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    Hurricane Maria WILL Hit Me This Time.

    Good luck man! As others have said, a little bit of preparedness goes a long way. Keep in mind that if you can get a fire going, you can always distill clean water via boiling it off with a bowl or something over the pot to collect it as it runs off. Much better than drinking questionable water...
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    Our First Look at The Last Jedi's Finn, Rey and Poe

    I can't see that image and not think that Finn is looking over and seeing what Rey is inadvertently stabbing.
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    Reddit CEO Admits to Editing User Comments

    As @HomuraDidNothinWrong and @ToastyMozart point out, the REAL thing of it here, is that because it happened and was confirmed, that opens reddit up to a whole lot of potential legal pain. In the reddit threads about this, for example, there was apparently at least one case of somebody in...
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    Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Requires 130 GB of Disk Space

    Yeah, I can agree with that.
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    Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Requires 130 GB of Disk Space

    While the amount of space involved is very easy to explain, given the sheer breadth of content the CoD games provide, one also cannot deny that that is an absolutely incredible amount of space for a game, pre-any DLC that'll come out. Storage may be cheap, but many ISPs like to throw around...
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    SAG-AFTRA Voice Actors Now on Strike Against a Number of Game Companies

    Oh, I understand how unions work, and how it requires a critical mass of people in it for it to work. I heavily dislike unions being able to control your employment in a field you're trying to get into before you even get into it, however. If the VA union was so awesome, you wouldn't see major...
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    SAG-AFTRA Voice Actors Now on Strike Against a Number of Game Companies

    I'm fully behind pretty much everything they've put forward - aside from the residuals. I said the same in the other thread. And not even as a "the devs don't get residuals either" bint. Fact is, both the devs and the VAs were paid for the work they performed. Why would they continue to be...
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    Nintendo NX Revealed As Nintendo Switch

    Looks to have a pascal chipset Tegra chip. So yeah, definitely not 1080 levels, but it should provide a good bit of meat, hardware-wise while still giving good energy efficiency, which is important for mobile mode. Other aspects that are boons for cards: Drastically faster read speeds -...
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    Video Game Voice Actors Will Go On Strike this Friday Unless a Deal is Reached

    I'm pretty on-board with all their demands except the royalties one. In the event the game has a persistant cash flow such as Free to Pa...Play, or Subscription based, there's a potential argument there, but for a regular 'it's released and it's done until new content happens', I 100% disagree...
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    Watch Seven Minutes of Gameplay From Dark Souls III Ashes of Ariandel

    Basically poise is hyperarmor now. Most people seem to think it's a stupid system in place of how poise used to work, but FROM isn't technically wrong in that "it works as intended".
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    Sega Encourages Fans to Keep Making Sonic Fan Content, Calls it "Great Stuff"

    You're thinking of trademarks. Copyright has no such requirements. To be fair, they hired him, so he's a SEGA employee, right? Just because he started out as a fan/modder doesn't mean that him being an officially sanctioned employee now is invalid.
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    Zero Punctuation: No Man's Sky

    See, if the tech to generate these planets and creatures had been added to another game, I think it's limitations have been more accepted. Like, imagine if you were playing Mass Effect and all those random planets you could land on in the first game were procedurally generated when you went...
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    139: Auspicious

    Those who can, do. Those who cannot, teach. Those who can't teach start up a ineffectual passive-aggressive guerrilla warfare campaign.
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    Watch Overwatch's Latest Animated Short - The Last Bastion

    Given that the city was marked and pathed-to once he woke up, I'm pretty sure it was the original objective. Reliving the dead bastion's memory kicked it back into battle mode as @InsanityRequiem said. More curious, in my opinion, is why Bastion had been shut down in the first place. Anyways...
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    Konami Announces Metal Gear Survive

    Supposedly the pachinko scene isn't doing as well as they were hoping, while their gaming divison is still making cash, so they're working their way back into it.