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    Game Theory: Beware Link's Hookshot in Legend of Zelda!

    Had seen this on Youtube a while back but I loved it so much I merited it another watch here on escapist :3
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    Game Theory: Which Link Rules Them All?

    Technically it was never said on camera that that was Hero of Time. So two links (minus four swords Link) have never met one another.
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    Zero Punctuation: Resident Evil: Revelations 2 - Episodic Zombies

    Is this in continuity with the main series?
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    Zero Punctuation: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D

    I'm shocked we aren't getting gamecube remakes on the 3DS.... Gameboy - NES remakes (Super Mario Bros Delux) Gameboy Advance - SNES remakes (Super Mario Advance 2 and 3) Nintendo DS - N64 Remakes (Super Mario 64 DS) We're in 3DS...give us some gamecube remakes not N64 :3
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    Game Theory: Rosalina Unmasked Part 2 (Super Mario Galaxy)

    I'd much prefer Luigi to end up with Daisy :3
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    Game Theory: Rosalina Unmasked (Super Mario Galaxy)

    Saw this one on youtube a while back,it's awesome. Part 2 will blow your mind :V
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    Game Theory: Candy Crush, Designed to Addict

    Im addicted to these videos :V
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    Escape to the Movies: Kingsman: The Secret Service - Can Lightning Strike Again?

    So is there going to be a spider-man series made by Disney now...?
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    Game Theory: Is Comic Con Really Worth the Wait?

    I remember back in my youth I wanted to go to comic con more than anything, no I'd never want to go period....
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    The Big Picture: Legend of Many

    Isn't Nintendo teaming up with Sony to make a Super Mario Movie too?
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    Escape to the Movies: Jupiter Ascending - Tries But Fails

    Gah, that movie is going to be an Adam Sandler film? D:
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    The Big Picture: American Sniper Sucks (And It's Okay To Admit That)

    oh wow, that Sarah Palin clip was ridiculous. At first I thought it was a parody and someone mocking her....but it was actually her.
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    Escape to the Movies: Everly - Salma Hayek Kicks All Of The Ass

    Where on earth did you get that picture of all those fake koopalings? I saw a Dry Bowser jr. in there...
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    Game Theory: What are Minecraft Creepers?

    They don't post new videos here, these are always old.
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    The Big Picture: Secret Crisis

    Sliding time lines have always bothered me, The Simpsons being on the othe biggest culprits.