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    90s Nostalgia Soda SURGE Returns as Amazon Exclusive

    Surge? I recognized the logo as "Urge" a drink that is rather common in Norway. So I went to the almighty wikipedia, and found out that Norway is actually the only country in which Urge is currently sold.
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    Care to recommend a Single-Player Timesink Game?

    Ever played Heroes of Might and Magic III? It is a turnbased strategy game, where you basically build an hero and an army and go on a search for loot and to take over other cities, while protecting your own. Kinda. I'm not good at explaining stuff. The only criteria it seems to maybe clash...
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    League of Legends "A New Dawn" Cinematic Features New And Old

    So I weren't the only one thinking about Ajani! XD OT: I don't like LoL nor it's kind of games, but animations like this is just awesome to behold. I hope they keep doing these for a while.
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    Strangest scene in fiction?

    Have anyone here ever seen Paprika? Much of it, if not the entire movie, is a big mind screw. The parade might not be the strangest of it's scenes, but it's the one scene that sticks with you. I love that movie.
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    Challenge accepted

    Sonic unleashed had an awesome first level. And I looked forward to another day-time level. I never got that far, however.
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    Post your morning alarm song!

    When I chose myself a new alarm tone, I wanted something soothing to slowly, but surely wake me up. It wakes me up, but much quicker than I expected, probably because I don't want to wake up the one sleeping in the room next to me.
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    Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Announced - Update

    It's been a while since I fought them, but I can't recall having dificulties with Lunatone and/or Solrock, either. I used a swampert, which would surf them down. If it didn't knock them out, then they can't have floored me with the solarbeam, as it need an extra turn charging. : P OT: And now...
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    This Is The Love Child of Optimus Prime And Samus

    Came here to say exactly the same. Someone on these forums have used that avatar for like forever. OT: I don't really have much to say. Nice art, I guess. I'm especially fond of that SamusFett mashup.
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    Too high ping? (TF2)

    It's been a while since I played but here is my tips around the ping: - 0-80 in ping should be unoticable. - around 100 in ping is liveable, but not ideal. If you don't notice it, then it doesn't really matter. - over 150 in ping is unplayable. Trust me on this : P Also, I'll recommend...
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    How alike are you and your siblings?

    Well, there are a two years gap between me and my brother, and we look nothing alike. However, me and my brother have many of the same interests and think rather much alike. We've suprised my mother a few times, by giving the same answer to the same question, without having talked beforehand...
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    The Candy You Always Eat.

    Whenever I leave my house and plan on bringing candy, this is my goto candy: I don't know about anyone in Norway that doesn't like these, and they're soooo tasty. So while I'm at it, I'd like to congratulate the swedes on making the best cars ever.
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    Poll: Illness

    I can't quite remember last time I were sick. Probably in the spring months of 2013, somewhere. However, I'll probably become sick soon, since I'm jiinxing it right now.
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    Dead Snow Sequel Red vs Dead Coming To US

    Ah "Død Snø". I've always mocked the movie for having a stupid sounding concept. Seeing this trailer have changed my mind. I might just have to check these movies out...
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    The Banner Saga Review - The Gods are Dead

    When I first saw the trailer: "This gives me Fire Emblem vibes. To the wishlist." After seeing your recommendation, I think I'll have to get it.
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    Pokemon: Really running out of ideas

    Pokémon running out of ideas? I disagree. There will always be some bad designs. I may not like Trubbish all that much, but I will protect him, because no-one ever complains about this one: Why do he get a free pass? It's a pile of goo. Also they did give us some cool designs this gen...