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    Ghostbusters Trailer - Holy s#!t, how is it this bad?

    The GB'16 trailer looks like all the bad modern day SNL cliches rolled up in one. It also screams "written by Hollywood committee" too; a bad cliche storm, things they think are cool (but aren't), and overall just sterile as a comedy. Minimum: Wait for DVD.
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    $600 for the The Oculus Rift?

    And just how would VR do that if the userbase is small? And it's not just going to cost $600 to get the OR for the average user, it's going to cost them upwards of over $2000 to get the thing and a system capable enough to run it. For tech that hasn't been proven to have any legs, that's...
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    Psychonauts 2

    After the messes that are SpaceBase DF9 and Broken age, the mere thought of giving Tim "Sock Puppet" Schafer money repulses me.
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    Jem and the Holograms (2015) - Did anyone watch it?

    Because they knew the film was a lost cause, and tossing in more money was pointless. I think one reason it failed so hard is that it's just a bad film, but it isn't bad enough to be "So Bad It's Good".
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    5 Actors Who Could Play James Bond Next

    Most of the suggestions from the article... well... sucks. I don't know who should be the next 007, but I'll throw in my own nomination; David Tennant.
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    Pixels - An Affront to Videogames and Gamers

    If this story is any indication, his NetFlix films are going to be an order of magnitude worse. Native actors walk off set of Adam Sandler's Netflix movie [] Highlights:
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    Pixels - An Affront to Videogames and Gamers

    There is a God. The Friday's numbers were an aberration. Ant-Man wins the weekend, Pixels labeled a flop. (
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    NBC fires Donald Trump

    'xcept everyone views him as an absolute joke.
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    Dead or Alive 5: Last Round gets ABYSMAL PC Port

    I think more accurately, it's "do not buy at full price". But let's be honest here. In two weeks, online will be virtually dead, and I think everyone here knows why.
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    Old tech you just DO NOT miss.

    On a tangent from VCRs... Audio Cassette Tapes. Many of the same problems of video cassettes and almost as annoying.
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    Games you WANT to see rebooted?

    Metroid The current mythos was getting rather convoluted, but then Other M sent it off the rails. It needs a reset just to fix all the continuity snarls (and de-power Samus yet again).
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    If you woke up in the same bed as the above avatar.

    Go back to sleep, and hope it was one weird dream.
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    Steam is now Regionally restricted

    I think its a mix of two things; 1-- Attempt to neutralize key re-sellers and 2-- Placate idiot governments who still think banning/censoring video games will solve their problems Everything else is collateral damage. (sidenote, boy do I need a new avatar...)
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    Jimquisition: Vertigo

    Jim's little "crusade" is getting boring. I'm sure there are other things he can rant on about. Until then, I'm going to stop watching.