog too. About in the middle of a battle I started getting the impression that everyone else was having a slightly different experience than the one you were having. I was able to enjoy that disconnect despite all of the frenetic spunkgargleweewee.

So I was thinking that I might like the Blops 2 campaign but I guess not. Doesn't matter, the vast majority of spunkgargleweewee fanatics enjoy this game for the multiplayer. I'm pretty sure less than 50% of them have even looked at the start screen for the campaign. That's why they give the option to load the game at the multiplayer screen.


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Mar 15, 2010
In answer to your question, Yahtzee: yes it probably was, but it is founded on the existing practice of naming a certain class of naval ship (Destroyers, iirc) after presidents, i.e. USS Abraham Lincoln. Naming of the ship the "Barack Obama" implies that sometime in the future, his presidency rose to historical significance. In addition, certain conflicts must have escalated dramatically to warrant construction of additional heavy naval vessels (at least 6 more, as I recall... and can't be assed to look it up).

It is both an homage to, and a joke at the expense of Barack Obama, sort of like Star Trek made fun of 70's culture.
...except Star Trek did it on purpose.


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Mar 3, 2010
Al-Bundy-da-G said:
You know what screw this shit. I'm tired of Cod and BF getting shit on by Yahtzee everytime one comes out, so I'll say this "fuck serious sam" . I picked up SS3 during the steam sale and you want to know what's freaking boring and uninteresting? Walking through a deserted town for ten minutes with no indication on where to got and finding only one enemy and tapping the "Kill Shit" melee button to get past him.

Else I picked up Painkiller as well. It bored me just as much as SS3 did. I couldn't quit fast enough to play TF2. This made realise a couple things. One, Yahtzee has extremely opposite tastes to my own when it comes to shooters. BulletStorm, Borderlands 1 & 2, CoD:BO2, even Duke Nukem Forever he trashes all of these and I personally enjoyed every single one as opposed to his recommendations And two a game can have as many unique and colorful enemies and guns as is possible to fit on the disc, yet still turn out to be shit. i.e. Painkiller
A wise man once said that if you like a game then nothing should deter your fondness for it.

Do you know who that wise man was? Yahtzee.


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Jun 24, 2009
I'm British and I'm not ashamed of my country. I'm sad to see that isn't the case for you Yahtzee. Taking the piss out of the brits for all being tea drinkers with bad teeth or all Americans are fat is totally fine but saying that we should all feel guilty and apologize for simply being born white is absurd. Why do people in the entertainment industry all jump on the white guilt bandwagon?

I'm glad I listened to your audiobook beforehand as it would have effected my enjoyment of it. I will still look forward to next week as whatever your views are, at least the vast majority of your content is funny.


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Jan 8, 2010
Ultratwinkie said:
Because Just Cause 2 doesn't make "America fuck yeah" popular or as far as blops does.
That is true, but my problem is that Yahtzee seems to suggest that whites killing non-whites is by definition racism, even if they are just defending themselves.

Ultratwinkie said:
America has destroyed a lot of nations in its past, often due to fear of communism. Its a particularly touchy subject in South America, who had to deal with American imperialism propping up dictators who kill thousands. All so communists won't "undermine America" which would have never happened anyway because the "domino" theory was pure bull shit.
Every nation has skeletons in the closet, but I don't really see why the current generation has to bear the sins of their ancestors. I am aware that BLOPS 2 subject matter is very touchy, but to me it all comes down to how well the game handles it.

Ultratwinkie said:
military shooters fall into the same pit as Home Front and red dawn, a plot so paranoid and fearful you'd swear it was written by a nutcase amassing an armory of guns to go on a killing spree of "communist spies." The same nutcases who would go on a killing spree the moment they imagine the government doing anything because "they are communist puppets."
I agree. I haven't played Homefront but some of the promotional material did make me really uncomfortable, but again, I think it comes down to the fact that it just didn't handle it's subject matter very well.

Ultratwinkie said:
There is nationalism, and there is just being plain creepy. Games seem to be passing the line between the two. Especially when military shooters make a habit of gunning down people in the third world with very little way to fight back.
So if we gave them all laser guns and armored robots it would be okay then? Also, the enemies in these games aren't exactly what I would call defenseless. They've killed me more times then I can count.

Ultratwinkie said:
Where is the fun of a armed to the teeth military man shooting a poor farmer in the third world? Where?
Are there really any places where you do that? Also, if the farmer is trying to kill you then I don't really see the problem.

Ultratwinkie said:
Beating up on the defenseless would make me look like an asshole. Its like a game where you beat up new born babies, it just doesn't seem that fair.
True, but once again, I don't recall anywhere in the COD franchise where you do that. Are you referring to the C-130 section in COD4 and other similar sequences?

Ultratwinkie said:
Also: he calls military shooters spunk gargle wee wee because he hates the genre.
I know that. I just don't agree with that. I may not like the Michael Bay Tranformers films, but that doesn't mean that they shouldn't be called "movies".


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Dec 20, 2009
Well that was.. um.. interesting. Was that a review or a rant? I mean I don't really take what yahtzee says as reviews most of the time but usually I get something out of it. I guess in this case, he doesn't like white people shooting people? So was the game play good? How were the graphics? Story telling? Most people buy this for Multi-player and Zombies anyway.. so.. moving on now.


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Jan 17, 2010
Zeldias said:
Just popping in to say racism is about more than people hurting/being mean to you. It's also about the systems of oppression that operate throughout our (in my case, American) culture. White people can't be victims of racism because racism is about more than people hurting you; it's about institutions, stereotypes, and culture seeking to bring people who look like you down or keep you as less than. It's about privileging the history of one dominant ethnic group over all others. It's about erasure and faulty assumptions, even the ones that sound good ("I don't see color, I see people," for example, becomes a method of blaming victims of, say, residential segregation or white gentrification, on people of color or ignoring the fact that it happens entirely).

White privilege is about not having to notice or think about this or be affected by it. It's about having an entire history and culture of a nation dedicated to raising you and people who look like you up. White privilege is when a white kid in my class complains to me that s/he can't write about her/his culture be s/he is white (as if whites have no culture; it's American culture! It's the culture of western Europe!). Racism is about normalizing whiteness so that everyone thinks white people are the standard.
So the cure to the belief in white exceptionalism, is to believe in yet more white exceptionalism? That he and he alone of amongst all of humanity's children has been cursed with so much awesome that the only way to level the playing field and bring all men, women and children together in glorious racial harmony is for him, and him alone, to shoot himself in the foot.

What exactly are you hawking here exactly?

The white man's burden 2.0, or maybe something catchier like the iBurden?

How many poor & disfranchised minorities (because multi-generational working-class white people don't exist, or if they do it's they're own damn fault for not capitalising on being so 'awesomely' white) do you have to help out before you feel less guilty of the fact your entire existence is ultimately made possible by the wholescale exploitation of foreign materials and labour?

You want to seriously start addressing 'institutional racism', how about trying to pay for everything you consume in your day-to-day life as if every hand that was involved in it's production were paid the minimum American wage. And then we will see just how much you've got leftover to spend on video games at the end of the week, and how long you want to keep it up for.


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Aug 11, 2012

I used to think yahtzee was funny, actually using satire to deconstruct the game in a funny manner Now its just preachy. It pretty much just sounds like:


Okay, admittidly, its presented in a much more eloquent form, but the point remains the same.And this is coming form a person who really only rarley plays CoD (not that that ACTUALLY gives me more credibility)


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Apr 15, 2009
"But Yahtzee, you didn't review the ground breaking and outstanding multiplayer! It's an important part of the game and you didn't even acknowledge it!"

...said a horde of cunts

Arren Kae

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Nov 10, 2010
You want to type about institutionalized racism? It's illegal for a white man to own a business in Zimbabwe.

catalyst8 said:
Because Whites are never the victims of racism. Oh, wait:
'That?s makes 4 attacks that we know of so far related to blacks engaging in lynch mob mentality to attack whites because they feel "justified".'
Don't forget schools raise blacks to believe everything wrong with their lives is the fault of whites. So whites are robbed to fund institutions which indoctrinate blacks to be hostile to them.

The media reinforces and maintains these beliefs with lies like "a white man murdered an innocent black boy" when in fact Zimmerman was half jewish, half puerto rican, 0% white.

Father Time said:
Arren Kae said:
Yahtzee has imbibed white guilt so strongly he complains when a story doesn't punish whites for imagined evils or portrays non-whites as anything but righteous and pure.

How are whites privileged? Under the law, it's illegal for a business to be all-white. Whites are forced to disfavor our people under threat-of-violence from the state. Whites are robbed through the issuance of new currency to pay for non-white housing, food, electricity, cell phones, plasma tvs, lobster dinners, schooling, medical care, and any other thing non-whites want.
1 Are you just substituting poor for non-white?

Arren Kae said:
Meanwhile whites are robbed, assaulted, raped, and murdered by non-whites (excluding asians) disproportionately. Yet if a white man so much as is accused of saying an ill word against another race he risks imprisonment.
2 Come to the U.S. where you can say anything you want against any race (except calls for violence), even if it's racist.

Arren Kae said:
In Yahtzee's jolly old England it's legal for muslim women to beat a white woman while screaming "kill the slag" but if a white mother expresses concern about her son growing up in such an environment she'll be held prisoner, fined, and her son kidnapped by the state.
3 I call BS.

Arren Kae said:
You want to talk about slavery? You know who practiced slavery? Everyone. You know who was the first people to decide slavery was wrong and they wouldn't practice it anymore? Whites. Slavery is still practiced today in northern africa by jews and arabs, as it has been for generations, and there are more north-african slaves today than there ever were slaves in a european nation, canada, or the USA.
4 Source?

Arren Kae said:
As for homosexuals, his argument is entirely factitious and he knows it.
5 Come to the U.S. you'll find people who actually do think this is persecution. Even when their church won't be forced to marry.
1. No.
You don't know your country very well. If someone makes an issue over something you've said you can easily lose your job, get arrested, and/or fined.

3. You should follow events outside your country.

4. History.
5. If you can believe that not forcing another man to obey your will means you are persecuted then you have demonstrated a capacity for doublethink.

Rikortez said:
Remember guys, check your white privilege at least twice a day. And if any minority insults or is racist towards you, its your own fault for being a privileged white male cis.

Seriously, i was very disappointed Yahtzee, never expect this kind of thing coming from you.
Yahtzee says "I feel so bad playing a white character killing non-whites, OH GOD MY WHITE GUILT!" every episode the subject comes up. This episode's the worst he's ever done b/c there's nothing else to it but self-flagellating, "shame on me for being a white man".