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    Nothing beats Katawa Shoujo & Critical Miss it won't be long before Erin is seeing Misha follow her round.
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    For the Empress

    I think those drugs were the best thing to happenn to Erin since the car crash as hallucinating Link is cool, but hallucinating Link as a Space Marine is ten times cooler.
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    Disabled Girl Dating Sim Katawa Shoujo Finally Available

    Glad to help, hope you enjoy the endings.
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    Disabled Girl Dating Sim Katawa Shoujo Finally Available

    I hadn't played/read any visual novels before Katawa Shoujo and i was thoroughly blown away by it good story, excellent characters (can't stress this enough), great music and while i haven't played any other VNs from my experience i would say this is a perfect place to start.
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    Disabled Girl Dating Sim Katawa Shoujo Finally Available

    I'm going for you having not read the past fourteen pages that says how this game is a tasteful, well written story that is much more than the escapist gives them credit for, and before you start trying to argue with half baked opinions just download it and give it a try.
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    Deskimus Prime Skips A Beat with Katawa Shoujo

    Excellent review, i might use this if i need to convince my friends that nothing is wrong with thinking this is an amazing game, as this is more than a guilty pleasure for me.
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    Disabled Girl Dating Sim Katawa Shoujo Finally Available

    When i stumbled across this game it piqued my interest as i had nothing better to do & it seemed like an interesting concept to base a visual novel around. So i downloaded it and i started playing immediatly getting sucked in to the amazing story and characters, with the path i ended up doing...
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    Tetris Spokesman Calls Angry Birds a Fad

    If it came to me having to choose between Tetris & Angry Birds, Tetris would win in a heartbeat.
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    Bethesda Loses Latest Appeal Against Fallout MMO Devs

    I think bethesda's lawyers are not doing this because they want to sue them they want to sue people so they gain enough experience to do it properly
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    Critical Miss: Tet Rising

    I wonder what other wars he's covered?
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    The Big Picture: The War of the Gargantuas

    This is the point where bob says hes is related to beatrix potter and roland emmerich, because you know it's possible.
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    Escape to the Movies: Real Steel

    I somehow knew that it would be a good movie in the sense that movie bob liking it would be a fun 6 minutes to watch telling me so
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    $2.50 Reviews: 1408 (2007)

    Decided to watch the alternate ending, it did the job alright, might watch this film but never had a thing for horror.
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    Escapecraft: Cut The Crap

    For Escapia!!!
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    $2.50 Reviews: Crank (2006)

    only seen the second one is the first as mad as the second