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    Zero Punctuation: Yakuza 4

    I was just going to ask if I was the only one who thought that sounded like an awesome game... Something along the lines of an open world game of the Rivers of London books maybe.
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    The Big Picture: Once Upon a Time in The Future

    Who said private investment was bad? But I don't see any of those private investors going to Mars, hell, they're barely even talking about the moon. They also aren't talking about anything like pure science missions, and certainly not purely exploratory work. How long would it have taken to...
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    The Big Picture: Once Upon a Time in The Future

    Thanks for ruining my day Bob. The world is going to shit.
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    LoadingReadyRun: Politically Minded

    Ugh, welcome to my life.
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    Blizzard's Next-Gen MMO An "Enormous Investment"

    I have to agree. They do a very good job polishing and popularizing titles and genres, but I haven't seen much from them that could legitimately be called innovative.
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    Indie Devs Mistaken for Marijuana Thieves

    How, precisely, was this in any way professional behavior? Ignoring for the moment the initial mistake itself (which would have been quite easy to avoid), they aimed loaded weapons at unarmed, compliant civilians. WTF? In all seriousness, whatever happened to not aiming a weapon at anything...
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    MMOG Crowd Control

    Agree completely. The whole point of MMOs from a design perspective seems to be that everyone is playing in the same world, and yet almost no games make any attempt to create a world. If all we get is a bunch of more or less scripted events in a more or less linear sequence, essentially a...