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    Poll: What Do you Know About Autism

    Imo, autism has grown so broad in what it encompasses that simply saying "I'm autistic" tells me absolutely nothing about you. I've known people who have been properly diagnosed with autism who aren't medicated and merely have mild learning disabilities combined with some mild awkwardness. I...
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    So...that new MST3K season...

    has anybody actually finished these? If so, which are the best of the bunch? I started Reptilicus, and thought it was bad. I'd heard the show hits its stride later, but I don't have time to sit through all the episodes with school. Can someone narrow down the best 2 or 3 episodes?
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    Yooka-Laylee reviews are coming out and thoughts are ...mixed

    My point was not that there is an official guideline, we don't need to know the guidelines or how each reviewer subconsciously weighs each element, we can simply look at the numbers (and the reviews themselves) to know that there are at least vague similarity to all of these review site's review...
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    Yooka-Laylee reviews are coming out and thoughts are ...mixed

    I don't believe that to be strictly the case, because reviewers for bigger gaming sites are designed for mass consumption by many different types of readers, even on sites that have a narrower subset of readers. Your second sentence pretty much sums up the reason why I don't see your first...
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    Yooka-Laylee reviews are coming out and thoughts are ...mixed

    I like how people throw out the "Jim comments bingo card" to try and act like general complaints lobbied against his review style are just oh so trite and ill-conceived, and never once stop to consider that maybe there's something to what people are saying. Jim really does review things purely...
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    Zero Punctuation: Hitman

    I personally like the format. Now, I wouldn't recommend this as as standard, but the episodic format works particularly well for Hitman due to it really playing to the series' strengths. These maps are very much designed, from the ground up, to be played a LOT. While many of the kills are...
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    Poll: Help me pick my electives (computer science)!

    Thank you again for the reply. Sorry for the delayed response, I had to study for finals and wasn't sure how long it'd take to respond. I think I'll be okay on grades if that's the baseline, but I do lack any team projects or even semester long projects. I've gotten through a couple of...
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    Americans, tell me about your state

    I'm from, but no longer live in, Delaware. It's tiny.
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    Hello Everyone

    It's just some guy promoting a business.
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    Poll: Help me pick my electives (computer science)!

    Thanks for the advice, extremely helpful. I was leaning towards the two above mentioned classes. If you could, do you have any advice on actually getting an internship beyond learning MVC based web development? My grades are ideal but I've learned pretty much everything I know from my classes...
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    Spam thread

    Never had it. Don't want to. The mascot is kinda cute though.
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    Poll: Help me pick my electives (computer science)!

    Okay, this is may or may not reveal what school I attend, but that's okay. I trust you guys to not take advantage of that information (possibly against my better judgement). I'd like some feedback on these electives. Oh, I should mention that I have to pick two of them, so please take that...
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    Things you feel stupid for not having immediately gotten ::SPOILERS::

    Welp, if you have a graphing calculator you can program functions and formulas into it, as well as take notes. I'd imagine that's what they consider "cheating". There are also some built in functions that allow you to bypass a lot of the comprehension they're testing you on, so I'd imagine...
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    Is there a way to deal with this legitimately in an argument?

    Off topic but I've been meaning to ask. What is your avatar from?
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    So, how is Fairy Tale?

    No, it's really terrible. It's a mediocre shonen up until 3 arcs in and then it really falls apart. I've been told it's getting...a bit better with the current arcs, but it's really not worth sloughing through the 25 or 30 bad arcs to get to that point. I only watched as much as I did because...