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    Corvid-19 and its impact (name edit)

    In Ireland we have a pretty unique situation. We had an election 2 months ago. But because the second and third most popular parties (right and center right) refuse to work with the most popular party (left) and the smaller parties are largely left leaning and will support either a cross party...
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    "Ok, Boomer"

    It's even more irritating here in Ireland. A country that was largely built with free or affordable healthcare, education and housing. These were things so many people took for granted in the past here and now that younger generations are looking for theirs the boomers are calling them entitled...
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    Why are people so dumb about veganism?

    And the average vegan is? Or is it just the assholes. I have to disagree there. Since going vegetarian I've been lectured by a bunch of people on things like protein and iron, ironically from people who are overweight and inactive with terrible diets just trying to justify their 2-3 servings of...
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    Why are people so dumb about veganism?

    Some food for thought [] on it but yeah, basically it?s a matter of what?s more important basis to the individual: environmental health or their own. Also the plant based ?meat? isn?t...
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    Why are people so dumb about veganism?

    I might be misinformed, but I've read that of a few places which have introduced plant-based alternatives with tag lines like "impossible" meat, it's actually worse for you than the meat it's trying to replace due to the extra processing involved to get it there. Having said that, I've...
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    Cops kill an unarmed 16 year old boy who was running away, label it a "good shoot"

    But it's also literally what happened. Sometimes words can be interpreted in multiple ways. Doesn't mean the words were the wrong ones. I knew what it meant purely because I've never heard the phrase "good shot" used in a moral sense.
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    Why are people so dumb about veganism?

    I mean or third option we wind down the dairy industry gradually, stop breeding dairy cows and let production cease over a period of years if not decades. Personally if it were up to me and my choices were "my species goes extinct" or "my species exists in captivity solely to eventually be...
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    White Cop murders Black Person in their own home...AGAIN!

    ... So a cop can shout "he's got a gun!" In order to get away with killing you guys?
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    Why are people so dumb about veganism?

    What's a burger? Is it not really a burger if it's made with a breaded chicken breast? What if it's made of ground turkey instead of beef is it still a burger? What about good old fashioned veggie burgers that have been around forever? That even McDonald's and BK have always sold? Also like...
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    Why are people so dumb about veganism? Long story short brewdog have released a "vegan" burger that also has a beef Patty on it and people are angry. Obviously it's a weird move but their goal is too...
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    [Politics} Pulling Yourself Up by Your Bootstraps

    A very very very stupid diet.
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    [politics] Sharpie Man - How does it feel to be an American under an insecure president?

    In modern times? Probably nobody. The entire purpose of money in politics is to keep people who might help common people out of power. I'm not saying Obama wasn't better than Trump. He was. And Biden would be too. My issue is that people are forgetting that America was still a shithole with...
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    [politics] Sharpie Man - How does it feel to be an American under an insecure president?

    None of them they all would have been bad. That doesn't make Obama good. Hilary would have been better than Trump she still would have been bad. My issue isn't that Obama was the worst president, my issue is he was a bad president that everyone acts like he was a good person and dimitsses all of...
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    [politics] Sharpie Man - How does it feel to be an American under an insecure president?

    Yes but this attitude is going to continuously lower the bar. After Bush all anyone wanted was better than bush. And we got it and everyone acted like he was the second coming of Christ, superman and the easter bunny rolled into one despite the fact that he's responsible for countless civilian...