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    OnLive Founder Is Out

    I'll second the "Really? Fucking really?"
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    Escape to the Movies: Expendables 2

    Hobo with a shotgun was horrible.
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    BioShock Infinite Is in Trouble, Loses Key Developers

    I've heard they're still doing changes to it this far in. I wouldn't be surprised if the ship date sailed by.
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    Feed Dump: Girls Dump

    LeeLee could always change her name to KeeKee for an episode for the unkomfortable KKK edition of feed dump.
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    The R Word

    We should start to use the word pillage in the gaming community instead. It means the same thing without nearly as much horrible flashbackness and makes you think of pirates.
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    Diablo Gets Demolished, Hardcore Style

    Personally I could care less about other people beating a game I play, although the Community Manager's comments were a joke. It really shows an unprofessional attitude to the community.
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    Habbo Readies For "The Great Unmute"

    My thoughts exactly.
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    Rumor: Leaked Design Doc Outs Next-Gen Xbox

    To all the people talking about the price being too low, if Microsoft is looking to bundle it with a pay TV service, 299 sounds just right to me.
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    Get Back Up

    I'm pretty sure the whole trapped on an island, tied upside down, friend strung up and killed, team killed and or captured was motivation enough. It isn't rape here, but the attempt of rape and in context, was "Rape is bad, look at this obvious bad guy trying to abuse his power on Laura. It's...
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    Angry Birds Space Snags 50 Million Monthly Downloads

    This article seems to use downloads and selling interchangeably which the source doesn't claim. Bad news article is bad.
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    Update: Reddit Suicide Lawsuit Is a Hoax

    Not the best Example considering John Bobbitt was CRAZY abusive to Lorena.
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    Real Dragon Shouts Coming to Skyrim

    I would have bought a kinect for this if I haven't already beat the game and moved on. Oh well.
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    Hardcore Gamers Sticking to Retail

    Please, as soon as Microsoft & Sony start making games direct download similar to steam and 10 bucks cheaper, it will wreck the gaming stores as a whole. I can't wait.
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    Sliding Game Sales Hammer Best Buy

    That's because they bought Suncoast, stripped them of inventory and then sold them a year or two later to the company that owns FYE.
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    Rumor: Next PlayStation Coming in Late 2013

    I was very amused by this statement.