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    Microsoft Kicks it Old School For April Fools', With MS-DOS For Windows Phone

    I think the real joke here is that Microsoft has their own line of phones... Okay, I'll take my leave now.
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    How Long Would It Take You to Play Through Your Steam Games?

    Not Twilight! The horror! D= [] But seriously, that's not too bad and with almost 900 hours [] on record I don't feel entirely ashamed.
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    Boy Brings Gun To School, Father Blames Minecraft

    Oh wow, that house is using trapdoors as window awnings, genius! I wish I would have thought of that. Oh right, there's some dumb story about parent negligence... Or maybe it was it a story about dumb?
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    Molyneux's Godus Now Available Via Steam Early Access

    Alright, thanks. I was wondering if the game had anything compelling to justify getting it now (like if it's fun or intriguing or whatever). I can certainly wait if any such change occurs, in the mean time I have Planetary Annihilation to keep me occupied.
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    Firefall PvP Being Suspended

    Yeah, other than the announcement to make the game go to open beta, there really isn't anything news worthy. However, at the moment, the PvE world is pretty fun to play in. There's just enough quests and character variety to get anyone hooked for a while (As opposed to how I felt about it before...
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    Guild Wars 2's Super Adventure Box Returns With More

    Oh man, I have to stop holding out and buy GW2 already. I was hoping that eventually there might be a discount. But from the looks of it, that $50 price tag might be justifiable.
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    Peter Molyneux's Godus Goes With Free-to-Play Publisher Done and done.
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    The Big Picture: The Boot, Part Two

    I don't know the anime personally, but after looking around I think it might be Ninja scroll.
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    The Big Picture: The Boot, Part Two

    I hear mention of Gargoyles a lot of the time and how awesome it is, but I have never seen it for myself... Maybe I should give in and look for it, but I'm not sure where to start.
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    Jim and Yahtzee Join Forces in Rhymedown Spectacular

    0_o... Mind = blown! OT: I really liked this show, I am definitely looking forward to the next installment.
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    Minecraft Sells 10 Million Copies, Teases Horses in Update

    But horses exist in real life... It was not an original idea created by an individual/modder. I will consent, however, that somethings in Minecraft now were originally mods, like the piston. But is it stealing if Mojang asks for consent?
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    Cop Blames Videogames For Sandy Hook Massacre

    Breathing is for the weak! o_O
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    Ouya CEO Plans To Release New Console Every Year

    BHAhahahahahahhaahaha... Oh wait, you're serious? Let me laugh harder! OT: Lol, even if they go ahead and do this, everyone is just going to stick to the first Ouya. Not too indifferent from how some people still use Windows XP.
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    Zero Punctuation: The Cave

    Actually, you would only have to play it 5 times to get all the endings for all the characters... Proof: 7 characters times 2 endings is 14 total variations. you can only pick 3 characters each playthrough. 14 divided by 3 is about 4.6, which means you need a minimum of 5 playthroughs (with...
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    Microsoft Increasing Investment in Xbox Live Ads

    *Stares at the computer, adjusts gaze at the now dust gathering 360, looks back at PC... proceeds to hug*