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    If you could design a Pokemon game, what would you do differently?

    Redo the art style. I'm bored of the increasingly overly-cartoony look of the damn things. I'd make them all at least a little more realistic, which might even make the recent batch that look like utter crap enjoyable. I'd just 'grow' the game up a little bit, make it a little nastier...
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    Warhammer Fantasy and 40k connected somehow: thoughts?

    The connection, I think was initially there, in fact I think I heard something about 40K units being used as squad commanders in Fantasy. Now that that's been scrapped however, you're just left with very tangible connections and parallels, but not officially recognised anymore. How they go...
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    Zero Punctuation: Brink

    Yeah, I watched the 'wtf is brink' video, and couldn't figure out how the parkour system really felt like parkour. It literally just looked like a jump that involved a ledge grab. To m that's not parkour - that's everything we all did back in the days of the N64 when maps weren't just random...
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    That game series/franchise you used to love, that you think have destroyed themselves?

    Turok. Used to be good. It hit 3 and started to suck.
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    Favourite game ever?

    Dwarf Fortress, I think. Also Savage 2 before they made the Lego's so fucking overpowered. I haven't played it in a long time now, but it's always fun :)
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    Same-sex Relationships Mass Effect 3

    OOooh man the fundamentalists are going to loooove this. I can hear the west-borough baptists screeching already...
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    what game series just really need to stop.

    Modern warfare. Or at least just slow the fucking release time down. The Mario party games. They were a nice idea at first, but after nine of the things, I think we can move on. Any of the floodware wii games. I think most series dont need to stop, they just need a bit of...
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    Favourite Weapon of All Time

    Chronoscepter was pretty damn cool.
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    MW3 plot worries

    Cold war wanking inbound!
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    If you could mix any 2 games... what would they be?

    Maybe Turok 2, mixed with any kind of big open world RPG with dynamic world simulation, rather than a linear storyline.
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    Poll: Confess: How Much Does Sex Appeal Factor Into You Deciding What Games to Buy?

    It's a game. 3D models, numbers, etc. Yeah some of the women in games are attractive, but if I wanted wanking material I'd look at real women.
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    Why does gender only have to be asthetic?

    The uproar that doing anything but aesthetic change to gender wuld cause? It'd be huge. There would cries if 'sexism' EVERYWHERE.
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    Zero Punctuation: what games do you want to see reviewed??

    Dwarf Fortress. Although it'd take far too much investment to actually be reviewable.
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    It's official... MW3 teaser!

    Oh for fuck sake, another Modern Warfare is coming out? As if every other modern shooter wasn't predictable and re-hashed enough? Jesus, is it necessary to be so utterly boring?
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    Anonymous still says it wasn't them.

    It's not their MO, half of them probably USE the network, why would they shut it down? What's their grudge or reasoning behind the attack? At best, it may well have been a single member of anonymous acting outside of anonymous' bounds, thus a singular entity working alone and not...