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    A Steam Library In Your Hands - An Interview With SMACH Z

    Kickstarter campaign canceled 5 hours ago. At this point though, android gaming handhelds with emulators seem like the best bang for buck for gaming handhelds. JXD, Nvidia shield, GPD, etc.
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    Zero Punctuation: Fallout 4

    I played through it before it became directors cut. Definitely worth it. The combat isn't as deep as XCOM, it's more like Shadowrun Returns without the magic, but with a Fallout-esque action point system, as well as an initiative system for how often characters get their turn. RPG-wise, it's...
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    E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial Was the Most Important Video Game Ever Made

    I had an Amiga 600, it was about equivalent to my friend's school-provided 386 20mhz laptop, outshining it on some, but not all, games. It should be noted that the Amiga 500/600 had 7mhz CPUs, they did however have integrated graphics and sound cards. Graphics cards were essentially unheard...
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    In Witcher 3, Size Matters

    We've already had a CDProjectRed former employee in this thread explain this. They're too smart to go into the war torn north. They're staying the fuck away from the third Nilfgardian war. Even with that in mind, I have run into one in game, so there is at least one "ethnically diverse"(which...
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    In Witcher 3, Size Matters

    I've actually run into one Zerrikanian, sort of lategame though, a lvl 30 sidequest in Skellige(he'd ended up there by being in a mage tower that teleported as a security measure against intruders). He was pretty white, maybe lightly tanned, with some middle eastern culture influence. I...
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    The Plight of the Mary Sue Character in Games

    My first connotation to Mary Sue is a dreadful hate propaganda mill. Geralt however doesn't really feel like a Mary Sue to me, he's a specialist. He's a monster hunter that's lived to be over a century old, so of course he fights well, and is a great tracker... his social skills could...
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    Tomorrowland - Problematic and Preachy Sci-fi Adventure

    Problematic has become a marxist weasel word, devoid of meaning. It's endemic in identity politics propaganda. Indeed it's become a red flag that what you're reading is political propaganda.
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    Warp Drive Confirmed? EMDrive Warp Field Works In A Vacuum

    My reading of the article makes me think it's more of a quantum tunneling effect(laser photons skipping part of the distance to the destination to arrive faster), but hey, I'm just a layman.
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    Warp Drive Confirmed? EMDrive Warp Field Works In A Vacuum

    Fuel yes, energy no. It's laser based, so it still has an energy cost in the form of electricity.
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    United Kingdom Privilege (NSFW)

    Actually nevermind. Nothing to see here, move along.
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    So Who Is DRM For Anyway?

    It's a play for the galleries, it's a con by untechsavvie businessmen to tell other untechsavvie businessmen their investment is secure. I'm quite happy not giving EA or Ubisoft my money though, there's plenty of other companies, making better games, and not being assholes to their customers.
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    Obsidian accused of transmisogyny in Pillars of Eternity

    I recognize that particular SJW from twitter, a true devotee to the church of the perpetually offended, a cultist who brooks no heresy and will block you if you say one word of disagreement. Another frontline useful idiot in the war on gamers, and western civilization, a true champion of...
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    Chrono Trigger - Cause and Mass Effect

    The only SNES era game to even come close to Chrono Trigger is one that never had an official release in the west. I've played the fan translation... Romancing SaGa 3. It's if anything, even more full of choices, replayability and missable optional quests. Perhaps the most replayable JRPG of all...
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    Mars One Finalist: It's All a Scam

    Moon base is less of a challenge than deep sea base, for a number of reasons. Most of which have to do with extreme pressure. A thousand feet down is 31 atmospheres of pressure. If you have the living quarters at surface pressure, to avoid physiological problems for the inhabitants, then the...
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    The Tools of the Trade

    Wii-mote and nunchuk are clunky and unergonomic as hell, for all that it's intuitive for non-gamers, the wii-mote is poorly shaped. The razer hydra is a slight improvement, at least ergonomically... though I haven't tried how it actually functions, a bit too much money for me to feel comfortable...