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    Historical Blindness?

    Bobs point about relegating LBJs contribution seems a little disengenious when put up against how much he is opposed to Eastwood sanding off the edges of Chris Kyle. I don't agree with Kyles politics either, but you can either alter history in cinema to make a point or you can't, Bob seems...
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    Stupid Tropes in Fantasy and Mythology

    Swords. Specifically, everyone having swords. Here's the problem with it: as has already been pointed out the majority of modern fantasy takes it's cues from Tolkien. The thing is, Tolkiens setting isn't the high-medieval world most people imagine it to be but instead is much more focussed...
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    The Next Elder Scrolls Game, what should it have

    I'd like to see it set in Hammerfell or Elswyr for some Arabian-Nights esque action. I'd like a bit more dialogue with NPCs and followers who actually talk to you rather then just having one conversation before trailing you forever more. Swap the Nord racial power from warcry to some...
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    Trailers: The Elder Scrolls Online - The Alliances Cinematic Trailer

    I think we're all missing the most important thing here...The Nord dude was clearly the best. Those are some bitching beard-dreads. (Also, signed up for the beta)
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    Poll: Your Favorite Total War Game

    Definately Rome. Give me my head hurlers any day! However, having just bought a medium-spec gaming PC I'm planning on buying Medieval 2 and installing the Westeros Total Warmod
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    What would your career be in The Elder Scrolls?

    Longship captain, because if you know enough about sailing to not steer directly into the coastline you're allready up on the rest of the shipwrecked bastards.
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    New Skyrim DLC rumours

    Yes to desert, no to the country thing since they all have been or, in hammerfalls case, are independent countries. bbq t yeah thought the desert was wrong.
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    New Skyrim DLC rumours

    Don't even joke...lest you disturb the slumbering monsters of the reboot... Seriously though, that game was awful.
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    New Skyrim DLC rumours

    Click here [] for the rumours. Another week, another rumbling about forthcoming Skyrim DLC. However, as they've now been right on for two seperate expansions (Dawnguard and Dragonborn) do we think the internet will...
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    U.S. Senator Seeks New Study of Violent Videogames

    What most of the studies show, that I've seen anyway. Is a short-term increase in aggressive tendencies. Similar to contact-sports and other things people use to 'get the blood pumping'. Even the latest study from Ohio State which seemed to show a long-term increase was of 'Aggressive...
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    Your unique setting to a game.

    Noir style detective game set in a Modern tech fantasy world. So the setting is sort of post apocalyptic after gnomes leanred how to harness wild magic into a form that can be controlled by technology. Takes all of three seconds for someone to make a nuke-like bomb and most of the human...
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    Call Goes Out For Shooter Cease Fire

    No, I'm afraid that since they're already trying to blame Starcraft for the shootings the kind of people this might be aimed at solidarity with won't be satisfied until noone is playing any games.
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    Latest game blamed for Connecticut shooting

    Wow this was actually the final straw that made me want to say anything [] on the subject. Between them and the Daily Mail using games as their scape goat I am genuinely angry at the news for the first time in years. Also, I...
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    Critical Heights

    I really don't understand why people get so wound up about PC vs Console FPS', yes the PC controls are definately more responsive but that doesn't stop Console games being enjoyable. They are usually designed around this exact limitation.