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    Cheating in relationships

    I've not myself, but I personally believe the problem is that the person being cheated on may blame themselves for not being 'enough' for the other person; they stay with the cheater in order to try and 'do better' and be worthy of them. ...Is this rhetoric or an actual question? No. Why...
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    Question: How do you handle a person who refuses to take something but still complains?

    I have friends like this and - as someone working toward their nursing degree - I should have patience, try to fully understand why it is they don't want to take the medicine, offer alternatives but ultimately respect their wishes. As their friend, though, I just tell them to STFU or have the...
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    Game of Thrones' Arya Stark "So Sick" of Book Readers Being Snobby

    I really don't mind the series deviating from the books, since I understand there are certain limits and time restraints that come with television that don't with books. That said, I don't really see what's so mystifying about a group of people watching 'Harry Potter - The Film' and expecting...
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    Sexuality, Diversity, Coming out

    You know, threads like this are kind of heart-warming. Hopefully the whole world will reach a point where we're all asking "wait, people used to have to hide their sexuality?" I can only speak as a heterosexual man who is nevertheless absolutely fabulous and I've had people assault me because...
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    Poll: You will never be as happy in life as you are when in a relationship

    A very oversimplified generalisation I agree with is: Good relationship > Good single life > Bad single life >>>>> Bad relationship For many people, the happiness of a moment of triumph is only accentuated by having someone to share it with. At the same time, though, an unsatisfying...
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    Glasses or no glasses?

    Depends. I find that when I wear glasses I get a tad more female (well, and male) attention in a nightclub or such and people tend to assume I'm younger, play an instrument, may experiment with drugs and I'm just generally more outgoing and 'cool'. If I wear my glasses, though, people tend...
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    Remains of Apocalyptic Plague Unearthed in Egypt

    I think we'd do pretty good. The average person on the street understands infection control a lot better than the average ancient Egyptian person would have done (i.e. that disease isn't caused by bad smells/gods) and we've already done pretty fantastic at minimising the risks that preciously...
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    Martial Arts That Aren't Useless

    For purely practical reasons, I'd choose straight-up boxing. You can always find a boxing club, you need relatively little equipment, there is a lot of emphasis on fitness and you learn to fight in a very uncomplicated way that directly pits you against your peers often for that lovely...
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    Poll: The Best Topping

    Spicy beef, jalapeños, peppers, onion with enough garlic dip to make any combination of flavours basically irrelevant. Meat feast is an acceptable option - my friend's attitude toward toppings is 'if it lives on a farm, I want it on my pizza'.
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    tell us something you like about yourself

    I'm pretty good at picking up on people's moods and finding a way to cheer someone up who's down. I've also just started climbing and I've been told I'm pretty good at it for a newbie. Though, like all Englishmen, I'm obliged to tell you that my flaws vastly outweigh my shine and I'm secretly...
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    The things we like are just "things"

    It's wrong, of course, there's no way of arguing against it. At the same time, though, it's not going to change until attitudes towards gaming in general change: i.e. that's it's a boys-only club. I have full confidence that this will change and you're right to challenge people when they...
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    Things you aggressively don't care about

    When people one-up someone else's misfortune. "...and since then, I've lost the use of my left hand." "Yeah, I've got the same AND I've gone blind in one eye." A'ight. Good for you?
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    Tell me why I shouldn't give up on Arrow

    If you really enjoy watching Lidl's own-brand Batman doing chin-ups half-dressed, then I wouldn't quit just yet. (This is based entirely off of about seven/eight episodes of Season 1. Perhaps it gets better but - fuck me - Heroes got killed off for less than this.)
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    What is the WORST, most dislikable personality trait a person can have?

    Being short-tempered. Getting angry and aggressive over minor inconveniences strikes me as pathetic and makes me anxious (or oddly, angry) around those with a foul temper. I think the worst part is that it spreads and a minor confrontation can turn into a group of very angry, very loud people...
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    Online Study: Women are just as likley to be "misogynistic" as men online

    I'm actually shocked it's not predominantly women; most of the men I know have started to clock on to the idea that 'slut shaming' isn't cool, but the women I know still hold to the idea that if someone shows too much leg and breast in the same outfit they're clearly cheap and slutty. Hell, I...