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    Poll: EscapistMagazine's Twitch's Sort-of-Clip-Dump

    Yahtzee Vs Switch
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    Poll: EscapistMagazine's Twitch's Sort-of-Clip-Dump

    Let's have some more clips, shall we? Ron summoning his own doom! [] -- never say "you didnt got clipped", Ron Yahtzee, the mic eating []...word smith...
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    Poll: EscapistMagazine's Twitch's Sort-of-Clip-Dump

    Ever so often people stumble by the EscapistMagazine's twitch, confused it exists. Let me introduce you to theEscapist's StreamTeam via snippets, which would be buried under hours of livestreaming, if it were not for the clip-tool. In Order of Frequency John Markley - Head Stream Guy, yes...
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    Songs/Music that f***ed you up?

    I can't listen to Crowbar for too long. I find them talented and stylishly distinct, but something about their music just pulls my mental state down. I'd be willing to bet, that after two days of listening to them, I'd off myself. Then...
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    Recommend me a Let's Player.

    Let me echo Kiokoskia [] as recommendation. Veriax [] is doing a lot of lengthy RPGs, while often going in "blind" into a field he is very experienced with. Tons of...
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    Why You're Wrong if You're Mad at George R. R. Martin

    Living in europe, I have come to peace with spoilers. It's either that or never touch the internet. It's a rare occassion to go into a story (movie/book/game,...) with out some pre-knowledge anyways. I'm just happy nobody was talking about "SAW" back in the day.
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    How John Carter Is A Vital Part of Cosplay History

    Liana, I think it might be benefical to you, if you gave your perception of "male's perfect beauty concept" a fresh look. I don't feel that you would be spot on with that.
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    American McGee's sister has been missing since November 10th, please spread awareness.

    It appears the local police is taking the case now seriously. While this certainly is good news, any help or information that can be offered, is certainly still as welcome as ever.
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    Thanks to Video Games, I Know My Daughter's Voice

    Getting misty eyed here .... excuse me for a moment
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    Ask a Physicist!

    1.Graviton I meant emittance as in emitting gravitons. I'm sure I heard about gravity affecting at the speed of light, I just didn't have it at the front of my mind. Ty. 2.Space Flighte vs Radiation I wasn't even thinking about fusion and chain reactions, more along the lines of abrasion...
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    Ask a Physicist!

    Education: European High School Physics - My brain smashed against it and didnt always come out winning, yet I always found Sciences interesting, if not fascinating. "Know what you don't know." kind of deal. 1. Graviton Is it a thing? Has it a been found or is it still stipulation? Where and...
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    NecroVirus Makes the Dream of 3D Printed Board Games A Reality

    Jon did a "quick" presentation of this at the end of last weeks twitch-livestream. While the set is bulky, pricey and lengthy (in initial setup and rules explanaition to first timers a.k.a. the entire stream audience), many things can be offset and the (game)system's potential is intriguing...
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    Good Bad Flicks: Exploring Event Horizon - Horror in Spaceeee!

    H O L Y F U C K I liked the movie then and now you can color me impressed.
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    Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Passes Away Aged 55

    Of all the tributes I have seen so far, this is one is simple and surely one of the most powerful Goodbye, Mr. Iwata
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    Wonder Woman Loses Director Because of "Creative Differences"

    Batman is not about paternity or custody issues. Superman is not about prostate cancer. Aquaman is not about how to use an underwater toilet. So, why does Wonder Woman has to be about women's issues?