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    Banned Escapists To Be Granted Amnesty On New Forums.

    Umm, sweetie, did you just assume their preferred descriptor? What if they identify as a vegan? ;)
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    Does anyone else hate their job?

    If the Litmus test is "would you still do it if you weren't being paid", then no, I bloody well would not.
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    What was your favorite season of Blackadder?

    All of them except 1. 1 has its moments but also has some absolutely diabolical writing. It's mostly an absolute crime that there weren't more - series or episodes, I'd have happily had more of either. The Comic Relief specials just didn't have the same appeal.
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    Things you don't use, but keep anyway.

    Seriously, you want an inventory of 90% of my belongings? Almost all of my stuff is unused, disused, or otherwise neglected. Notwithstanding the stuff that surely everybody holds on to without being sure they'll ever really "use" it again (old books, trophies, photos, etc) I have too much stuff...
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    Several warnings and a couple of temporary suspensions here, mostly for getting too hot headed in debates. Once or twice because I was deliberately being a tr... oublemaker. (Is the T-word still punishable here?)
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    Tempted by a title

    I'm British so not sure if that excludes me from answering the question, but in the UK at least, enough people know about the Scottish title industry for it to have lost much of its appeal. At the very best it's something you'd do for a joke, as Grouchy Imp mentioned - anybody using their paper...
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    So has anyone seen the Sonic movie?

    This is the fandom that culminated in Chris-Chan. There's a depressing game, I think one popularised by our own Yahtzee Crowshaw, where you do a Google search for "[your first name here] the Hedgehog" to see whose fursona you share a namesake with. And the R34. Oh god, the R34. OK. How many...
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    So has anyone seen the Sonic movie?

    I think the fact that they didn't set out to woo the frothing Sonic fandom (a fandom bordering the toxic insanity of Bronies) is an eminently sensible decision. Attempting to marry together all the various bits of canon across three decades of games, three (?) animated series, and the multi-year...
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    So has anyone seen the Sonic movie?

    Coincidentally, I've been replaying the Xbox 360 Sonic releases and had the pleasure of playing that bullshit boss encounter yesterday. I can't disagree with you, that section is, tonally, just nuts; and if it seems jarring to us now, I wonder how it was received when the DX version was released...
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    So has anyone seen the Sonic movie?

    I saw the Sonic movie in its first week, and going in with low expectations I emerged pleasantly surprised. Not by how "good" the movie was (it was never going to be) by the comparative skill with which they sidestepped the many, many pitfalls. They didn't attempt to make this a furry-tastic...
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    Terrible episodes of great shows.

    From a cursory Google I understand there are many, many Simpsons episodes that are considered critical stinkers, but truth be told I stopped giving a damn about the Simpsons (or any TV, for that matter) the best part of a decade ago, so I can only speak from my personal experience. Anyway, it's...
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    When a name makes you think it's something else.

    Bloody well this. It doesn't help that the "Pink Panther" name was then overshadowed in the public consciousness by the Hanna Barbera cartoon featuring a literal pink panther.
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    If your significant other was a part of your body, which part would they be?

    Either my arse or my elbow, I forget which.
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    Mod Edit: New forums are live for beta testing! Link in OP (April 3, 2020)

    This place is deader than disco. Looking back on the last few years, the various succession of owners and/or community managers couldn't have done a better job of obliterating the userbase if they had carefully orchestrated it; although ironically it couldn't be more obvious that it was a...
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    Star Wars 9: The Sky of Ricewalker: A senseless, incoherent nightmare.

    Please, for the sake of my sanity, pick ONE. That's verging on being an almost complete non sequitur. No, the film isn't a tragedy because Gaston (the villain) dies at the end. But that was in response to you asserting that "real men are beasts, not dandies", so I'll repeat the question...