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    My Little Pony - The Movie - Bring it, Bronies

    I suppose there could be a species of giant sapient cat similar to diamond dogs. I still don't like it, but you have a point.
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    My Little Pony - The Movie - Bring it, Bronies

    For the most part, you're not wrong I guess. I don't think it was made for the fans though. It was made for the corporate suits, and it showed. What even was with the giant talking cat? Cats exist in the MLP universe. They are neither sapient, anthropomorphic, nor twice the size of a pony...
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    Bandai Namco Releases New Screenshots of Vampire RPG Code Vein

    Saw "Vampire" and briefly hoped for a "Bloodlines"-esque dark, atmospheric good vampire game. You raised my hopes, and dashed them quite expertly, sir. Bravo.
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    Why does virtually every "non-binary" gender go back to m/f?

    When discussing cultural gender, as opposed to biological sex, it's not so much Male/Female, but Masculine/Feminine. Technically, a "tomboy" (female who exhibits certain behaviors or interests traditionally seen as masculine) could legitimately be considered a distinct gender, depending on...
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    The Wreck-It Ralph Sequel Has a Title

    Wreck-It Ralph goes to the internet, stumbles upon some R34 of himself, and goes home for a long, long shower. The End. This will not end well. They're gonna wreck it!
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    Songs/Music that f***ed you up?

    They did some interesting things with it. Being old fogey-esque, I still prefer the original, but that version is a very good adaptation to their genre. And anything that gives the classics more exposure and accessibility is a good thing.
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    Songs/Music that f***ed you up?

    I had to stop listening to Simon and Garfunkel for awhile once. Paul Simon gets pretty depressing sometimes: Richard Corey. A Most Peculiar Man. The Boxer. Sound of Silence. Absolutely great music in small doses, but I wouldn't recommend putting them on repeat for several hours a day.
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    About Valentine's Day

    You make a fair point. The point that I was trying to make is that in both cases it's the attitude of the complainant that makes the difference. Single people get mad about Valentines because they're focused on themselves and their own relationship status. White people get mad about Black...
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    About Valentine's Day

    This thread makes me suddenly see a parallel. Complaining about people enjoying Valentine's Day, just because they have a significant other and you don't is a bit like complaining about black history month. You have a whole year to not care whether you're in a relationship, don't rain on the...
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    Movies, Stop using the Wilhelm Scream.

    Poor Wilhelm. He has this ONE thing that he's known for, and you want to take it away from him. Let him have his scream! He earned it! #WilhelmScreamsMatter!
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    Is sci fi and fantasy only for the rich and intelligent?

    Sci-fi/Fantasy has always been considered low class, niche fiction. Critics have generally looked down on them, and despite the surge in popularity in recent years, it still carries a stigma of "nerdy" niche appeal. As to why Walmart would carry trashy harlequin novels but not sci/fantasy...
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    Explain the appeal of Harem Anime

    From an evolutionary psychology perspective, harem anime is perfectly natural. Humans are biologically predisposed to polygamy. A man can reproduce with any number of females at a time, while a female can only get pregnant once every 9 months, ergo, men have a greater biological motivation to...
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    Underrated Disney Movies.

    I'm tempted to say "The Black Cauldron," but Gurgi needed to stay dead, so I'd say the ending ruined it.
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    Question for multi-lingual people, or just language buffs out there

    As the person who offered the Chinese example pointed out, this is a very common thing especially for inflected languages, and languages that have a limited number of phonemes to work with. Chinese, Japanese, Hawaiian, just to name a few. Anyone who's watched a lot of subbed anime probably...
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    Americans, tell me about your state

    Southern Idaho. High mountain desert climate. Lots of sage brush. Famous for Russet Potatoes. They're delicious. Politically, it's one of the most tragically republican states outside of the south. Naturally, education and wages are terrible, but at least we get to have lots of guns. and...