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    A Strong Second Act Can't Save Sword Art Online II

    I love SAO, but nothing in this review was unfair. First arc of season 1? Brilliant. Last arc of season 2? Excellent. Everything in between? Mediocre at best. It's unfortunate, because when it's good, it's really damn good. I love the relationship between Kirito and Asuna, it's one of the...
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    people's misunderstanding of Korra and Asami

    Haha, sour OP is sour. Bad luck buddy ;) But wait, I'll think about it for a minute in case you're right. How would Bryan Konietzko have come up with that scene? "Hmm, how should I finish the entire show? I KNOW! I'll have a scene with Korra and Asami walking together through the spirit...
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    The Big Picture: Dinosaur Exodus

    I always think of Star Wars and Jurassic Park in very similar terms - they were both 'classic films with John Williams music that I loved in my childhood'. So given the way Star Wars was treated in its "special" editions I almost expected a Jurassic Park re-release with feathered dinosaurs...
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    Watch Star Wars Episode VII's First Official Trailer Right Here

    The other thing about that lightsaber is that it obviously isn't a normal lightsaber in any sense of the word. It looks like it's made out of red lightning, like the power's been cranked up to 11 and the energy can barely be contained. Certainly not an elegant weapon for a more civilised age...
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    Watch Star Wars Episode VII's First Official Trailer Right Here

    I think it felt very 'Star Wars'. Part of the charm of the original trilogy, in my opinion, was the somewhat rough around the edges cinematography. I mean, this is the only 'professional' film franchise I know of that manages to make those Windows Movie Maker screen wipes work. This teaser felt...
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    Analysis Shows Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Likely to Sell 40% Less Than Ghosts

    I think there are probably a lot more people waiting for reviews for this game than many others in the series. Or, to put it another way, I think reviews are likely to sway sales much more with this entry than with earlier ones. People pre-ordered Ghosts out of habit and got burned, while...
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    Final Fantasy VIII's Gunblade Gets the Man at Arms Treatment

    I stand by that the system is generally one of the best, BUT I do concede both your points. Discouraging you from using magic in particular was a definite weakness.
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    Final Fantasy VIII's Gunblade Gets the Man at Arms Treatment

    Well VIII is my second favourite Final Fantasy, the Junction system is the one of the best customisation systems in any Final Fantasy, and Squall, while a bit on the mopey side, is really cool! AND it has the best soundtrack with the possible exception of IX, *and* the gunblade is the coolest...
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    What defines a WRPG vs and/or JRPG?

    ...But you've kinda proved my point there. So let me get this straight: - Turn based battles are one of many things that makes an RPG a JRPG - But some non-JRPG games can be turn based and still be strictly western. - Child of light still shares "many" aspects (whatever these may be) of...
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    Video Game Kickstarter Contributions Plummet in 2014 - Update

    Personally, I'm just waiting until the things I've already Kickstarted are released. In fairness, some of them already have and have been really good (Divinity: Original Sin anyone?) but I'm still waiting on: - Distance (currently beta) - Torment: Tides of Numenara - Massive Chalice - The...
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    What defines a WRPG vs and/or JRPG?

    So, I'm assuming Child of Light is a 'JRPG' because of the turn based battles (similar to the ones many JRPGs such as Kingdom Hearts and Tales of Xillia don't have), but how does the 'Western' bit help? How is a WJRPG different to a JJRPG?
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    What defines a WRPG vs and/or JRPG?

    Where they were developed. That's it. Game mechanics have no nationality. Frankly, why is this even a distinction people make? Do we have JStealth Games (MGS) and WStealth Games (Splinter Cell)? JRacers (Ridge Racer) vs WRacers (NFS)? No, this is a term coined by people who wanted to look...
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    Global Warming Underestimated by up to 50%

    I believe that's just generally considered the more sensible term as global warming is the type of climate change that is happening. It's just more specific.
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    She's my Waifu and you can't have her!!!!

    She's smart and fun, takes good care of her sister and doesn't take any of Konata's nonsense! Also if we were dating she would totally let me copy her homework. That is true love you know.
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    The Case For Grinding in RPGs

    In my view it doesn't count as 'grinding' if it isn't a chore. If I have a game with a well built XP system that levels me up to an appropriate power as I play the game naturally, that isn't grinding. That's just levelling with good game balance. When I have to stop doing what I want to do...