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    #168: Cardio

    So was this all inspired by Crytal Pepsi? I know it was.
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    Working For a Living

    You don't wait until the weekend to put in applications. You do it during the week, with the idea of going into work tomorrow motivating you.
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    Good Bad Flicks: Scanners 2 The New Order

    If DS9 stands for Deep Space Nine there is nothing second rate about it. The first three seasons are a little uneven but once it hits its stride it is among the best Trek ever put to the small screen.
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    Back in Your Hole

    I managed to snag a copy and it is really well done. A shame more people won't get a chance to play it, especially because it literally costs Nintendo nothing.
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    After Poor Suicide Squad Reviews, Fan Creates Petition to Shut Down Rotten Tomatoes

    I feel like this is more a joke than people seriously wanting to shut down rottentomatoes. Rotten tomatoes is a review aggregator, they don't write these reviews themselves.
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    Senator calls for gambling legistaion against CS:GO

    Politicians are so out of touch, and for reason that seems to go double in Australia.
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    Poll: Windows 10- Worth It?

    I'd rather buy a license of Windows 10 or whatever is out in 2020, when Windows 7 is EOL, then put up with Windows 10.
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    Say you became super rich. Would you still make your kids work?

    You've got to work with what you've got. There are lots of strategies to work around your anxiety. There is talk therapy, medication, and finding jobs that require minimal social contact. Eventually everyone has to earn a wage.
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    Say you became super rich. Would you still make your kids work?

    Working isn't torture. I've seen people who were bailed out at every turn by their parents, in all cases it was extremely damaging to their ability to live adult lives and take responsibility for themselves. Every time.
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    Bethesda Says it's a Coincidence that a Far Harbor Quest Resembles a New Vegas Mod

    While the average quest mod doesn't have great writing at all, there are some that easily surpass anything Bethesda Softworks has done.
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    Bethesda Says it's a Coincidence that a Far Harbor Quest Resembles a New Vegas Mod

    I'd be quite frankly shocked if this were simply a coincidence.
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    Star Citizen Backer Gets $2,500 Refund

    Sounds like the wheels are just starting to fall off the biggest crowdfunding failure of all time.
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    Ghostbusters reviews are...positive!

    You don't know that you are wrong. There are plenty of reviews that say it is exactly what you've pegged it as and some of the positive reviews directly mention "basement dwelling gamergate types," leading me to believe that perhaps some portion of their review was politically motivated...
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    Zero Punctuation: Mighty No. 9

    Luckily outright scammers are quite rare and the community is usually very good at sniffing them out. I've only backed projects by known entities, while that alone does not ensure success I've yet to back something that didn't release. Of course for people without the combination of the...
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    Zero Punctuation: Mighty No. 9

    I would never urge people to back a project if they aren't comfortable with crowd funding. That being said it very different from pre-ordering, in that these are games that are not going to be made otherwise. NO ONE had made a Baldur's Gate/Pillars type game for well over a decade. Not only did...