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    de-rez: Resident Evil 5 Debrief

    Resident Evil 5 Debrief Shortly after his encounters in Africa, Chris Redfield is brought in for a debriefing. Watch Video
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    de-rez: The GameLight Zone

    The GameLight Zone de-rez welcomes you to enter The GameLight Zone. Watch Video
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    de-rez: Dave Hiroshima Investigates

    Dave Hiroshima Investigates Dave Hiroshima investigates where video games really come from: Harmless entertainment or alien conspiracy? Watch Video
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    de-rez: Piracy

    Piracy Short on cash to fuel your aspiring rap music career? Piracy may be your only option. Permalink
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    de-rez: Norman the Healer

    Norman the Healer Norman is healing gamers with the power of religion and blunt force trauma. Permalink
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    de-rez: Jack & George

    de-rez: Jack & George Jack and George have a quaint fulfilling life. But when the decision of buying a console enters their relationship, what's more important? Permalink
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    de-rez: The Final Days of the Man Responsible for SecuROM

    The Final Days of the Man Responsible for SecuROM Gamers of the world unite to give EA, and the inventor of SecuROM what they deserve. Permalink
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    de-rez: The Adventures of Videogame Man

    The Adventures of Videogame Man This week Video Game Man embarks on a heroic adventure for all that is just and righteous. Watch Video
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    de-rez: Daniel's Story, Part Two

    Daniel's Story, Part Two This week Daniel's exciting story continues with Daniel's Story, Part Two. To catch up, watch Daniel's Story, Part One []. Permalink
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    de-rez: Daniel's Story, Part One

    Daniel's Story, Part One This week de-rez presents Daniel's Story. Permalink
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    de-rez: Team Fortress 2

    de-rez: Team Fortress 2 Chris Slack saps a sentry in Team Fortress 2. Permalink
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    de-rez: Behind the Game: Valve

    Behind the Game: Valve Chris Slack takes us behind the scenes at Valve, for a glimpse into how they make their games great. Permalink
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    de-rez: F*** Microsoft!

    de-rez: F*** Microsoft! Chris Slack takes a personal moment with us to talk about the Wii and XBOX 360. Permalink
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    de-rez: E3 Trailers

    E3 Trailers Have you ever wondered what kind of games should have been released at E3? Permalink
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    de-rez: Yahtzee's Biggest Fan

    Yahtzee's Biggest Fan The de-rez guys are out to show you just how cool Yahtzee really is. Permalink