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    Am I Wrong to feel Vindicated by this 'Censorship'?

    First) Yes, it isn't censorship. Second) It is still terrible, putting societal pressures on companies for things you don't like, when they aren't terrible things like hate speech, is still petty and leads to a fear culture. Right now, you and your friends and like minded individuals...
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    Indiana Jones 5 Will be Penned by Crystal Skull Writer

    I'm really tired of the jabs at Lucas. Sure he has made some mistakes and has a weird idea of perfection and a need to change things. But he was and still is "THE MAN" When it comes to independent movies. If you went to him with a decent script/idea he would and still does give money to...
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    Pokemon Designer Eric Medalle Killed During a Windstorm

    Rest in peace, you have filled young children and adults hearts with wonder. More than I can say for many people who die that young.
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    I don't get it. Free Speech Under Threat At University? (Added Extra)

    So I assume that you are part of the LGBT/Black Rights/Woman's rights group. And wouldn't have been okay with your platform being no platformed then. And I can see your response now "But those were things that deserve a platform, Deserve to be spoken of. These don't" Well who the hell gets to...
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    I don't get it. Free Speech Under Threat At University? (Added Extra)

    I will only say this to the people who believe that these people should not be able to speak because the majority of the people do not want them to speak. In the past, before gay, or transgender rights were a thing, before minority rights were a thing. Would you be for, or against the idea of...
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    John Oliver Torpedoes Hollywood Whitewashing on Last Week Tonight

    I am hardly terrified of you people, I am saddened that you feel a need to kiss a group's collective ass for sins they have labeled you with, that you had no part in and do not condone. And feel the need to suck up to them for their forgiveness, and cater to them for no other reason than to try...
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    What would you like to see less or more of around here?

    I would like the staff to outline what form of Racism, sexism they follow, the "Old" Definition, or the New one that makes exceptions for those that hate men or white people.
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    Announcing the Twitter Trust & Safety Council

    That is punching up and is completely acceptable. Men cant be victims of real harassment, you should know this by now.
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    Basement Dweller

    Great. So when are you going to create a comic about radical feminists? "I feel that man-hating is an honorable and viable political act, that the oppressed have a right to class-hatred against the class that is oppressing them. Robin Morgan, Ms. Magazine Editor" "I want to see a man...
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    This Star Destroyer PC Will Strike Fear Into Rebels Everywhere

    Edit - Nevermind. Had to reread the content, they do mention it is a venator. My bad.
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    Why do people scream "Feminist Agenda" when there is a female lead?

    I get where the person you are quoting is coming from though with the bit you are quoting in the second quote. If you are going to have to stop every time you go to touch someone, somewhere else, it is going to kill the mood. It is the most puritanical thing I have seen since my education on the...
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    Games do a lot of stupid shit don't they?

    I'd like to see you hold a weaponry properly while facing down a charging alien. Especially some of the bigger ones.
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    Comedy Central's focus on race is getting tiring

    To be fair "We good, they bad. Go us!" Is pretty much the only thing you find on these forums now adays. You can look at Page 1 to see the circle jerking that epitomizes this mentality.
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    The Oregon shooting

    I really don't get why people keep comparing the US to Australia. You are an island nation with the ability to control who enters and exits very closely. So close you didnt allow Johnny Depp to enter the country with his dog for a vacation. The US on the other hand shares a border with one of...
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    The Oregon shooting

    Stop the War on Drugs, get better mental healthcare, stop making martyrs out of these criminals, and improve the quality of education, specifically every child should be taught the laws of the land in every school, also ideally teachers shouldn't be shoving their morals onto their students. Four...