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    Finished Dark Souls: Disappointed with it's combat

    I played on console and I didn't run into most of these. Certainly not often. Sounds like a hardware problem.
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    Blizzard Removes "Avoid this Player" Option from Overwatch

    I'm going to be the first one to admit that if someone was way, way better than me, to the point where I had absolutely no hope against them, yet I kept seeing them in matches... Yeah, I'd block them, if I had the option. I don't play Overwatch but I play a lot of other FPS mp and that would...
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    Poll: Pubic hair and you.

    No preference for men, but the furthest I'd go for a partner myself is a trim. Razor burn and ingrown hairs on your junk = the least sexy thing humanly possible. Also, if you think licking hair is bad, try licking stubble.
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    Why Is Every AAA Game Hero Suddenly Your Dad?

    I'd be more pleased with it if I thought for a microsecond it meant we'd be getting older female protagonists. It doesn't, of course.
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    A Question for Any Straight Girls...

    It wouldn't be well-received by me personally at work, even if the guy was hot and likeable. At an office party or coffee after work? Sure, fair game. But I'd like everyone to be professional at the workplace itself.
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    How would you feel if someone was illegaly carrying a gun and ended up stopping a massacre?

    I'd thank them for saving lives and praising them for their unusual clear-headedness in the face of danger, but I don't think they would be able to hear me through the sound of pro-gun advocates furiously masturbating whilst chanting "a good guy with a gun" etc. Doesn't change the fact that...
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    Male problems only ever come up as a counter-argument

    Because most of the time, I find, the people bringing those issues up don't actually give a shit about them (or worse, actually _support_ them, as a way of "toughening men up" or "just how men are," often with the insinuation that this is just some aspect, albeit unfortunate, of what makes them...
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    MGSV and Children. Spoilers ahead.

    Yeah, same. I felt nothing. It actually made me do an about-face on the "men are expendable trope" - before MGS4, I would have said "if you murdered women in droves like you do the male NPCs in shooters, people would absolutely protest!" But MGS4 proved me wrong. When apples are actually...
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    Which Call Of Duty had the best campaign?

    The mounted gun sequence you're talking about is actually in CoD:MW2, not CoD4. Moreover, it's vaguely similar to some of the Marines missions in CoD4, perhaps, but it has absolutely nothing like the SAS missions, which are what made CoD4 so memorable in the first place. So yeah, wrong game...
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    Which Call Of Duty had the best campaign?

    I would love to have played it but I got into the series later and haven't had a PS2 in a very, very long time.
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    Which Call Of Duty had the best campaign?

    The original CoD was pretty great, but it was also very derivative. For me, CoD4 takes it on account of being both great and largely original. It was the perfect storm of cool shit that spawned countless imitators, too.
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    Why Do We Love to Hate Women Like Yaya Han?

    Because a lot of geek guys imagine (possibly correctly) that even though she's supposedly in their social clique, and thus ostensibly obtainable, that she wouldn't date them/fuck them. She'd date/fuck another really hot guy (or girl). And this makes them angry. So they pretend she must be some...
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    Metal Gear Solid V has the weakest narrative in the series[Spoilers for the whole series]

    Yes, the crux of my objections to the narrative rationalizations for Quiet's outfit is that they are "far-fetched". Your literacy is exceptional and you are a credit to the educational system from which you matriculated.
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    Metal Gear Solid V has the weakest narrative in the series[Spoilers for the whole series]

    That's cute, but I said what I think in every other part of my posts. Care to respond to what I think, or would you just like to be pithy? ;p
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    Metal Gear Solid V has the weakest narrative in the series[Spoilers for the whole series]

    How is criticizing Kojima for lying about having legitimate meta-narrative reasons for putting a sniper in a braindead wankfodder outfit, claiming that it was some kind of deconstruction of the trope and that we would "feel ashamed of ourselves" for ogling her - when it turned out to just be...