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    Is Anime Healthy?

    It really depends on the type of show your watching. Back when Toonami was on, long runners like Dragonball Z and Sailor Moon were long, but seemed mostly episodic. Most of the shows I watch now focus more heavily on characters themselves and how they are with others. Having Characters who...
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    Your "I'm an idiot" moments in gaming.

    Most recently. Dark Souls, after the easy fight with Pinwheel I couldn't find any way out. I walked around the tiny room looking for a way out. Took me 5 minutes before I noticed the ladder made of stone embedded into the wall. I facepalmed.
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    Escapist News Now: Why Destiny Isn't Coming to the PC

    Not being for PC is kind of surprising to me. The most difficult platforms to program for will be the 360 and PS3 compared to the XBOX 1 and PS4 which have the same architecture as a PC. Though there will be rendering differences on the new platforms, DirectX vs OpenGL, but the non-rending...
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    GTA V $ 2,147,483,647 Glitch Could Wipe Your Cash Away

    Still using 32-bit signed ints for money ugh. Heck, unsigned int would up it to 5.4 billion limit and negative amounts of money in game shouldn't happen. Developers need to splurge on 8-byte ints, aka long ints. 9,223,372,036,854,775,807 is a sufficiently large number with a small overhead that...
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    Why do PC Gamers Oppose Using a Controller?

    I'm a PC gamer but I don't hate on controllers. They are better for certain games and I use it for them. Racing games, platformers, third person rpg's. I do prefer mouse and keyboard for anything first person though. Elder Scrolls and FPS is general. Poorly done Keyboard and mouse...
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    Deus Ex: The Fall Disables Weapons on Jailbroken Devices

    I'm not sure if you realize that is exactly what happened if you tried play certain securom games a few years back. Obviously if you have a ghost drive on your PC you are a dirty pirate/cheater in Battlefield 2, the online game with cd keys tied to your account. I know other DRM did it as...
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    No Right Answer: 90's Cartoon Most Deserving a Reboot

    Oh yes Gargoyles. The villains were very interesting. Science-fantasy with references to things that stand the test of time, Shakespeare references back when I didn't know who Shakespeare was. It used science for shifter/were stuff. So much awesome.
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    Poll: Virginity. purity, innocence

    Connecting Virginity to purity and innocence doesn't make sense to me. Though being 21 and virgin doesn't bother me, I was one of the people who identified as asexual once I learned it was a thing. Sexuality is definitely something people should be aware of with themselves. Knowing what it is...
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    Metro: Last Light Dev Explains Locked FOV

    Separate FOV for view models and world view is a normal thing that engines can handle. People want higher world view FOV, that doesn't mean you need to do much work, unless you are using world models as your first-person models.
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    Jim & Yahtzee's Rhymedown Spectacular: The Quest Not Taken

    Oh yes, Animal Crossing's insane logic. Tom Nook isn't trust worthy. A raccoon dealing in lies and deceit. He is nothing but a loan shark. For a crook is certainly he.
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    Zero Punctuation: Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

    The final boss fight that Yahtzee describes is so mind blowingly awesome that I just thinking about it the only possible improvement would be to add "boosters" *cough*jetpack*cough* to the Blood Dragons you're riding. Blood Dragons on Gliders, yes.
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    Zero Punctuation: Star Trek

    Darn, I was hoping this week would be Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. I do agree that Pitch Black was the best of the Chronicles of Riddick movies.
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    Nintendo Misses Profits Forecast By 50 Percent

    In 2007 when I built a gaming PC it had an Intel C2D E6550 MSI 650i motherboard 2GB of DDR2-800 Nvidia 8800GT 250GB hard drive 2GB of that ram cost me $90. In the winter of 2011 when I upgraded I got 16GB of ram for $90. It is definitely something ever 5 years, it seems to come in...
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    Why We Have Checkpoint Saves

    Im a CpE Major and its not that hard to create a save system. Various objects in-game relate to known structures, there are a known number of states for each object. For instance we have enemy soldier, he will have an object ID, position and orientation, current behavior (from a finite...
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    Nintendo Misses Profits Forecast By 50 Percent

    No, but the new hardware is very nice for developers. They can spend less time figuring out how to get the game to run 60fps at 1920x1080. Extra memory is very nice for developers, allowing them to keep more things in memory and make transitions smoother without faking it, like with elevator...